Why aren't you a member yet user?

Why aren't you a member yet user?

Hail Satan

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Because I don't really agree with using abrahamic imagery to go against the cancerous abrahamic religions.

At least you went with TST instead of the Church of Satan.

Joining the Temple or the Church of Satan actually defeat the purpose of either. Cheers to Irony, at least you now have documented proof you are just trying too hard to be edgy.

Because I'm not an edgy, 12-year-old faggot who wants to pretend that my selfishness and impulsivity are both esoteric and virtuous.

>Not believing in the forbidden name instead as it's an alter of god that isn't douchey

Cause I live in the real world and I have grown up shit to do with my life and not LARP some gay satanic shit with old pedos

you joined a fake "group" run by some retards running a cash cow. If you really were into the devil / satanic you wouldn't be larping with some flimsy membership.

You'd be doing as you preach, and have pentagrams drawn in your room / books, as well as study "black magic"

Why do you want to go to hell? The devil is not your friend and you will get tossed aside thrown under the bus. There is no loyalty or honesty among the wicked.

That's the church of satan, temple of satan are just egalitarian socialists meming on christians. They don't belive in magick like CoS does.

Cause I'm not in the 8th grade anymore

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Thats even gayer. Your like a watered down shit version of them

So your like a knock off brand version of them

I'm not with them I just felt like if you wanted to hate on them you should know they're a totally different group aside from the theming.

Watch the documentary about them on Netflix, it's called Hail Satan - they're the group who were trying to get the giant Baphomet statue put up next to the 10 commandments

Give me one reason why l should larp as a catholic parody

teh lulz

This is a solid point, user.

Your a watered down shit version faggot

Because he's not real.

Basically this

Religion is stupid

They look like stinky antifa libtards

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Agreed, but this religion is actually meant to be stupid

Because I havent abandoned Hope unlike many others I've met

Also I'm not a LARPer

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how are TST larping?

If you actually worshiped satan you'de sacrificing children in his name and working your way into government to help collapse soceity into total anarchy.

You arent because your bunch of atheist LARPing as a religion.

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That is what the faggots around here do, call anybody who stands for something they don't believe in LARPers. Only by denying others actually exist is the only way they can be assured that they are correct.
14/88 by the way

They outright say they don't believe in satan or magic

TsT don't have time to sacrifice children, they're busy doing funny shit, like this

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Because I’m An active member of the church of Satan which arguably holds more merit and use that TST. The Satanic temple is the poor mans church of Satan.

>The Satanic temple is the poor mans church of Satan.

>The Satanic Temple is the millenial's Church of Satan

Fixed it for you, boomer