*blocks your path*

*blocks your path*
>"I-I'm sorry, user, I just-"

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Pros: cute asian gf
Cons: corona virus, might die
I like those odds bonus if trap

Are those eyes shopped?

Fake eyes...

We could fuck for two weeks before we both die. At least I'd have a gf and didn't die a virgin.

Eat shit and die. You read this in the voice of Duke Nukem.

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All their camera beauty apps make them look like aliens.
They think it's reality. They don't take photos without "beauty" features ie. Chin pointening, eye enlargement and skin softening.

I'd suck the phlegm right out of her system.


This qt may have corona virus, what do:
- Stay away from him
- Flamethrower him
- Make him soup in bed and cuddles when he feels cold

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>"D-don't be racist, user! I actually think you're c"
"I-I'm sorry, user, I have a c-"

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Good because I don't want to see them without the beauty features

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Its contact lenses 100%

Yes, but she's also wearing circle lenses on top of it. This is s trend I haven't seen too much in the west yet, but circle lenses are essentially eyeball makeup so expect thots stepping up their game to eventually import them here.

Both beautiful, well worth the risk.

Take home and care for her, while fucking her every day.

>"It's alright. You're not bothering me at all"

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Is this what coomers consider discussion?


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If you don't let a possibly infected Chinese cough directly into your throat YOU ARE A FUCKING RACIST.

the things guys will endire for some cute girl attention. Even if it means possible death. cringe factor high, white knight levels high, beta male cuck ultra high.

Shut the fuck up faggot

pull out my gun and illuminate the threat like any good american should

I'd take her to the kitchen in the restaurant back there; pull her pants half down and make her sit on the faucet as I turn the water up full blast. See how much water she can hold.

Stupid American, confusing your flashlight for your gun just like your cops do

Get the fuck away from me, you weird looking gook