In this SuperBowl ad, a black man brings his woman (whom appears to be 75% Caucasian) to a party of rich white people...

In this SuperBowl ad, a black man brings his woman (whom appears to be 75% Caucasian) to a party of rich white people, for the purpose of saying "goodbye" to "old luxury." Then the black man's woman stands atop the stairway belittling all of the white people at the party for their flaws. She leaves the party and tells her black man that he is the sexiest man alive and they drive off knowing they have achieved the "new luxury."

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Shes asian you dumb fuck

She desperately wants to appear Caucasian, but the whole world knows she is not.

Shocking that subhumans would be rude at a party.

How tf is that white, retard?

she ching chong you ding dong


I'm sure she claims to be Asian.

Okay but what about the purpose of the commercial? She's saying that white people are out-of-times with the future, especially if you want luxury

not shown is the insulted pack of upper crust people legally and emotionally destroying them with endless lawsuits

i hate rich people and even i wouldn't be so dumb as to insult them to their face. fucking helicopter crash bait that is.

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Seemed to me she was saying they’re the young face of wealth. Which is bonkers since both her and John legend are in their forties. I didn’t even see it as racially angled. Or if it tried it was steered iff course by her and his desperate attempts to remain young lol

The world you live in must be really interesting, if completely nuts

I doubt any lawsuits will come of this.

Giving poor people the illusion of superiority, to entice them to spend, consume, repeat. Only dumb fuck retards fall for this propaganda.

This x1000.

You show them what they can never achieve and deride it, and then show them what they can achieve and try to convince them that is better.

Since it is marketing to blacks I am shocked they weren't dancing the whole way through the commercial.

And you are talking about, so they wiln and the ad worked

Yup. Retards.

Naw they would (rightly) just never be invited to a nice party again.

They would have to go to "rich" black parties where the men are all gay with huge diamonds in their ears, and the women compete to look the whitest. (Except for the actual white wives.)

Who cares about gook chatter?

Ad for what? I don't even know what they were selling, we are just discussing HOW they tried to sell it.

Also if they are marketing to blacks while deriding whitey, I am not interested.

Yeah that worked so well for Gillette.

It was for the car if I remember correctly. But that's the point, there are two types of ads. Informational and weird. Some commercials need to tell you about the product. Others, bank on you knowing the product or creating buzz by doing something weird. The purpose is it sticks in your mind as you try to figure it out or laugh or whatever. Basically they got you, you remembered the ad and are talking about it. The ad worked

Leaving aside racial matters -it's just not a good commercial. It doesn't make me want to buy this ugly car that doesn't fit in with the extremely beautiful building.

You're fucking stupid.
Why did you wake up today?


That first guy was Asian. The black was late and wouldn't even get out of the. She was still promoting him. Sounds new to me.

she eats cats and dogs retard she’s not white

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To work?
I didn't see the add until this thread, and we are discussing the ad, not the product.