New Celeb thread

New Celeb thread

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Here's the clip I was talking about in the last thread. It's like she's sucking an invisible dick.

Am I crazy?

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Latinas are the fucking best

I see it. Checked too

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Sextuplets checked
Pledgeling crowned

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holy fuck I got sextuplets

and yeah I'm trying to download the halftime show now it's just taking forever

JLo user?

anyone know who is that?

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or who is that?

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the one and only. also Demi user (sometimes) and Ilana user

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You got a disc dude? You make great webms

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dam son chekt

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ok I made a regular speed version. this is the second I got hard.
yeah, post your's and I'll message you

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whoops didn't post the webm lol. all blood has left my brain

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sent you a request

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It got me hard

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favorite Riverdale girl

The only good thing about her is her nude leaks ... she’s a terrible singer ... all her song are edited

>not Lili

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she use hang out alot with Lili

Hell yes
Hell no

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uh huh

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She is way better than Lili.

she and lili use to hang out

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So much

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it is a shame she is only known from Riverdale.

BD killed himself yet?

put the peace pipe down, chief

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beachpics pls

how dare you post my murderfu

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Want to review her more carefully

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Model & Actress Kelly Natividade

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"in hindsight, had i known niggers were going to wear my clothes, I never would have designed them"
-Based T Hilfigs

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Did you switch to android?

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Hmm. Dunno

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Yeah it is

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You know, you're doing fine

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I wanna see the dog lick her pussy

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Nah. I'm no play thing that you place in the dark corner for weeks :)
See you!

All trash so far. Just like every celeb threads you faggots start.

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She is so underrated

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Keep proving my point
>waste of trips

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Olivia munn

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Why? Is there a trip shortage I wasn't aware of? more trips guys. We got to conserve that shit

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My cousinfu.

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I wanna rub my cock on her pussy

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No aliens pls

But you’ll never get to lmao

It's a big problem, actually. Scientists say trips could decrease 70% by 2040.

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I love her ass

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Do you? Do you LOVE her ass?

I have a fetish with girls and doc martens

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I heard 2046

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We must do something!!! Find me a child to be our mouth piece. The world must not lost its trips.

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I have a fetish for Mackenzie.

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That’s because you’re a pedophile


no u

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she is 19

Hey there

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fuck she's ugly

No beauty at all just dead eyes

that's a very doable body

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Hi. How is it going?

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i mean you're objectively wrong, but that is your opinion

that outfit is one big stress test for her nipple tape

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Love her.

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Kinda great today. How are you?

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Less Internet for you, cumbrain

She loves you, too.

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What makes it so great? Feeling better?
I am fine. Caught my cousinfu touching herself this morning while she was asleep though.

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Oh so your opinion trumps mine? Yea you’re dumb af and have terrible taste in women.

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3 uglies in 1 pic

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I'm not arguing with a retard, sorry. Have a nice day

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Alien queen demands tribute

she was close to the rock

So much worshipping

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2/10 droid

someone fucked up

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>what should I do now, user?

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Dunno. Didn't sleep that great but still all smiley today

How did you catch her doing that?
2/3 wrong

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Malina = pure

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She has no appeal. She’s not attractive, has no tits, and twig legs. How do you find her attractive?

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She's my daughter and she's perfect. You can like some bimbos if you want but always remember :
Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me

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Drugs can be fun sometimes.
She was sleeping next to me. Woke up in the middle of the night and saw her with her hand down her pants, dreaming and moaning. I thought about waking her but I just watched....

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Yeah, sure. Her best friend and her sister are massive sluts so I'm sure she picked something up from them

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Ok so you’re a dipshit. Got it.

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I don't do drugs

You watched? That's naughty. Did you like?
I am whatever you project :)

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No personality

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Does this slut ever smile? What an ugnaut

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im in love

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Oh she does :)
My sweet summer child

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That’s not a smile

Anyone busting nuts for Brynny?

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Yo Selena lemme slurp then baller status titties

No I don’t bust to ugly pieces of shits with no tits

How do the trainees look?
Watching her moan and body shakes was a little bit of a turn on. By the end of it my dick was certainly hard. She just squealed and fell asleep. I had to go to the bathroom and jerk it....

Oh no... You have autism :(

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Does she need special glasses made to fit the large gap between her eyes?

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oh my fucking god

First time you saw panties, virgin?

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Jesus she’s ugly and creepy looking


Great as always. Especially Selina

Why not guide her hand to it next time?
Oh my god. You really do. I am so sorry. I didn't mean to insult you :(

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> incel detected

Any daisy?

i need to taste her so bad

Any daisy bros?

No you don’t. You WANT to, but don’t NEED to. Stop being a fucking dumbass.

She should get braces to fix her teeth

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she is sexy anyone know who she is?

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he said it not me

Do you like girls with braces?

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Morning Sunshine

Attached: nina_topoftheworld.jpg (1080x1350, 221K)

No I just think girls with gross teeth are unattractive

love her 17 yo tits

Thanks for explaining the picture I couldn’t tell

sexy little italian

She’s German

So you prefer girls without? A nice white smile? That is indeed lovely :)

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Look how large her ears are. Yikes.

Attached: Alexandra-Daddario-Feet-2827717.jpg (2029x2804, 493K)

anyone know her name or she has more in her set?

Not large at all

Attached: kaia-gerber-goes-glam-for-saint-laurent-paris-fashion-show-02.jpg (860x1222, 237K)

Nice feet

They’re large.

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love her ass

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Nuh uh :p

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I thought about it but it is just too lewd. Rather do my asianfu which is equally illegal upon retrospect.

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Exactly. So no reason not to. She was asleep anyways

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Whos that?

But wat if she awakes at some point?

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why does she have so much false tan on she looks black

how is everyone?

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Attached: wlwj71oj2ra31.jpg (1080x1349, 143K)

Then she enjoys it. A lot

Attached: Mackenzie-Foy-Feet-4201303.jpg (1365x2048, 540K)

Or she will bite and punch me. "Never without my permission"

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Am good ty user, nice Laura

Oh she would not. You know that
If I was you I would have poked her with my boner

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Attached: sage check.jpg (2800x3240, 1.95M)

liv tyler leaks?


Today most likely

Im okay. How about you , user ?

looks remarkably similar to emily browning for them both having played the same role.

good taste
I'm good thanks

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What have you done today ?

How are you user?

Just bringing some much needed love to this dying thread.

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just been to uni and now I'm playing WoW gonna go out for food in a minute tho
I'm well thanks

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that is my day aswell. What is your major ?



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Attached: 1576100661283.jpg (1363x2048, 929K)

Damn , we do the same major.

best emma passing through

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it's a common one

Attached: 2r9ngrihm6e41.jpg (1080x1511, 62K)

You are right about that.


Attached: EWsweetangel.jpg (1020x1530, 184K)

Thank you actual best emma

>not pictured: years of trauma in between those photos

I know that Best Emma is Watson 'cause is the one that milks me the fastest

I SAID BEST EMMA! watson is a fucking troll

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Oh Jess

Troll or not, she is great fapping material

Attached: emma.jpg (1091x1189, 208K)

ya bitch look like a bird

Attached: 1580688590967.jpg (1280x1918, 378K)

Attached: andy.jpg (610x611, 80K)

Dumont is hot but actually looks like a trap pornstar.

goth gf Emma isn't only best Emma, she's the only Emma.

these coomers won't rock db to sleep
he took big risks just so bd could eat

Attached: 1580321025683.webm (1280x720, 1.65M)

if fapping to trolls does it for you.. be my guest

ya need to check that beak on ya bimbo, bitch

If it's a trap with these hips.. dayum son

Attached: dumont hips.webm (1074x1080, 1.57M)

Attached: nina_climbingmountains.jpg (1080x1920, 441K)

finally some words of wisdom

Attached: 1561812528047.jpg (1200x1500, 168K)

Who is she ?
She peaked my interest

unknown meh emma

>if fapping to trolls does it for you.. be my guest
uhm... pretty nice...

Emma Dumont

Attached: dumont1.jpg (750x1090, 77K)


Attached: 581431879.jpg (2048x3072, 563K)

lol mehmma

>Emma Dumont
Thx user. She is great

Attached: mehmma.jpg (900x1510, 111K)


Need her spit on me now

Neeed nudies

She is great in Stranger Things





no doubt

Jellybean Bryant