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I like to stick ling dildos in my asshole. No one knows, not even my wife. I want one day for us both to be able to anal play with each other. I want to squat on a huge dildo as my wife does the same while looking at each other and cumming together. Is that gay? Im not gay tho?

Your pretty gay, consider the following
>kill yourself

When I was in junior high I used to keep nude pictures of myself in my phone. I would keep them in between regular pictures or memes so that I could show the normal ones to female classmates hoping they would swipe and see the nudes. I would then fake embarrassment and claim I did not remember that was there. Maybe due to the age they would normally just giggle and sometimes even try to comfort me from my embarrassment. Good times.

I hate ppl. I'm a k9 exclusive femanon

People suck, animals are better.

Did you ever get anything more than sympathy? Was your pee pee smoll?

How am i gay? I dont like men or dick, just like thing deep in my ass. Faggot.

I am married and high school teacher. I used to and still am cheating on my wife with some of my students moms

Whatever you say negro

How easy are they? What hints do you pick up on that let you know they wanna fuck

I constantly cheat on my gf with young hs girls. It helps me a great deal that im a substitute teacher. I tell my gf i have to tutor someone when in reality im taking the girl on a date.

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I am spartacuss

Most of them are not into that. However few are very very interested.
You just have to see how they act when they come to talk to you about they kids

How did you start with that?

Found out an ex gf of mine has decided to become a sugar baby/prostitute. She displayed crazy red flags and it was a weight off my chest when we broke up. She went full blown crazy with astrology. Like "my 8th house is in Jupiter, so my life is over for the next 2 months", crazy shit like that. Lives her and seeks meaning from random crazy chicks on twitter who do daily readings etc or make up astrology bullshit.

She takes depression meds and says her family abused her physically and verbally growing up.

She just decided "Fuck it, why work hard for anything, just become a whore."

She's beyond saving at this point, not sure why it bothers me, she can do whatever she wants, but whores gonna whore, right?

Wife is 33 and her son, my stepson is 16 years old.

Most of my step sons friends have the hots for my wife. Very obvious they are eye humping her when they come over, and they are always over.

I know they browse Cred Forums so I'm sure they've seen my wife on here, my stepson included.

I am obsessed with feet and legs. High heels give me instant boners. On fridays i like to let me fetish take over. I work with about 25 gorgeous legged girls. I stay late and once most of the people are gone i take their heels and furiously jerkoff to them, i love smelling them rubbing them on my dick face lips. I cum inside them and sometimes ive let me seed dry up in their heels. There is nothing hotter to me than seen these sexy girls walk around in their sexy heels knowing my dried up cum is on their feet.

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I got my wifes friend drunk enough to convince her to model for me - hoped to see her in underwear, but ended up seeing everything.
Fap material for life secured.

Wickr: zoomer999 if you want story and pics (no face)

I really fucking hate modern civilization and with a group of like minded people plan on attempting to destroy it in the next 10 years by infiltrating specific positions of power and all going rogue at once.

I’ve started to watch a lot of porn recently at my job. For no reason I’ll make myself horny just by lurking here or just straight up watching porn my coworkers don’t know.

First one I remember i spoke to thru instagram. Was subbing for a calc teacher. Usual hs girl flirting with me and shit. Didnt pay mind to it since it happens alot and its mostly harmless. Then class and i made a bet with class if i lose i was to write my instagram name on board. I lost. Couple students added me. This one girl started to dm me. Went on from there. She was the first of 4.

How do they not fucking notice?

My wife likes to take an ambien after drinking and lets me do whatever I want while she is out of it. The only rule is that it gets video’ed so she can watch it back later

How hot is she

I worked as a substitute teacher in middle school for 2 years.
One day I had to do lots of paperwork and I didn't have a proper desk in the teacher's office, so I went to a classroom during lunch break.
Stepped in and stumbled upon two kids. A boy getting his dick sucked by a girl. Their faces turned the whitest I ever seen.
I was nice enough to not report them but man was I jealous

I dont leave my cum on there all the time. I wipe it off. Only bee a few were inlet it pool at the tip and let it dry. Only ever hear on lady say she felt her shoe was weird. Pic related again

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Not bad 7/10 for a hs er id say.

Care to share?

where do you work?

The first student she was fun.

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Lol Really think id give that info away?


I've been having elaborate rape fantasies about a female co-worker. They started literally the first time I saw her. At first they really freaked me out and I was worried I was losing it. But now I embrace them and enjoy the ride. She makes something boil up inside me

Have you done anything with a student?

Describe her

Just do what you enjoy dude.

I bet you're a janitor in a strip tease bar

Short with a thick legs and a perfect set of fat tits. Black hair cut very short. Nice round ass. Perfectly sculpted neck and shoulders. Sexy whore mouth

No, corporate office setting.

Sounds like she can be man handled and tosses around nicely ;)

more details on her and the other 3 girls pls

Ever consider letting them catch her nude in person?

This is no secret I took my mom boyfriend away from her.

oh yeah. i want to use her like a fuck toy and a punching bag. i want to ruin her completely. i want her to cry and scream in pain when she cums

I guess your thanksgivings are kinda awkward.

No. Got a lot of tease from some of them, but never acted on it.
Part of the reason I resigned from education is that I knew I would risk crossing the line at some point, and I'm too pretty for jail

That's one tite tummy!

My uncle tricked me into sucking on his dick. My mom found out and made him suck mine.

how would they tease?

I'm doing my masters and it is the worst decision I ever made. I barely scraped through undergrad and now here I am, drowning.
Everyone else is so much smarter and well-prepared than I am. Worst part is I've only done 1 month of the two years so far, fml.

Fucked a 14 year old student at summer camp as a college counselor

Yea it is but that's what my mom gets for cheating on him. My sister thought it was a little weird at first.

Had sex with a 17 year old high school girl who lives with my parents now while back for Christmas.
I’m married.


I asked my friend's mother for a kiss, she told all her relatives and now I am the pervert who doesn't help me please!

What would you like to know?

Hot blonde girl, teased so much. Wouldn’t wear a bra, asked to take pictures together with her friends and she would line up next to me and just pull herself and her nice tits into me.
Two nights left of camp, she asked if she could show me something by the camp lake at night.
She was wearing a long tee and no pants.
I’m super nervous, I know what she’s trying to do but play it off

It looked better covered with my cum

sexually loaded jokes, letting me peek in cleavage/up skirts, some hugs I never asked for...
They're trying every seduction tricks in the book, at that age, they're trying to figure out how it works. And it was hard for me not to flirt back too much

How does someone trick you to do this. Are you retarded?

Have friends whom are going for their masters as well, they feel the same away user. They always rant and some even have cried to me about it. They feel way too overwhelmed

Me: hey (H) what did you want to show me? Are you alright?
H: hey b, I just need to talk to someone.
M: okay, what’s up?
We sit down on log that looks out over lake, secluded from rest of camp.
H: well all the other girls are making fun of me
M: why
H: they all think I’m stupid for liking this guy
M: I’m sorry, does he treat you well? Why do they think you’re dumb?

But I already know this script, I’ve seen this porn, I can feel the tension. She is turned and looking at me, our legs are touching and she keeps brushing my leg on accident

H: well, yeah he’s nice and he treats me well but they are making fun of me because he will never like me back

Ive considered lots of things but I doubt my wife would be ok with it lol

I have 27 recently complied with her 50 I want to do it with her but I don't know what to do helping me by giving me advice?

Sure every-bodies gonna be freaking out when the president's assistant fapper goes rogue.

in college I was banging some girl on the cheer team that had a long distance bf and I loved every second of it, used to send videos to my friends, make her send me nudes and just try and embarrass her all the time for my own pleasure, knowing her bf had no clue

well how did things go down with each of them? what were they like personality wise and physically?

My name is Jenni and here is my secret. I am at work, but it's a pretty quiet day so far if anyone has any questions.

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That bf was a suckererr gj taking advantage of that situation love whoressss

I find my girls sex stories from college insanely hot

Any good stories with her? Ever fuck her while she spoke to the bf?

she was so fun, such an innocent looking girl too but LOVED dick more than anything

bro I have so many good stories and no I always wanted to do that but ill never forget one time I was banging her doggy and the bf was texting her so I came inside her

Each other was pretty much the same. Gave my snap or twitter or insta away, never my number at first. Then we would chat i would feel them out see if they sounded like they get me caught. My favorite was this 16yo who had ovarian cancer at a very young age. She can have kids anymore. Loved it, she would want me to cum in her from our first date. Would always take them out of town or to a near by city never around town or a town next to us.

I was 6 he was 12. He said I couldn't play his xbox if I didn't.

I fucked my wife's sister yesterday.

Been married 6 years. Wife is probably a 6/10, I'm probably a 7. Wife's sister, juliette, a 7 or 8.
Since marriage, jules has been flirty with me, walked through a room in her underwear a few times, sideboob views, tight hugs, whole bunch of stuff.
I always pretended not to notice, told my wife jules was just an oblivious idiot.

Last night we had a superbowl party at Jules house. She is a fairly successful coffee shop owner and dates a lot but is "single".

My wife got bored of the game around the start of the 4th quarter, so she drove home. There were still a bunch of us at that time. She told me to get an uber after the game.

When the game ended, everyone left and it was just me and jules.

Will continue, if interest.

Cant* have kids anymore oops
As for physical they all had developing bodies so some had tiny a cups while other had long gorgeous legs. Personality wise the cancer survivor was way more mature than anyother one. She was the only one i felt i could have actually had a relationship with and she was the youngest i was with.

I'll bite. Continue good sir.

>I'm not gay, I just get off on the gayest shit ever

So Jules made another batch of margaritas, and we sat on the couch and talked for a bit. She told me about her shop, and the guy she had been dating, and how he was boring and disappointing in bed. I told her about her sisters lack of enthusiasm and general disinterest in sex.
We both knew what we were doing, what we were leading toward, and part of me knew I should go home, but she was wearing a tight chief's jersey, and booty shorts, and I couldnt stop thinking about how good it would be to fuck her.
After that batch of drinks, she went to make another, and I joined her in the kitchen. She "accidentally" spilled some of the margarita mix on her white jersey and said she needed to clean it quick so it wouldn't stain. She took it off, and there were the tits. Perfectly shaped, no bra, perky and pale with small nipples.
I got hard immediately. She stood there, watching me look, then stepped closer and asked if I wanted to fuck her.
For half a second I thought it might be a trap, then i grabbed her and started kissing her.
This song makes me horny.

She pushed me back against the counter and kissed me, rubbing a hand on my cock, then backed away. I stood there looking at her, hungry for her, and she picked up the pitcher and poured margarita on her chest, then gave me a look that screamed "come clean my tits for me, user"
I obliged. I licked her tits, bit them, sucked on her nipples. Then we tore each others clothes off. She laid me on the floor and rode me for a bit, then bent over the counter and I took her from behind.
We fucked on the couch, and the coffee table, then in her bed. She came at least three times, and told me to finish on her tits because she had to renew her birth control.
I hot an uber home and my wife was already asleep.
Not sure what will happen now. I'm nervous about seeing her again.

Got any nudes?

I am Spartacus

Could have saved a girl who lived with my family from being raped, but I let it happen because she had been leading me on. I get drunk and try to kill myself every couple months over it; meanwhile she has more-or-less lived a normal life. I guess I got what I deserved.

Please share

Very few. She went full blown sjw too and learned from other whores how to sue if nudes are leaked, so I can't share them I'm afraid.

Every now and then I get intensely horny. It feels more like an urge than horniness. I like to call it my itch. When I get this itch I like to get dolled up. Sexy outfit, heels, make up, and hair all done. I then insert my butt plug or whatever toy I am playing with for the night. I usually head out to bars or clubs. I always have a blast! Love being out and about knowing and feeling my toys inside me. I then get home dripping wet after a night of flirting and fun, to smoke a blunt and fuck myself silly with my toys. One of the only few ways I can satisfy my itch.

Try? Assuming this was a long time ago (like many years), every couple months you fail at killing yourself? I mean, at some point, you have to admit to yourself that you're not good at killing yourself & just quit trying. Cuz most likely you're almost dying & just making EMT workers or emergency room workers have to save you over & over again, when there are real accidental injuries that they could be attending to. Knock it off.



I am currently fucking my stepmother three and four times a week, while my dad is working.

EMT were only involved the first time and I ended up getting Committed in-patient at the child psych wing. Most other times I’m guilt-ridden and hold a gun to the roof of my mouth for an hour before crying myself to sleep. Someday I’m sure I’ll pull the trigger. She has a big following on Instagram and seems happy, but I can’t get over it that I allowed jealousy/anger to stop me from doing the right thing.

I love you

This is great. I dreamed about doing this when I worked in a corporate office setting. I shared an office with a hot little 26-27 yr old. She had these sexy fucking heels under her desk that she changed into every day. I really regret not cumming those shoes. I don't even have a major foot fetish but damn.

Hi V, what's up?

I had to help my 11yo niece bathe/shower several times and it was honestly pretty fun

No pics of that I suppose?

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That sir is illegal to share lul

I was 16 when my mother passed from cancer. My dad remarried when I was 19 to a 34 year old thot. My dad was 47 when they got married,. From day 1 when my step mother moved in with us there was this weird sexual tension between us, like the way she looked at me and presented herself around me. My dad works long hours, usually 10-14 hours a day. I moved out at 20 years old into my own place because i have a damn good paying job and could not get a handle on the sexual tension between me and my step mother. My 21rst birthday my dad and stepmom took me out. All went well but I could feel the sexual tension between me and my stepmom particularly from her ramped up that night.

Love you too!

Hey! Bored at work! Hbu?

How does this belong here, just a slut being a slut?

When I first started dating my GF (senior year of high school), she was such a fun slut. She let me record me fucking her and cumming on her face, but my dumbass posted it online and one of her friends discovered it and he messaged her. Never let me record since.

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i'm m/21 and i love my best friend f/16 but i don't what to love her, it would destroy the friendship

Still got the vid?

parents divorced when i was 12. lived with my dad who didn't date for years. bounced through a few girlfriends but nothing long. eventually remarried when I was 16. step mom was pretty hot. i use to jerk off into her panties a lot, sneak looks when she was getting dressed or out of the shower. dad was away on a work trip so step mom had a girls night. they played games, talked, and drank a lot. after everyone left and she stumbled up to bed i waited a little assuming she'd pass out soon. i went into her room she was laying on the bed in her panties and bra, passed out on the bed. she was so drunk and gone she thought I was my dad.

Yep, somewhere on my computer at home. Would've been amazing if I had been able to keep recording.

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Because its a secret? Lol

Bored at work? and it's monday too! Sorry to hear
I'm fine, day's over, just browsing Cred Forums between shower and diner (it's 7:10pm here). My monday's almost over; like Garfield, I hate mondays.
"A day on Mercury lasts 1408hours; just like a monday on Earth"

She would have noticed in the morning?

I had to stop by my dads house one day after work. it was not unannounced, my stepmother knew I was stopping. She told me not to knock just come on in. So i did, and to my surprise there she was in the kitchen only wearing a long sleeve tee shirt bent over showing me all her glory. I could literally see her tits hanging jiggling around, and her perfectly shaved snatch between her legs. Flat out instantly gave me wood viewing this. She noticed and wasn`t shy about noticing. She walked over to me and caressed my cock through my pants and asked if I wanted what I saw. I told her I have to think about it, I will let you know, said my adios and went home.

she did but it went okay

Yet here you are posting her. Share some more nudes i think ive busted a nut to her before on here! Her faggot friend should go die in a white knight gangrape.

i used to jerk off to my ex-girlfiends sleeping 18 year old daughter while she was sleeping and I would nut on her face. she used to sleep with the door open and in her panties and I used to sneak in at night at cum on her body. ahh I miss those days.

Should post it when you get home

I almost fucked my younger sister once. I was rooting through her bedroom and found a vibrator under her pillow, I was really horny at the time so I thought it would be a good idea to wrap a note around it saying "how would you like to try a real dick"
I went out shortly after this and spent the rest of the day regretting it and dreading what she might say when I came home. But to my surprise, when I returned home, I found a note had been slipped under my door saying "I don't know, maybe"
I slipped a note under her door asking her to come to my room but she never replied and nothing more ever came from it. I regret not trying harder, I gave up after only one ignored note like a fool

I can't even fathom how nice it would've been especially with the newer phones.

Will do

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Shes very attractive will say that

Thanks Cred Forumsro. Still fun fucking her, just not as fun if I could've recorded.

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I am happy that my relationship of 3 years ended the way it did. It fits with the mood by the end of it.

>gfs mom with mental illness gets triggered when I am offended at her being overtly offensive
>gf takes mom side, stating verbatim 'I will always take her side regardless if she is right or wrong'
>my grandma is terminally diagnosed with cancer
>gf tells me 'go find someone else for emotional support'
>I instantly leave her/ghost her

Good riddance.

She called me about an hour after I got home to discuss the offer she laid out to me, and why she made that offer to me, and told me she would give me a couple days to ponder it over. Three days later I after work I just got out of the shower and a knock comes to my door.It is my step mother. I let her in knowing she is there for an answer. I pour us drinks in the kitchen turn around and she takes them out of my hands sets them on the counter and with out hesitation grabs my sweat pants i had on and pulls them to my ankles and starts blow me, and from there I could not say no to a woman who could suck a golf ball through a garden hose. the rest is history. We have been fucking three and four times a week since and sometimes she makes excuses to come over to my apartment and fuck on weekends too.

in college i would always take home the super drunk chicks from parties. it wasn't rape because they definitely knew what they were doing. my only regret was that i didn't record some of these chicks. back then the only decent cameras were film and i didn't have enough money for a camcorder.

Curious about what alcohol makes someone blackout drunk. I want to fuck my gf’s little sister. She has such a shitty attitude and is literally hell on wheels it seems hot to try and fuck her while she won’t remember shit

Me and my sister who is 3 years older than me went to a rave together. actually she invited me. We hung out together all night long. About 3/4`s of the way through the night she talked me into taking a molly with her. When we left the rave to go back to her apartment we were rolling pretty damn good. When we got back to her place she stripped of all her clothes and fucked my brains out. Never knew my sister was a freak like that in bed. Never happened again after that.

Pic of this so called sister... Also I like the larping.

Sounds like you are looking for ruffies not just alcohol

blackout "drunk" from just alcohol requires liquor and a whole lot of it. Pretty much any kind of straight liquor (no beer, hard lemonade etc) like tequilla, whiskey, vodka, etc.

Mixed drinks are okay so long as they are made very strong but shots are better. You don't want them getting full before they are drunk.

Mixing something like ambien or the like increased odds of success. It's what I used on a friends sister (pic related).

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I am filled with guilt over a friend, we'll call him Stan.

We're a few years apart in age, with me being older. When I was 18, Stan was 15. At the time, I didn't know how young he was, since we weren't at all close. The guy I was dating was 24. This guy... we'll call him Al. Al told me that he would get sexual with his female roommate and this mutual friend. I didn't mind at the time, because I was in love with Al. But now that I know how young Stan was, I feel disgusted. Especially since Al once told me that Stan's boyfriend at the time could do so much better than Stan. Showing that Al didn't even care about this literal child he was sexually abusing.

Nothing I can do about it now, and it infuriates me. I feel horrible for not stepping in, for stopping it. Stan and I occasionally talk about Al, since he abused us both. We've gotten to be closer friends over the years since this all happened. I feel like I should apologize to him for this, but don't know how.

Like said. It’s my secret. None of my friends or family know I do this.
Lol a bit cringy! Hey you’re a eurofag!

You're not gay, Marc

>Lol a bit cringy! Hey you’re a eurofag!
Yep, frenchfag here. -A-

If they cant say no its not rape.

I've showered with a 9yo girl quite a few times

You should make vids

You ever worry about your comms being watched over instagram?

Oh! A, just “A” eurofag among many huh?

I know a married dude that does this. He told his wife and now they do it together. Apparently, it's as hot as you'd imagine it is. Different strokes for different folks.

Thank you :)

Lol not Marc.

Man, thats my dream! Wife is a little vanilla when it comes to anal play. Shes scared of getting stretched and be in pain. I’ve told her plenty of times its a matter of practice and the pleasure is incredible, so far she thinks I’ve been reading/watching porn about big penetrationions, but i want to SHOW her lol im too scared shell leave me after she sees me take my 10 inch all the way down. Then ill have to start all over with the dream

Knew a dad who showered with his daughter until his dong was in her face , she was that tall then he stopped.

Looking forward to the vid my dude

Thats a good measurement for that action lmao

I spend all my free time with my stepdaughter and do whatever I can to make sure she spends the majority of her time with me, which she seems to enjoy. She's also VERY emotionally attached to me. My secret is that I've never loved anyone more than her and when she's 18 I hope to run away with her and start a new life.

rape is a social construct you white knight soi faggot
also LARP, and pretty fucking faggy at that

This is awesome. I never quite did this, but I did it once with a girl I brought home from a party. In my friend group people crashed at everyone else's place all the time so it wasn't weird, but this time it was just the two of us. I stripped her and groped/fingered her. She woke up the next morning with no idea.

Four years later I married her. To this day she has no idea that happened.

This is a bit much it's not like he incapacitated them.

Was it a bit fun? Be honest.

Yes, please share.

I met a guy on Cred Forums and he wants to fuck my wife. We want to give her some drug to knock her out then we'll fuck her. Should we use Ambien or Xanax? (I saw some user here suggest Xan the other day.) I thought mixing Ambien and alcohol was unsafe? The user who wants to fuck her with me is a science dude and he has been advising against Ambien & alcohol.

dude share with the group

She's really cute so yeah. We don't touch each other or anything like that though

Trips of truth.

I've done this (showered with daughter) honestly they're not that old when they are dong-height. Nothing sexual and sort of annoying tbh

that pretty weird but surprisingly wholesome user. good luck.

Aaah, you're breaking my heart V! ;)
We've been chatting a few times here in the last months. Started with importance of vocals during intercourse, and later talked about that 'frat girl', etc...

My mom got a new phone about a year ago and asked me to help her get everything moved over to it.

In the process I found several nude pics and videos, which I quickly air dropped to myself and still watch frequently.

1. When I was 6-7 I was sleeping over at a "friends" house. He had bunk beds, which I thought was pretty cool at the time. After we had turned in for the night he called down to me from the top bunk. I looked up on the side against the wall, where he was calling me from, and the next thing I knew my face was wet. I was.. "WTF was that?" Expecting to hear I just poured a little water. But, no. "I just peed on you!", was the response. The whole thing is super cloudy to me now, so I have no idea if it was water, piss or cum. I know his mom came in, I complained that he just peed on me, and I went home that night.

2. My female cousin and I used to fool around. Happened for me between the ages of 6-10 and for her between the ages of 11-15.

3. Another female cousin apparently had a crush on me. When we were all at the beach together (three families) I went snooping in her room and found a note that said something to the effect of: "Who would you give a blowjob too?" and saw the answer was 4 names, one of which was mine. She was younger than me by maybe three years, great body, nice face. But I was so full of myself at the time I never thought much of anything of it. I jerk off to the thought of it now.

4. I had multiple homosexual experiences as a pre-teen/teen - I chalk it up to experimentation and hormones.

Is she hot? Drop a few pics here Cred Forumsro

i got jerked off by a methed out tranny in a truck stop once. not a bad job for $15 either.

sure you are...

Scale from 1 to 10, How slutty is your mom judging From the pics you got?

we need to verify this for research purposes. please supply the needed materials user.

Lol! Did I get that right? Didn’t you say something like that to me? I do remember some of our conversation, yes!

1. The first time I got a blowjob was at a glory hole when I was 17. I was a kissless virgin at that point. Since then I've sucked or been sucked at a glory hole about 2-3 times each. I identify as straight.

2. I have been exposing pics of my wife for about 15 years, since we were in our 20s and almost immediately after we started dating. She caught me once, I said I would stop. I haven't stopped but I am much more careful now especially after she got doxxed (but not contacted, yet).

3. I used to jerk off in full view of my sister when I was a teenager. I was probably 14-17 during peak years and they were 11-14 and (makes me sick to say) 8-11. When I was about 13 and the younger sister was 7, one time when I was jerking off I made her stand next to me and I fingered her pussy from the outside. Makes me sick to think about now.

So many other things but those are some big ones.

Soft hands?

Thanks. I'm in it for the long haul. Just 8 years to go.

i made it use lotion. it was melon scented.

She's not top tier material by any means, but there is some Freud level shit going on that makes it super hot for me.

Like a 7-8 for sure. Videos/pics of self play, toy play, getting a facial.

Alright, keep in mind I am not saying she is super hot. Just super my mom.

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I imagine your mom knows you’re a “tech” guy since she asked you to do it for her. What do you think are the odds she had the pics on there in hopes you’d find them?

excellent! keep it coming user!

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Maybe. I am not super techie, just the most techie person in the house.

I'd love for that to be the case but probably not. I found these in her deleted folder. I am guessing she just didn't realize such a folder existed.

Attached: Screen Shot 2020-02-03 at 2.16.02 PM.png (1698x952, 1.22M)

Ahh if it’s in the deleted folder then she probably didn’t think you’d find it. That’s unfortunate. well at least you get to enjoy the pics. Any chance of sharing the facial?

Maintenance tech here. Been stealing residents pantyhose and lingerie for about two years and I have yet to be caught.

okay that’s very nice and all buts let hear all the perverted details

The facial was a video. Here is a pic from it.

Attached: Screen Shot 2020-02-03 at 2.12.08 PM.png (1741x970, 1.77M)

You again, I enjoy your exploits. Post more pics if you have.

Has anyone ever found out?

keep going dude this shit is hot

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Post the vid my guy

Idk, the thought of doing that scares me.

This is pretty impressive. I have a similar thought which is to go to real estate open houses and steal panties. But probably more likely to get caught doing that.

Well, you're probably bisexual, or simply you like put things in your ass

Whose cock is that?

Anyone here cum in panties and then the girl wears them unaware?

I want to have random guys at glory holes and shit cum in my wife's panties but I am concerned she will be able to tell. How to get away with this without her knowing?

Let me see if I can find out how to convert it to a webm

Stepdad's, I assume.

Just do it

ever since i got out of a really toxic relationship with my ex a few months ago everyone thinks i'm happy because i'm more social now and i've been going to the gym etc but really i want to kill myself everyday just don't have the balls to do it

Will be waiting good luck

I've cheated on my boyfriend with Paki guys, some of which even married.

I secretly enjoy being mocked and berated for doing do. I love talking about being a slut about it.

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I started a 3 week water fast today if I fail it I will hang myself in my bathroom. I've told no one of either one things well besides you Cred Forums.

what do you mean by the plural, like you were gangbanged?

and why paki over any other ethnicity? are you british?

how old is she now? what if she was willing?

I found a converter but the file size is way too big. Trying to shrink it down.

Another pic while I try to figure it out. I love her in glasses. Huge fetish.

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I have killed over five hundred people

I have been, and I've done it more than once.

Yeah, I'm British. Sheffield.

Posting this in the closed incest thread, but I started fucking my adoptive daughter when she was 13.

I only hit the apartments with girls that live by themselves or milfs that are single. Always check for cameras. I plan in getting into my gf's sister in laws house and steal hear pantyhose and lingerie. I've posted her stuff on here before.

How many times do we have to tell you, being the fry cook at McDonalds does not make you responsible for all of those heart attack deaths.

She does look good in glasses. Cred Forumsro you doing a good job keep it up

I’ve done this at an open house. Except with dirty panties & socks of moms/daughters. Almost caught once by the owner but bullshitted my way out of it. I’d normally just nick then and take them home to fap but I saw this girls photos on her bed frame and became diamonds. Hot blonde cheerleader type. Went right to the laundry hamper and wrapped my dick in some soiled thong while smelling her cheesy worn cheer socks. Came instantly. Stuffed the panties in my pockets cause paranoid. Owner saw me walking out of daughters bedroom , I said I had to use the restroom and fucking bolted.

How’d that happen?

That isn’t incest bitch. Stop posing

hey I was following your story. There’s another thread up now, post there


Literally a predator grooming a child. Never change, /b

are you at all worried about the bf finding out?

the idea of some poor bellend having this beautiful romantic relationship with a nice girl who is secretly a dirty slut who is regularly gangbanged is hilarious and hot as fuck

Ah, I didn't know you 'break in' -- I thought they ask you to fix the sink or whatever, and while they're away you sneak stuff.

Do you steal panties? You seem very specific about pantyhose and lingerie. lol

Incest thread is open again, please continue

Thanks. I got the file size down, but when I went to upload Cred Forums told me it was an unsupported file, so I guess the converter I found sucked.

Attached: Screen Shot 2020-02-03 at 2.21.34 PM.png (710x379, 382K)

Very hot. Just panties and pantyhose? Not many younger women even wear pantyhose these days. I assume you’re a maintenance guy for an apartment building/complex?

That's awesome. I got this idea years ago when I as at an open house and the owner was a hot single 20s DJ/music type. Had a TON of sexy clothes in the closet and heels/shoes. I am just positive she would have hat thongs, lingerie etc. Always wished I'd gone back.

Ho long ago was that? And yeah sound like you dodged a bullet

Meh, not really. I'm not particularly subtle with it, but apparently it's secret enough.

Oh glad to hear this. So, I'm gonna get the hot glue gun to paste the parts together again. Wait, I'm an electronics Eng, I'm gonna weld it!
You must have a cool job if you can browse Cred Forums at work ...and have a cool IT manager that doesn't block access to such websites

When i was a child. My grandpa used to molest me. I didnt tell my parents. My grandpa always gave me money after he molested me. I sure was a retarded kid. And im still retarded

well fuck. How the fuck can a webm be unsupported lol. Well damn pretty sure the vid is awesome

For the apartments. I go in and fix whatever issue they have and snoop around if they're not home. I love to steal pantyhose or stockings, my fetish.

I'm breaking into my gf's sister in laws house for her panties and pantyhose. She takes care of herself and she smells good all the time and she's hot af.

It’s like nothing else man. Nobody’s house is safe , I’ve came in friends wives panties, daughters panties , etc. the best is when their laundry hamper is in the bathroom. Like a fucking buffet.

It's for an apartment complex. You'd be surprised how much lingerie and hosiery young woman and milfs have lol

Any pics of haul? Or pics of sis in law

I am sure the converter I found was shit and not a real webm or something

Attached: Screen Shot 2020-02-03 at 2.16.49 PM.png (1631x975, 1.15M)

what do you mean you're not particularly subtle, how does that work

Nice larp m'lord... prithee continue

My wife is 50 and she's always had a crush on her son's bff since he was in hs, but is 20 now. So, I pushed her to flirt more with him and send him pictures of herself in various states of undress. He enjoyed it and after 4 months of this flirtation, I arranged for her to fuck him.

She had me on facetime, and it was very hot o watch them...

I'm a recovering weed addict and a schizo
I fucking hate myself for letting things get out hand for so long
I have a decent degree but that's about it, apart from school I haven't finished anything in life so far, I was always busy getting high and living in a dazed wonderland that turned into a nightmareland
I wouldn't wish psychosis on my worst enemy, it's a scarring experience
But my rehab is going good and I'm looking forward to a brighter future without drugs
Might even go to uni this year

It feels good to be able to dream again

when a female friend I know from the university visited town and slept on my couch I looked though her stuff and wore her panties.

well she was also my niece
Guess I'll find it and post there.
Find the incest thread I guess

Nah, srsly tho, if thats acctually you then congrats for escaping that sorta fucked upbringing and becoming a normal human.

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been fucking my weed dealers younger sister and he has no idea

I dont have any on my phone with me. But I have plenty on a drive at home.

M or F

Yo damn she has some nice tits. You still trying to convert or did you stop?

Kik throwawaysocks1

Would love to trade some stories & pics. Have the same fetish

Stopped for now. If anyone has a recommended website/free program let me know.

Attached: Screen Shot 2020-02-03 at 2.06.32 PM.png (1737x974, 1.61M)

Damn, this is amazing. The slight differnece/issue for me is that I do prefer clean panties to dirty panties. lol. But I will cum in dirty panties too haha.

Speaking of such things - any experience cumming in clean panties and then getting girls to wear them?

My name is Jenni and I was molested and raped by my mother's boyfriend start when I was 10.

This eventually led to him and my mom letting others fuck me for drugs/money.

Convertio (dot) co is a good one

why don't you make a mega and just load up everything there?

I'll check it out.

I wasn't lying earlier when I said I wasn't a tech person. I don't know what that is.

Ooooh. Share your story! :)

Mega nz out a dot between mega and nz

it's a free cloud sharing site. mega upload. it's great. for this kind of thing. upload the stuff there and then share the link in the thread.

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I had AIDS and I molested an immigrant when she was 11

Cum in the crotch and rub it in so it soaks into the fabric. Then wipe of the excess. It'll still be a bit crusty but it's as good as I've managed to do.

Converted it, but way too big. I'll see what I can do.

I'll check this out.

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Shared her a few times with strangers from Craigslist including her being blacked (bareback).
Also blindfolded her and got her to masturbate herself whilst streaming her on Kik to people watching

tits and a timestamp or gtfo

Let me link to my post from earlier with a screenshot when I first talked about it.

Basically it started with her boyfriend molesting me. At that time, my mom held down a job and worked mornings. During the summertime he would come and take me into their bed after she left for work and would touch me or rub himself on me.

I've recently fallen down the deep webs cheese pizza rabbit hole and don't know how to get out. Started with cam videos and moved on to Siberian Mouse abs Vikki before going to even younger hardcore stuff. Nothing normal does it for me anymore and I fear I'll start looking at seriously fucked up shit if I don't stop myself.

Attached: 1579856225746.jpg (1080x1349, 361K)

You're probably on some sort of list already. Id straight up burn your computer and get a new one while you still might have a chance.

Ah yes the good ol cheese pizza hole. Don’t worry maybe you’ll find yourself disgusted one of these days and stop. I went down the rabbit hole too and stopped when I started groping my younger cousin. Felt disgusted will occasionally look at cheese pizza but I’m
Good now

Mega will help you out

In middle school i sat in front of two girls on the bus tried to bully me, but I didn't have the patience for that shit, so I started going off and I called the fat one "ugly and retarded" and I called the skinny one "a fat worthless piece of shit". Later on in life i found out the skinny one got an eating disorder (anorexia) and almost died. If she would've died I wouldn't have felt even 1% bad.

What happened to the fat one?

She's a lazy, sweatpants in public wearing, welfare recipient.

You realize the deep web is a honey pot right?

She ate the skinny one.

don't worry user. most of the fbi's resources are tied up in trying to figure out how to kill the donald before he gets re-elected.

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did things to my passed out sis

Attached: IMG_4884.jpg (1125x1378, 279K)

Ok, so how do these 'lists' work? Does any one really know?

hot, more?

She's 10. Willing would be a hard sell. If she wanted it though, I'd 100% comply.

get out while you can. The bottom of that hole is live cams or actual meetups and shit that will get you jailed for decades.

I stopped after 25 years. You can stop after a few months.

Is it though? When she's older if she ever flat out tells me she's not interested, that will be the end of it. It's not like I abuse her or anything. I do everything I can to make sure that little girl is happy and healthy.

don't stop user more naughty bits!

Attached: holy-god.png (684x464, 418K)

the fuck? 25 years and you never got busted?

I've been fucking my brother's wife for about 3 years now. He doesn't know.

Their youngest kid could be mine.
Pic related.

Attached: IMG_2682.jpg (1600x1600, 337K)

goddamn I could bury my face in that. What’d you do? Age?

Job has its moments! Posting from my phone.


Literally millions of people are doing this shit. Most don't get busted. That said, I had a couple of close calls.

The one time I did that was dog watching for my milf Latina neighbor when I was 13-14. Drop dead gorgeous, in shape, with a hot daughter my age too. They would go on vacations and I’d watch their pets every day and feed them and take them on walks. I spent hours jerking my cock dry to mom & daughters panties, socks, lingerie. I left cum in moms panties I didn’t even care to clean them. I never found out if she knew or not , I was asked to do this several times until their dog died. They didn’t get a new one and thus my access to the greatest treasure trove ever was finally over.

never thought of it that way... you have a point. law of averages and the means to enforce all that.

What was it?

I would like to fuck your brothers wife too, post more pics?

> be me
> finally get the courage to go to an AMP
> always wanted too, it's on my bucket list
> walk in the door, ask for an hour
> go into the room and get naked right away
> full rubdown with the works
> begin with the shoulders
> actually a halfway decent massage
> goes to the back
> gets a knot out that has been there for weeks
> this is great but i'm here for one thing
> getting the happy ending
> the whole time i'm rubbing the girls legs and ass
> i'm diamonds
> i moan when she's near my ass
> i say how good of a job she is doing, mention how nice it is to a decent massage again
> they she does the thing i was waiting for the whole time
> she moves to the business end of my shotgun
> i haven't been this hard since college
> she starts doing the whole "tickle his taint" thing
> i'm about to burst from excitement
> the flip
> i'm finally laying face up
> rubs down my chest and does the hot towel
> showtime.jpeg
> she asks how do I want to finish
> go for the extra special and say "mouth"
> extra hundred was totally worth it
> she takes off her shirt and i suck on her tits
> she goes down on me
> it's amazing
> i instantly think "no shit dude she's a pro"
> only last for about two minutes
> i came so hard my body shook from the dopamine hit
> my mind is a blur
> i try to focus on those beatiful tits
> cleaned up and dressed
> it suddenly hits me
> it was that easy, go in, ask for a service, and it's done
> i have to come back here again
> ask for her name
> Mindy
> mfw

Attached: ohfuck.jpg (301x450, 21K)

That happened at the start this this year. Jan 02 2020. What a start to the new decade :O

Does it count if I fapped to the Siberian BJ vid but genuinely thought she was of age.

this post is why I stopped watching porn about a year ago.

It's scary how quick of a slippery slope it can be. I heard a friend of a friend allegedly got caught and sent to jail (he's awaiting trial) because his stash got found by his brother.

Porn, like most things, is okay in moderation. Don't let it be the only way you fap, though, lads.

>because his stash got found by his brother
Unless it was genuinely messed up shit, that's a terrible brother.

She is an incredible fuck. Almost nothing is off the table when she is horny. And those lips/that mouth

Attached: IMG_2683.jpg (900x1600, 153K)

Me 36 married wife 9/10 thick, massive tits kinky as fuck. met a 21yo 8/10 through work major issues mum died early when she was like 8 or 9 no dad in pic, we just hit it off, flirt at first but she catches feelings sending me pussy shots tit pics end up fucking she's dirty nothing special but still banging 21yo, tight as fuck wife finds out hell breaks loose. 21yo want me be with her.... Meh wife has major issues over her looks cause 21yo me blame depressed... kek! wife goes even sluttier to keep me happy can do absolutely anything with her now and I mean anything and still meet 21yo twice a month so she can blow me life's ok

Are you still checking these threads for me?

I have a 9" suction cup dildo which I put in my ass. I've had some glorious orgasms with it.

Girlfriend knows, is fine with it, even plays with my ass sometimes.

Life is too short to not do what feels good.

I can only assume you hated most of it. Was there a 10% where it was enjoyable?

This is the biggest secret i have never told. When i was 13 i almost impregnated my little sister. She was 11 at the time. Everything started when she found out how to make babies. well you know the rest of the story. I regret doing that because now she became a slut.

Amen Cred Forumsrother, how did you tell your girl?

Lol. Your sis can make decisions for herself.
Just fuck her and stop worrying

I don't think I can say that. There was a time period, when I was about 15-17 when I, myself, got hooked on pills and other stuff.

My body was reacting to the events more but even when, I never enjoyed it.

i really regret fucking her. I made her into a fucking slut.

I bullied this faggot retard named Arthur when I went to school. Me and all of my friends teamed up on him. I heard some guys even beat him. Haha

> (You)
>Job has its moments! Posting from my phone
Yes, I guess it's wiser to use the phone.
Anything one can do to cheer you up? to help you forget the dullness of a working monday?

how we doin user?

Started talking to an ex best friend of my wife and I.
She’s crazy as fuck and not even that cute but got some fat titties. She started flirting with me and I don’t even like her but did it back for nudes. Now she wants to fuck and I don’t wanna. Kicker is she’s married too.
I feel bad for my wife, cause my consciousness but thing is tits bro

Still haven't found a way to reduce the file size.

Don't do it bro, it's seriously not worth it, especially if you don't even like her.

What kind of close calls?

I asked about cumming in clean panties because I want guys to cum in my wife's panties and get her to wear them. But I am worried she'll notice. Not sure how do it subtly.

I've thought about my ex every day since we broke up 6 years ago, we were together for 8.

For the first time in 5 years, I looked her up on facebook. Shes married to some dude

I realized that I just don't give a shit

It's quite a leap from cheese pizza to "I will stop looking at all porn altogether."

In my late 20s I was on the edges of the pizzeria, I met Vicky, a few others, but never fell into the rabbit hole and haven't had pizza in years.

You're fine man. Unless you're capable of mind control, you ain't do shit.


I wasn't anywhere near pizza. I just felt I was desensitizing myself too much and didn't appreciate women I saw irl. I don't really miss porn at all, tbh.

You met her irl?

thats rough man. hope youre doing good now.

It’s a secrets thread, man, not a YLYL one.

I know it sounds hot, but it really wasn't.

It absolutely sucked when I told my mom what he was doing and less than two weeks later it was happening again, even worse.

LOL no, I meant figuratively.

I didn't know Ray was her dad - for some reason it seems much worse to me that he was. Maybe because I have a daughter now.

thanks user. i actually went through a really bad addiction. i honestly attribute it to our breaking up. i just couldnt handle it. would up in rehab a couple times

year and a half sober now

Attached: 1477757318343.jpg (960x768, 113K)

That's a fair point in a way. I think porn type stuff is an addiction - for me it was exposing my wife. But you're always chasing the next high. Share clothed, share nude no face, share nude with face, share sex acts, sex acts with face, start giving initials, etc etc.

I stopped for a while and just... didn't miss it. Some nights I would be like "Oh, it's midnight, wife's asleep, time to share her pics." Then I would be like -- if I am making myself do it, why am I even doing it?