Fb ig social sluts thread continued

Fb ig social sluts thread continued

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yesssss still fapping

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More of this beauty

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Op mooore

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thats a jew, I think I have her saved on IG

More Melissa , please

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my pleasure

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Wow. More of both. Especially left

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yes sir

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Mmm fuck yes. I'm fuck her and her slutty milf friends

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Bring us more

She is made her look nice for her fuckfest

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you just know that dress ended up wadded on the floor that night

anyone know her?

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more of both

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Tie her up in a sex swing and have a bunch of guys fuck her with me. Leave her hanging there like a sex chandelier after


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true have to present well

i would hope so

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They're Both cute af. How're their bodies?

you would end up with a harem pretty quickly im sure

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Fuck , she's asking for it

Nice go on

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here's a full body pic of both for you to judge

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All I want for Christmas is Jew...

So tight. So hot

My god they have me so hard

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would love to see here gagging hard on a cock

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Would ruin

Fuck yeah

that would be great

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No but I wish I did
I was saying in the other thread that her face is almost perfect

Anyone got any UK sluts?

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good now you just need them in front of you on their knees

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YEah so thicc, do you want to fuck her ?

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Put vibes in her holes, play with the remote while I take her out on a public date. Her cunt will be dripping from all the teasing by the time i fuck it at the end

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I’d grab those in public I don’t care of the repercussions

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How fucking hot can she get damn

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That ass

More. Stroking



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amazing ass. know her?

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She really has some good dsl

that her sister ?

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Absolutely. I want to make her squirt

yea id love to grab her hair and face fuck

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I wish I knew her


Fuck me

I want to put in in her cute ass

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no just her friend

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Wow ?

fappgin moore

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Mmm fuck yes. I'll fuck their entire milf social circle

would plow her tight young cunt like the fertile cum field it is


that dress will be laying around on the ground with cum on it

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Great milf

Where is she from? She kinda vaguely looks like a girl I've met a few times, but it's definitely not her

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forgot the pic

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Nice lips?

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then you really would have a harem going for you

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I'd destroy her regardless of her age damn

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very nice

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Shes from nj

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ty user


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Rape meat perfect spot for my cock

Want to see how far those legs can spread

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They got me hard

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I'm edging


Omfg hot

Great ass

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Fuck me would definitely pound her ass

Tight hot babe

You OP or friend of OP ?

love her

I wanna Titty fuck her

What a body

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damn who's that

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wish i had full set but yeah i would pound that so fucking hard

Don’t stop I love her

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Ah , Welcome back. You got a great friend

Fuckable or nah?

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Yeah no way that I've ever met her but holy fuck dude

Amazing ass and lips on her


holy fuck
Love her tenderly. Wife her. Wreck her pussy like a whore because she’s mine for life

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MILFs man . . .

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Did he talk to you ?

Jealous of her partner

Dick is out

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so incredibly hard for her ass

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moar left!

Yeah, face is meh, but great body

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Great. Any questions ?

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Not a milf, she's 19

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Perfect body

i want her on top of me

Nice slut more

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Want her in a really skimpy bikini? Would you share her with your friends?

I would impregnate her

Did you stare at her tits while talking to her?

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Them leggs

Iva is little schoolgirl

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Keep going

I didnt stare but I looked at them several times

Did she notice?

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I think she did

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I’m stroking hard



literally perfect tits

amazing, wow. ig?

Ah what gave you that idea?

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Join the army

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tight teen

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Her smile faded away

glad you like her

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Wwyd if you pick her up on a lonely road like that

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Fuck me running

What a little whore.


my dick loves being stroked to her

Lol guess she’s not that type of girl

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If I think about it , It was staring

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Although didn’t your conversation start because she caught you staring?

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I need more pixels

Passionately fuck her in the backseat, take her with me back to my cabin and enjoy my new fuck buddy for the rest of my vacation

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Need better pics.

yeah , but I kept doing it so she kinda was done with me

There’s no way she’s single

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Invest in sunglasses

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checked Satan

god I want to stick my dick between those

She's the enemy
Control your boner soldier

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Thanks for the advice

I'd let her commit war crimes on my dick


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What were her lips like?

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Attached: a3.jpg (1080x1262, 119K)

1) I’m a sailor
2) I will thoroughly interrogate her with my dick
3) She’s going to spill everything when I’m done with her!

Better commit war crimes on her

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thats helenalive

Where from

She had lipstick on so they looked really good and soft

Yeah, cute and sexy girl
I know

Attached: helenalive-18sd.jpg (949x712, 146K)

thats one of the sexiest pics for me

>VSS Vintorez


Did you have fantasies of her giving head?

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that ass looks like a MRE

Got more user?

yeah , I was fantasizing about it while talking to her

holy shit what a cum target

onlyfans com/bbkels

Aye aye

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need way more. next thread?

You have an idea of what dirty things she would say based on your conversation?

Probably something about sharing a room


Next thread?


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Kik 20190416

Her name is Sum Dum Gook