What will you do on Valentines day?

what will you do on Valentines day?

i will make a pizza for my bf and i will clean my ass so he can fuck me hard and fill my ass with his cum.

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I want to fuck a girls butthole too UwU

If i play my cards right ill be on xanax and possibly molly alone

That escalated quickly.

jerking it the the facebook's of girls that have said no to me asking if they want to spend

you don't have any girls in your life? :c
sounds like a good night, wish i had molly and some lonetime

No. Only female friends Ú~Ù

yuo don't have any guyfriend who want to suck your dick?

N... no Ú~Ù

I have a gf but I'm not feeling romantic. I don't know what to do. Maybe I could go to town and hit up randoms

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why not break up? it takes more energy being in a relationship with a person you dont love than being alone

we're always talking about breaking up but we're too good friends for that. She doesn't like sex so I kind of try it on every time and get rejjed but I love her and her company is super good and she thinks I'm pretty much the only human worth knowing so I figure I'll just keep hanging out with her and trying to fuck her as much as I can but really I'm staking most of my hopes on finding someone else

If I ever get the balls to actually talk to a girl uhh

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just break up instead of try to rape her. she finds you gross.

It's ok my friend. Maybe i will get a beautyfull girlfriend very soon ÓwÒ

Learn to love yourself first. no one wants a partner who don't love themselvs. be confident :)

Thanks my friend, and yes, i love my self very much. Thanks user, i think you are very kind and wise ÚwÙ

That's good, i'll hope you enjoy valentines day even if you don't get to sex a girlbutt :)
thanks, i just think need more love should be spread, especially around valentines day

Yes, i'm agree. And thanks, i hope you enjoy valentines day too ÓwÒ and... maybe i will get a girlfriend very soon... who know ÚwÙ

Probably more important to show it on days without corporate sponsorship. What has more meaning, I've done something thoughtful because I care about you or here's a gift because I feel socially pressured to buy you something.

sure I've decided to dump her for Cred Forums now