Why do yall hate reddit?

why do yall hate reddit?

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People hate reddit? Idk idk.....

because it's the exact opposite of Cred Forums. usernames, up/downvote currency, fairly organized...
it's like two different ideologies, made to clash


found the newfag

It's one of the biggest echo chambers on the internet by design.

I don't think anyone could care less if there wasn't a voting system that put popular comments at the top of silences unpopular comments.

Cred Forums is about the closest you get to total free speech on the internet(outside tor.) Reddit is it's antithesis.

Both are useful in their own way. Reddit is really handy when you'd like to look up information from knowledgeable people that might not be readily available otherwise.

Because they found our shithole and won't stop fucking it.
Also that^

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I actuall like it.
Not all of it ofcause but subreddits like r/bdsm, r/femalechastity, r/degradingholes, r/analonlylifestyle are goldmines. And I also like to help people out on r/bdsmcommunity or r/bdsmadvice. I've spent countless hours to educate myself about BDSM on these forums and though recommended books so why not give something back.

It's full of retards and faggots

The recent thread where a dude posted a picture of himself on his wife's deathbed with their fucking dog to farm karma, him rightly being mocked, and then the white knighting, bans, damage control, etc that came out of that is the perfect example why Reddit sucks.

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You hurt my feefees, le downvote

This is the only legimate (and funny) reply so far

Reddit is a site that uses a karma system, so everything you say is reviewed by other people, which wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't directly linked to an account, that also has your post history.

Imagine what that does for talking online. "Oh you SAY that, and you have reliable sources, but you have negative karma and posted nigger last week hurr hurr hurr"

It insentivises people to appeal to the lowest common demoninator, and if people don't like your opinion they can down vote it, or use your history as an argument against you, rather than what you said.

Now take Cred Forums, no one knows who I am, what I've posted, or anything else, the only thing you can do is adress my post, and argue against it, and you don't need to appeal to the majority of Cred Forums, because we're all anonymous.

Also those ask a former X threads where the person doesn't need to provide ANY evidence, just full of LARPS.

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As someone who actually likes Reddit: Yes the karma system is so fucking abused.

It's meant to be for promoting helpful responses and pushing back off topic, but people just use it to upvote stale in-jokes and downvote things that they don't agree with. Even if it's like an opinion on a movie.

Also because you can have subreddits tailored around your own opinion, it's basically a echo chamber where you never have to be challenged, and if someone does challenge your wrong ideas, downvote them, and attack their post history! Because you're smarter than anyone who disagrees with you!

I went on there once years ago, all I did was say "kek" and then like 50 reddit cunts started calling me a "robot" and told me to go back to /r9k/

Bunch of weird bastards if you ask me

Welcome to the dark side newfriend.

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Socrates wrote, that you should view things as a sweet shop owner, and a doctor.

The sweet shop owner will say they can offer many and varied delicous things, and will not restrict your life. The doctor though wishes to cause you harm and inconvience you.
The doctor will say of course he does, but because it is best for you, and will give you good health, and help you to be fit.

Reddit would upvote the sweet shop owner, then remove the thread for hatespeech.

Thanks for the welcome, but I've actually been here a long time, since about when moot was getting cheated on.

Reddit is still good for porn and specific stuff like game subreddits. Just the main "default subs" shit is toxic cancer.

Been here since 05 my man. I don't even fuck with Reddit after taking one look at it but it is a good resource at times. Admitting you go there for porn though is awesome.

Thanks dude. Good to meet another oldfag, older than me maybe.

I even used Tumblr for a bit. The political side is obviously AIDS but like finding a porn or niche blog was great at the time.
Like say there's someone you found hot, you could just follow them and get only their pics into your feed, with captions and info from them.

Or like porn blogs where you'd find someone with the same taste as you.

Shame they killed the site with a dumbfuck bid to get Apple to like them again.

This. This kind of cringe, is why.

What's cringe about it? Two people have a slightly positive interaction?

Sorry about that m'lord

Don't look at porn it's for atheists and Reddits which you are both

Personally I'm glad porn was wiped from Tumblr. It was fun but also kind of bad in the long run. Freedom of speech is always more important though so I guess I'm divided on the topic.
>tl;dr I hate the internet
I'm just glad some people can agree on the ups and downs of both sites. The internet is shit.

cause some fat CIA cuck & ugly bitch newfags created that lame ass shit.

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screennames and voting

the userbase

I have literally never done one of those screencap thing with zoomed words, and while they tend to be used for the hilarious shit, might as well have this one in case anyone posts ops question elsewhere.

Unlike redditors, I want a little piece of feedback and criticism on it!

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what is freedom of speech and civilised conversation? this is why I hate reddit. its the moderators way or the highway. and even if it aint about pol if its dissing right wingers YOU WILL READ IT. so no thanks.

/r unexpectedthanos
/r expected thanos for balance
/r third sub
/r fourth sub
lmao we are so funny its insane
instagram normies reeeee

Not sure if trolling but that's so fucking accurate it hurts.

Edit: thanks for the gold, kind stranger

Edit 2: OP is gay

Because they are self righteous fags who know far less than they think they do rely on group think and a down vote system with heavy moderation to maintain their delusional world views.

Reddit itself is fine, it's the redditors and reddit "culture" I despise.

I get the general taste in the air of Cred Forums but nah, I want to start making these.
I guess the only thing different is my everpermanent dark mode on my browser but fuck if I'm gonna destroy my eyes.

as someone who was on reddit every day for a few years before being intoduced to Cred Forums, these are all the best reasons. at first i was shocked at how things go here but then i stopped and thought about how the site worked and realized what a bastion for circlejerking hardcore leftists most of the site is. If you have a specific interest, though, there are a lot of people who know what they're talking about and genuinly want to help out. r/DIY is a good example.
You think the bots are bad on this site though, jfc reddit is 20x worse. Thousands of accounts auto posting shit on the daily for corporate or political shilling once the karma is high enough.

Because-I-am-an-individual-and-my-tribe-is-Cred Forums!
I-belong-to-Cred Forums-which-is-the-only-true-free-forum-left!

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No joke, kys if you've been here for a while and you still believe that.


Yes, that's not an overreaction at all.
Completely rational.

Been on Cred Forums since 2003 mainly on /b and /x. Used digg for a bit, then reddit when digg bombed.

The problem with all boards with a vote-up/down system is people start saying what they think other people want to hear for stupid internet points. Instead of having new discussions its like you're hearing the same shit over and over again. That is why I unsubbed from all the default subreddits. There are good subreddits with good info on movies, working out, vidya, etc but you need to spend effort to find them.

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and also you can downvote any opinion with out any consideration about the topi

way too many rules, lame/unfunny hivemind mentality, user interface is fucked, voting system is pure cancer

the mods on the default subs are fucking hypocrites or shills supporting one agenda or another
/politics is basically /liberals
/The_Donald was given shit loads of rope when any other subreddit would've been outright banned.
/news selectively removes news that they don't think fits their liberal agenda
check out /undelete sometime

Go back, faggot.

>It's like being in a world where everybody thinks they're the smartest one in the room.
Its the same stale unfunny jokes and memes over and over again. If you have a different opinion you will be whipped and crucified. Upvotes and downvotes allow the community to censor any opinions they don't like

>Disagreeing with something means you're an incel
This happens every time, without fail.

>People will dig through your entire account history and use some comment/post for 9 years ago as a weapon in their argument.
No joke, I made a post about weed and nicotine and someone actually tried to use that to argue that I was brain damaged

because all people on it act like brian from family guy

this is the last version ima post from Feel free to take over and add your own touches to it.
By the way if you'd *really* like to know what makes my Cred Forums dark then I just use this browser plugin called Dark Reader

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basically this

reddit is a eco chamber like most of the anons already said in this thread its the same shit over and over again.

some might say Cred Forums is the same that you have your shit ass andi six thread and the stupid dog nigger hyena pop up everywhere but i rather take that

over some stupid argument over up and down points and thought policing.

for every 5 trash post on this site you get one good one with an honest opinion and thought put in to it.