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I wonder if he can swim?

what a smug piece of shit, he knows what he is doing lmao

What is he doing?

Potato cosplay

you know what he is doing lmao

This guy is a master of practical effects. His dad was the guy who did the chestburster in Alien.

I thank him for his service

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Greta, Billie, now this.
Cred Forums is fond of repetition.

Take him back to my lab, give him cybernetics and a breather helmet to survive, then tell him Padme died

I would write to every Rich guy on the planet asking if I could be their gimp. They would pay me 1000 a week to keep me in a backpack in a cupboard and bring me out of the cupboard at parties to wank and suck guys off. Only job I could do with a body like that

I would make a will donating my nipples to science after I am dead and also I would apply to be a fork-lift truck driver, as I would have plenty of experience

hes more of a Darth mal type honestly I'd give him a new set of limbs and send him on a quest to find his long lost brother so he can take his revenge on obiwan

this is what happened to him

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If that were me, I'd do all sorts of drugs.

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why was he driving so crazily, was he drunk or racing, what did he say about it?

your an idiot

I would became Robocop

Why am I an idiot?
So, he turns the corner, obviously going too fast, then he over-steers and tips over.
why was he going so fast?

Dont pretend you dont know

that video isn't him

Its an example ... damn, have ever heard of google, or are you busy imaging the traps you gonna suck today?

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I would close my eyes and wish death.

this is him and his gf telling the story of what happen. youtube.com/watch?v=iWJU6huPKIY

fake and gay

Sure. Why no Montana newspapers covered it? Be sure and send money to their GoFundMe scam, suckers.

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Fap. O wait...

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