Be Me

>Be Me
>Socially awkward
>Over due hair cut
>Go to my local barber
>My regular guy isn’t there
>New qt3.14 there
>Looks like she’s just training
>Watching all the other barbers and asking questions
>My turn
>Get in the seat and guy asks if it’s ok for qt3.14 to cut my hair with his supervision
>I ain’t going to say no to such a pretty girl
>All going good
>She seems nervous
>But Barber is guiding her through it
>Eventually he leaves her on her own
>We chat and she tells me how nervous she is
>Tell her she is doing fine to ease her
>Her hands feel amazing through my hair
>Barber comes back to check in on her
>Gives thumbs up and tells her she doing great
>He then leaves to take a phone call
>She happy and relaxed now
>Her face turns goes white
>The razor slipped from her hand and took a huge chunk of hair with it
>She panics and says she can fix it
>Frantically cutting and trimming around the damaged area
>She’s finally done
>Shows me the back of my head with mirror
>Looks like she went at it with lawnmower
>Tell her it’s ok
>Didn’t want to hurt her feelings
>Go to pay
>She says it’s on the house
>Go home to asses the damage fully
>Walk in the door and whole family in shock
>Tell me to go back get it fixed
>To shy to go back and complain
MFW I shaved my head and looked like a neo nazi skin head for a few weeks

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cool story bro

>not shaving your head at home yourself with buzz clippers

Live and learn I guess

been there bro. i was forced by my parents to go back and get it fixed. i went back...they look at it and tell me because of how badly it was fucked up earlier they can’t do much except for shaving it.
fine, do it then.
so they have the same girl that fucked my hair up walk over and sit me down and shave the rest of my head.
no point to the story i guess, except it was really awkward and i should have just shaved it myself lol

The last time i was at a barber shop, was 6 years ago. The fuckhead worked 2 hours on my hair. Every 20 min my hair got shorter and shorter. It looked horrible and wasn't even near the result i explained. after almost 2 hours i called him an idiot and said to cut my hair at 3mm so i could disepear. After that i buyed my own clipper. 6 years later i cut hair like Zohan. Fuck yeah!

Bet your hair still looks like dogshit.

I have longish haircut, so DIY buzz cut is a no go

>I shaved my head and looked like a neo nazi skin head
Why the fuck shaved = neo nazi skin head?
What the fuck do you have against a short haircut?

Nothing, it’s just my hair was always longish, then over night I had skin head. Everyone started calling me that till hair grew back

probably cuz he looked like a fuckin skinhead faggot

>> Tell her it’s ok
>> Didn’t want to hurt her feelings
because you're a fucking beta cuck faggot. and if a man made this mistake, you'd have said something right?

OP's faggot for not getting qt's phone number

You are just jealous because i make hair silky-smooth.

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You did the right thing

Honestly prob do the exact same thing, I fucking hate confrontation and any social setting

She was new, knew she fucked up and didn't charge him

It's different if someone tries to charge you for it or if its an older more experienced person

But would op let a trainee man cut his hair, or was he just thinking with his dick when he agreed to let her do it?

I must admit I did have a semi chub growing when her hands were running through my hair

My mum also cuts my hair

>dat fivehead


To long

She did it on purpose cause you're a faggot

Hey! My enormous brain needs a lot of space. Don't answer. Just admire my prefrontal cortex.

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