Post your dream car

Post your dream car.

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any old truck

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stupid nigger movie but damn what a car

I know it’s shit tier, but it looks so damn sexy

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>Post your dream car
mine is a truck, i hope thats ok

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3000GT VR-4

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R34 isn't shit tier

is that mid engine?

/o/ told me it was

too soon. I had one of these and I miss it every day.

/o/ also wants you to buy a $3000 civic with $12,000 worth of mods.

>settling for realism in your dreams
Step your game up

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Implying any Cred Forumstard have a valid opinion or understand anything about cars.

/o/ is full of tards

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it's front engine...

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ford trucks a best

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I'm a simple man, gimme a Volvo C30 and I'll be happy.

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nice one m8

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fishing rod holders over the headlights? must be a florida thing

This sexy beast gives me a raging hard on. Still haven't seen one in real life yet. Don't know what will happen when I do.

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Straya. I'll probably be getting it or the same model this year. Selling this but mine has max tint.

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so cool, raptors are badass

Hi I'm Jake and this my brother Elwood and together we are the Blues Brothers.

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Big boy

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You are a giant faggot, user.


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I heard it's steam-powered

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on sale right now for $200,000 lol

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people are much more intelligent and enlightened over here on Cred Forums

there is clearly turbines mounted on the back, and no room for a steam plant, so maybe not steam powered, theres a yt vid that says its all electric

sure, as long as you actually use that thing as intended, like in the picture, not for parking across three spots in the grocery store parking lot.

i drove a company diesel f350 while working construction for a while, pulling trailers with steel and concrete blocks and stuff for a while. i was always amazed with what a workhorse machine that thing was.

Can't go wrong with fords. Already got the vehicle I always wanted here. 2016 F-150 Shelby edition. 700 hp.

My 16 f350 diesel has more get up and go though :/

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Is there a permanent solution to prevent the engine from grenading?

Also already have my dream daily.

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5w-50 oil and swap the thermostat for the mechanical one on the viper and it will save your bearings. Look up Troyjeup on IG

Yes, don't increase the power exceeding the stock recommend limit.

Get yourself an RB or JZ instead.

German engineering > Honda shit

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Typical German syndrome
Ever heard of Toyotas?
Ever wondered why Tiger tanks were slow to produce and proned to break down?

>German engineering > Honda shit
>never worked on either

I already drive one.

My 2010 Mustang V6. It's got a staight pipes w/ cat delete and cold air. This baby is fast!

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>Thinking a 10 year old v6 mustang is fast or a dream car lol

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t. bus rider

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I drive a tt fairlady i imported from Japan. With the mods and tune plus purchase prive i spent 25k and it is just under 500 hp with 60k miles. I love it

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on youtube "drag times" channel has a stock 720s running consistent 9's

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Not really sure. Currently drive and M4 but I think my end game will probably be a Lotus? Who knows honestly I love cars way too much

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absolute retard

no its not. front engine tt v6

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any car from the Group B era would make the list, but the Lancia Delta S4 is definitely the top of the list

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Hey OP! Are you me?

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There's just something really classy about a nice varnish

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>when your date goes ew ew ew ew and asks you to kill it

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>La Voiture Noir de Bugatti
nothing beats her

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love lancias. stratos for me.

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What's that fucking ugly emblem on that back? I mean it's not like you can confuse a 2 million dollar car for another 2 million dollar car in the same fucking parking lot. I love subtle designs on the supercasrs, but that's not subtle at all...

Bagged ‘74 b1 Passat with tdi swap

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It would be fun to attend one of those shows with a bags full of sand suspended in paint, and then just casually lob them in the air from a distance.

f1 lm specification

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an orange radical RXC :)

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id drive her to school and back
and plow her every time