Cute trap/ femboy /sissy thread

Cute trap/ femboy /sissy thread

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i think this ones p cute

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my fav redhead trap

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Yesterday I was feeling super horny so decided to go to an Asian massage parlor near my house. When I got there the girl at the front desk asked if I wanted a female or a ladyboy. I shrugged and thought why not? So I go into the massage room, take my clothes off and lay on the table. She comes in a few minutes later and starts giving me a massage, her hands feel very firm but so far so good. After a few minutes she positions my arms down to my side and herself over one of my hands. I start feeling around and soon I’m playing with her balls and cock. Pretty soon she moves by my head and when I look up her hard cock is directly in my face. What can I do but start sucking? So I do, hesitantly at first but she’s guiding me with her hand and pretty soon she’s moaning and facefucking me basically. Then she tells me to turn over, and quickly climbs on top of me in the 69 position. I’m going for it at this point, she’s full on pounding my mouth and I’m only taking her cock out to lick her balls and ass periodically. Finally she starts working my cock with her hand and I cum in about 30 seconds, it’s a huge load and gets all over her. Meanwhile she’s still fucking my face as I’m going soft in her hand. A few more licks and she gets off of me, towels herself and me down and offers me a drink of water. We make awkward small talk for a minute as I’m putting my clothes on and I get out of there. 10/10 experience, can’t wait to go back. Going to pay a bit extra for mutual oral next time.

yeh, seen her on here a few times. i give her 7/10 would bang for sure

Yea I like her style.

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i definitely do too, thanks for sharing her

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>setting the bar so low
Make trap threads trap again

>poasting text on an image board full of windowlickers

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Zomg name

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postan casey bcuz shes qt af

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I think they go by the name of katie kawaii.

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Go to their Tumblr and post more I can't get it on my Android for some reason just go to katiekawaiiDOTtumblrDOTcom


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hii, nice booty! ;)

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Up for anything just give her orders

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Slug Buggy+Shotgun Envy=Trap heaven!

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Latin Mamis best mamis

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no eggs

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Augh yeah! they make such great girls.

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lmfao ugly cunt

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She's so cute

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definitely one of the cutest

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y'all need to be put in cages.

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Like this?

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are these intended to be shitposts?
>implying im not into bbc trannies

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shave that clit.
Good sissy.

Me rn

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But a little cube is cuter, right?

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not feminine enough.

This is cute.
Watch and learn, .

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Thanks xx

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Ok I sure dress up in woman clothes by why put it out in the open when you look like that?


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He doesn't have a clitoris as he's a man.

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show me that sissy clit cum.

He's not a man he's a sissy.
Wasted dubs.

Sorry but males don't have a clitoris.

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it's a sissy clit. You'll understand when you're older.

id def eat that before i plowed you

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cute peep

butt plug + cum in cage

lovely ;)

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ITT: man asshole


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You do.

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nice legs ;)

It's bulma chan!! that u?

Trap bread ;)

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Nice tummy show more

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Why are you faggots so gay

Guess this is the primary effect of being a social recluse with no father figure

Go out and meet some women, flames

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cute phimosis

would take hot baths with you and slowly help you peel back that foreskin/10

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that dick looked big in the first big is it,

god i'm such a slut

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We need more then just dark grainy pics of thighs half way covered up

Do traps like their pee pee touched when they're getting their boipucci smashed or does it bother them and remind them of their previous life?

Not a fan of it myself

Oh they like it if you're the right guy. Chad daddy can't do no wrong.


but going outside in slutty clothes is so fun

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Why keep it then?

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ummm it's called boipussi actually

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I agree super cyute phimosis I have it kinda too since i never really use it for sexy heh

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thats a very cute tummy and nice thighs user ;)

Ty :))

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New thread, but OP didn't bring any pics....

Solution: draw a hot bath, hot as you can stand it, and soak for 15 to 20 minutes with no activity. Then once it is nice and soft, you slowly pull back the skin while submerged, stopping once you feel tension and letting it reset before the next tug. You do this three times a week and you'll see a difference in a few months.

T. phimosis was holding back my magnum width cock but I got that shit sorted out in the bath

yvw cutie

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Thank you so much! Will try it


So cute

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>Thank you so much! Will try it
you can also use my mouth instead of a bath
just saying...

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You naughty man, men are so horny and always hard. Guess Ill have to take care of that

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No u

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Nice pits

>pink dress cute
>pink bra cute
>pink collar yes please
>pint panties yes!!
>pink lips fuck yeah!!
who is she?


Mmm wish we could be frens

Ty guys :)

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She goes by Melanie

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any pics with booty?

Best fren

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who wants to use and expose me? kik me: WI1991

i want to be frens with yall too ;)

post pics here to show the goods

are you a qt?

thats me hehe

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Omg bestie so lewd! That bussy looks so good girl


Ok :) are you one of us or a man??

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>You naughty man, men are so horny and always hard. Guess Ill have to take care of that
boys will be boys

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Only got this one.

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im just a man, but im friendly

A couple weeks ago my girlfriend found a video of me on my phone masturbating in womens lingerie
Do any of you who have partners know you do this?

thats a great ass

I don't want to be any of you's friend, I want to be your daddy.

And this one.

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poast the video in question so we know what youre asking user

Well we’re going to need a man for his cock

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lets expose me, kik me: WI1991

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so is she your gf? whats the story here Cred Forumsro?

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Just a trap I followed on tumblr when porn was allowed. Don't know where she is now and if she still posts.

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shes beautiful user, thanks for sharing her


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No problem! I hope they make a nice addition to your folders.

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would pull tail

Do you have a big, manly cock?

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Me :3

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Even better ;)

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It's not perfect but it gets the job done.

OC? If so contact?

OC? :(

Keys faggots

Original content. Like you posted it.

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Shave those pits

nice tummy

They usually are but thank you for the feedback!

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ass pics?

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That's a cute ass, i like it
Take that underwear off ;)

Image limit reached unfortunately ;)

Fuck, didn't realize that


Go here bby

Yea, it's my content. I dont have with time stamps though... :c

Every cute trap can kik me ;)

That ass looks tight

How often do you go on Omegle or other c2c chat site and help guys jerk off fellow sissies?

Woah. who's this?

Oh God, those balls.
How do I hook up with a trap?