Faces you would spend hours abusing

Faces you would spend hours abusing

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Oh yes...

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Keep her coming

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Her initials hs? Look familiar

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So fucking cute

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Seems like the fucknig obnoxious kind, the ones that piss me off so bad I would probably rape them for not shutting the fuck up

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ya mean like a smug hyper girl?

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Less clothes


Bangs look stupid on most women and she is probably annoying.

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I think 100% yes, any other shots?

Oh my

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Is she a professional?

Looks like Sid really got his life together after those ice age movies...

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Less clothes?

Less clothes? Her face is already naked, though.

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Less clothes

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I want to abuse Abby's face

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Thanks, OP. I'm not into smashing faces. I'll pass.

Its fun

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I'd pin her down and force a ring gag in there so I can have some fun.

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would not abuse. Would love tenderly. Look at those eyes.

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My friend’s mom

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is that irl corona-chan?

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god need more

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