Cringe thread

Cringe thread

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Looks like Jose's next girlfriend gonna be wondering why he always keeps his shirt on during sex.

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She's gonna wonder why he never takes his shirt off ever lol

Average /r9k/ user spotted in the wild

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Sorry I'll take it down.


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>Tattooed his own name on himself.
Def not narcissist.

This guy deserves to be beaten to death

that dude is ugly

Lol. I love it

No. U do

so when his wife gets pissed off about him doing this shit again he can be like bitch you fuckin knew i had it tattooed on my fucking torso you fuckin knew

jose l. torres plays 4d chess

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The cringe here is getting your own name tattooed on your stomach. What the fuck?

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so he's admitting he's a kiddy diddler?

get in lads

Are... Are you alright user?

tbh the cringey aspect of this is that he had already tattoed his own name below it

That and beastiality are the only two fucking things he didn't mention user you are dense as fuck people ±18 still have parents

No she isn't. She's going to be the one telling him not to take his shirt off, because she can't stand to look at a constant reminder of the fact that she's married to a complete simp.

That meme literally never happened. Just as bad as the "not my president" bullshit Americans spew

"I am mentally-ill."

most parents warn don't want kids around trannies cause they think they'll get diddled. if that person's the "one your parents warned you about", then they're admitting they're a kiddy diddler.


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we spell it n00bz on this board

I would kill his wife and then try to goad him into a sword fight, as soon as he picked up his sword I'd shoot him

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That's just a normal comment and dude tbh

It's spelled newbie you fucking newfag.

That's not cringe that's kek

you're the hacker that watch dogs 2 warned us about

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Excuse meself guvna but we say 'newsbury chap'

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I'm always really uncomfortable with cringe where it's from the "sent" perspective, yikes..

poor father...sure he's now in a better place, far enough from this vile creature.

Hits too close to home, huh?

Lol it’s like my brain thinks I sent that shit for a split second

Be careful staring into the void user

This guy's torso looks like one of those "gooby pls" comics

>Another Holocaust
>Implying the first one even happened

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OH shit

Dutchess, My first furry fap :3

Dat typo

OP you definitely win the cringe award, Retard.....

>spic realizes he is ugly and unlovable
>tries super hard to get back the only butterball spic bitch that ever cared about him (because she is equally as ugly and unlovable)
>gets tattoo because desperate faggot
>now he's a desperate unlovable ugly spic with a fitting partner and a stupid tattoo (which is every tattoo btw) for the rest of his life

First of all, how do you know that's OP

Second, there is nothing cringe about questioning the holocaust


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careful, questioning the holocaust is strictly forbidden in some countries

Not OP, but i found the triggered niggerloving kike

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Exactly? And why would that be?

Yeah okay. Some countries have free speech ya know.

Fucking oof. This guy is never getting laid.

Don't ask for details or question it. Just believe us or go to prison. Sounds fair and like there is nothing to hide right?

Long one but totally worth it, a true classic

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Yeah i wonder why

Man the dad is going to Hell for raising a fucked up kid like that. He probably touched him as a kid or some fucked up shit like that.

can't answer that, due to the same law

Yeah, why would the Jews lie? It's not like they manipulate the numbers throught countless waves of media indoctrination, not at all, why question? Unless you're some racist bigot

The funny part about this is they're both cunts.

that fucking font is worse than the text

Exactly they certainly would not lie and have no incentive to keep playing the victim card. If you even try to question what they tell you that makes you a racist bigot. Nothing strange here.

He must really love her.
That's taking the guilt a bit far though.

Oh that is never going to haunt him in his adult life. Ouch.

>why would the Jews lie
Because of all the billions of dollars in reparations money Germany gave to families of the "survivors"

They have to keep the lie going to keep getting those payments

This is clearly fake

They're just an honest and hardworking religious community that get along everywhere they go, it's not like they got kicked out of literally every nation they have set foot upon

the Jews are the reason your penises are small you dumb right wing cucks now go back to licking the boots of the corrupt elites you retards worship while pretending to be big tough guys

Imagine raising this

100% real

oi vey, please don curse here

So, by questioning the holocaust that somehow equates to licking the boots of the elite? Can you explain that some more?

Go make another blacked thread Nathanyahu, you negroid loving cuck.

Christ he's just uncomfortable to look at

imagine the smell

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Probably BO

: False, and not cringe;


Where are cringe pics like this one? im looking for one of a fat guy with 3 sides on the pic.

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lmao please you cowards don't have any fucking convictions whatsoever. If you hate jews so much why do you support trump?

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I never said I support Trump. I'm Canadian so it wouldn't matter if I did.


Do you support donald trump?


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>cringe, the post

>-massive faggot

be prepared to be called a leftist by every other right winger then.

your whole life is cringe

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Okay, thank you for telling me this.

the fuck?


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That whole twitter account is fucking cringe.

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Oh satan whos colon do you want to kill?

Someone single

Get thread

Kek wills it

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That's the only good think about this thread

The fuck is Lizzo?

Fat black girl who sings that annoying ass song

Fuck off, that pic is new

Ugh, she's got that fucking "Baby how you feelin? Feeling good as hell" song. It's currently playing at every gas station across America, right after Billy Eyelash.

1. Some chick who had a catchy song
2. If thats what you want
3. Okay in moderation
4. I agree cops shouldnt shoot blacks
5. Pussy cry babies that just jump on any cause
6. Some poor puppet
7. "Give me attention too"
8. Fine as long as it isnt pushed down my kids throat
9. Kinda cute kinda dumb
10. Spanking is hot
11. Keep us healthy
12. We have too many humans anyway. Yeetus that feetus

Did i tell on myself?

the original pic was posted here and the guy was complaining about her


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Incredibly based

Kinda hot actually in a BDSM kind of way

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I would really like to see the full text of this.

im pretty sure thats all ther ever was

To the gulag with you.


The whole cops shooting blacks unfairly thing is a sensasionalist lie made up by the media, you do know that right?

Yeah there are certainly no racist cops. Profiling doesnt exist how could I be so blind.

I'm not sure, I seem to recall a lengthy chat with that particular bit being near the end.
It's slowly accumulating cringe, at the end your toes are cramped.

Running out of cringe here, help me out here fuckers

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He knows, he's just a troll, an obvious one too - just ignore those.

Cops shoot blacks less than whites. That's the point.

Maybe niggers should commit less crimes.

Yeah but sometimes it is fun to argue with obvious bait.
You may be correct but i would like some sort of proof
It probably wouldnt hurt


>i would like some sort of proof
You heard of the internet?

They meant "cologne", as in the perfumey stuff for men.
They just can't spell it.

Of course profiling exists, as it should you fucking retard. The medias portrayal of the issue doesnt line up at all with the statistics, which actually shows fewer blacks are shot by cops compared to whites. Its a non issue.

KEK and the tattoo guy can't spell

Even if cops shot 10 white guys and only 5 black guys, if the 10 white guys were lawfully shot and the 5 black guys were shot without reason id say there was still a problem wouldnt you?

nope. seems good to me

>black guys were shot without reason

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Nice trips, so I guess you are right.

Try reality. Hypotheticals aren't proof of anything.

The whole bullshit part in almost all of the black shootings covered by the media is that they dindu nuffin and were out curing cancer when they were shot by the racist cops. In reality their shootings were justified.

You are right there are no cases of people being killed by the police unlawfully. The police can do no wrong.

That's not what he said faggot, stop projecting and believing everything on the news you cuck.

I imagine believing these garbage memes. The Trump crowd is dumb as bricks and gullible as a fly over state rube.

I completely agree with that as well. So often it is clear the person shot was in the wrong even when the public yells "dindu" but that doesn't mean all cases are like that and that there are no racist cops. Is it an actual issue? Yes. Is it blown out of proportion to push agendas? Also yes

Way to swing that to an extreme assumption. Did I ever say any of that? Did anybody? Then why did you say it?

The real cringe in this thread is the anons debating bullshit

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this makes me so sad on so many levels

I wasn't providing proof. The point of my post was to give a hypothetical. People above were saying "well they shoot more whites" and i proposed a scenario where number shot doesnt matter.


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making us look at those gross strands of hairs coming out of his nipples is the most disrespectful part

Why not other scenarios then?
>What if wheelbarrow mechanics sucked 10 dicks accidentally, but cops shot 5 of those dicks accidentally, and 4 of those dicks were white.

You making up scenarios does nothing.

Except that's not what happens irl

>they shoot more whites
>i proposed a scenario
The opposite of fact

>I disagree with your facts so I made up a story that suits my beliefs.

Anons say there is no racism problem because they shoot more whites. My hypothetical scenario shows that you can shoot more whites and still be racist.
What happens irl?

are these bitches for real?
I like it when you hug a girl and you smell the sour stench of her yeast infection

I'm my scenario the shooting more whotes is still true. So my scenario is built on your fact. Saying cops shoot more whites does not disprove the possibility racist cops.

Racism doesn't exist like Vox tells you. That's the point here. Of course there are racist cops. There's also racist niggers who get shot by non-racist cops. The possibilities are endless if you want to make suppositions for the rest of your life.

>5 black guys were shot without reason
there probably wasn't a reason at that moment but I'm sure they deserve it for what they've done or what they will eventually do. If a cop has to drop a few niggers so my bike doesn't get stolen when I forget to take it inside, they're doing their job

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They mean cologne

>the possibility racist cops
No one's saying there aren't. What if a racist white cop shoots a black guy who's running at him with a knife? Did racism kill him? What if the cop's racist as hell but doesn't shoot some nigger mowing his yard?

The laws aren't racist. If a cop unjustly shoots a black person, it usually ends in punishment of some sort. Yes, unjust shit happens. It just happens to whites more.

See I completely agree with what ypu said, there is no black and white all this is grey area. I guess my ultimate point is I can understand black people and BLM for being upset at the police for unfair treatment but i dont think all police systematically tarhet black people.

>for unfair treatment
But they get better treatment! You think a white guy can go jump on the mayor's desk?

You aren't wrong but i think it is more case by case.

Yes goy the holocuast never happened believe me

God fuck, what the hell's wrong with you? Of course things vary case by case. The truth is that you're more likely to be shot for the same crime as a white person. This is what the aggregate stats show. You can disagree all you want, just know that you will always be wrong.

I do in fact, believe it never happened. Have a good day user.

Where can i look at these stats? What sources are you using?

fake and gehy

Just try, they're not hidden. The FBI has them. There's also others but you have to weed out the politifact wikipedia snopes fakenews shit.

Arthur is cringe

Okay I will try to look. I'm not going to lie though it does seem hard to believe you are more likely to be shot being white, you can understand my scepticism.

Thought that was obvious. Don't help the retards

>you can understand my scepticism
No, I can't. This is a well known fact. It's those sites I told you to weed out that probably gave you these false beliefs. Did you know men are raped more than women if you include the military and prison? That women don't make 79 cents per man's dollar, they actually make more? What about the melting ice caps that are supposed to be gone for the last 80 years? Turn off CNN and stop reading Google/Facebook/Apple News.

Fuck mate, that is genuinely fucking funny! Top kek!

>No, I can't.
I knew you would type literally that. Jesus Christ dude get off your faggy high horse bro. Everyone is real proud of you. I dont watch the news and don't use social media. Of course more men are raped if you include military and prison you mong.

>I don't believe your one fact, need sources.
>Everyone knows that fact you fucking idiot!

this is a cringe thread stfu

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>What do you think about ____
>Men wearing maekup
>Black Lives Matter
>Greta Thunberg
>Me Too
>LGBT characters in children's TV show

I don't.

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Hey you, out there in cold

Shit who doesnt love prostitutes

There is no moderation with feminism. It either exists or is extinguished. Pick one

You sure you're not thinking of that one where that weeaboo guy is spamming some dude with a Japanese girlfriend, saying shit like she's a precious flower and needs someone who understands her culture and all that?

It is a bellow-average sized Lego set to be fair.


>201 pieces
Jesus Christ
>It is a bellow-average sized Lego set to be fair.
Below-average??? It’s hardly a set!
This is a God damn vehicle is what it is. Who fucking cares about a gay ass copter?? And not just any copter, a lego CITY copter. No one uses fuckin LEGO city unless they’re uncreative autists. Every self respecting LEGO enthusiast buys the advanced sets(architecture, Star Wars, etc.). NO one buys the baby pissant LEGO city sets.

The patrician choice, however, is getting the massive bins of 5000+ legos and building shit on your own.


kek genious

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Cute. Don't care if tranny.

>boy with blush cheeks and long hair
pick one

just lol if you think that trust is ever coming back.

From your own source
>But other people have. In 1999, Lance Gay reported for theScripps Howard News Servicethat Zeifman didn’t have "flattering memories" of Clinton’s work on the committee. "If I had the power to fire her, I would have fired her," Gay quotes Zeifman as saying. Gay also interviewed Jay Woods, an Oakland attorney who supervised the lawyers, for the story. Gay, who described Woods as Clinton’s "ex-boss," reported that he described her as capable and cheerful.

>Less than a decade later, Zeifman changed his story,according to the Washington Post. In a 2008 interview on "The Neal Boortz Show," fact-checker Glenn Kessler reports, Zeifman was asked directly if he fired her. "Well, let me put it this way," he said. "I terminated her, along with some other staff members who were — we no longer needed, and advised her that I would not — could not recommend her for further positions."

Bottom line remains the same: HRC is a filthy, lying cunt. Enjoy Trump's second term, faggots.

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Then get cracking, it shouldn't be too difficult for you to find a source for that
>can't speak other language than english

well, he is a dog.

I cant believe grown ass men play with fucking lego.

I am a: dishonest and disrespectful

And Amerifags want more of these subhumans in their country.

>And Amerifags want more of these subhumans in their country.
Speak for yourself you fucking faggot. Trump was elected for a reason.

Context here? I’m aware of all three incidents mentioned but am struggling to fit them into a theory involving ((((them))))

Look I’m a far right wingnut just like you mate, so know it pains me to say it but Hillary did win the popular vote. So without the saving grace of the electoral college most Americans would have decided to let the latino hordes in.

Colon ≠ cologne

They also spelled deceiver wrong lol

>ignoring illegals voting
>ignoring the dead voting
>ignoring (R) voter ballots going mysteriously
Thank God that the kikes are getting so blatant with their fuckery that even the niggers are waking up to it.

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this is why nobody knows I watch anime. You can't have nice things. Fucking triso....


daaamn those shoulders and hands are a dead giveaway

There are plenty of reasons to hate the Jews already without you inventing some.

Lotta projection in this post.

>who hurt you, faggot?

Way to just make something completely about yourself. God, I fucking hate these people.

Haha haha oh fuck what a beta, he even has his own name tattoted around his belly button ultra kek

Look, fat, just because you fell for believing that dumbass shit doesn't it make it true.

>fuck your sensitive feelings

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i know which image you mean, but i can't fucking find it.

He forgot “tips fedora”

It’s always been hard to pin down exactly what the rules and conventions of greentexting are but all the same I know you’re doing it wrong.

Yet no one who matters gives a fuck about your advanced faggotry

Clearly you do. But I guess you’re right. No one who matters.

Explain how this is cringe, this is clearly a mad cunt having a good life.

I think the 3x rick and morty shirt in combination with the mcdonalds gift card is more cringe than the legos.

>mad cunt
Hello Australian

oh yeah thats wonderful thanks

Those shoulders, huge feet, big hands, masculine build. Fucken kek just fuck dudes u Faggot quit with this mentally ill shit of feminzing men.

>triggered niggerloving kike
Someone's triggered

>having 'shitting myself' on any shirt in any context and then wearing it
Does that help?

Everything I said is true though.
>posting pedo Joe
Reported to the FBI

the only important adult lego fans are Bionichads, the rest are virgins

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I look forward to reading your sources then.

>Everything I said is true though.
It's not though.

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Attached: EHXbjkwXUAMkWWi.jpg (775x960, 75K)

Attached: 1538083691506.png (480x560, 279K)


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i bet shes gonna wonder why he keeps his shirt on generally in most situations

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Shame, the face is spot on.

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that sucks

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Yeah our parents taught us to not get close to creepy dudes

absolute genuine gold

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fucking lost
is the whole goddamn USA really that autistic

How the fuck a hydra supposed to apply rouge you faggit

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Attached: H5Nxp.jpg (780x782, 190K)

Attached: 6865.jpg (637x902, 171K)

translate nao

>ugly as sin
>patchy beard
wow, you actually did this to yourself, fake boi

Attached: 1553254783867.jpg (802x840, 234K)

Just faceapp you nincompoop

Holy shit, Comic Sans.... CRINGE

does look shooped tho

it would be if it wasn't fucking permanent

Stfu europoor

what an attempt.. feel free to try again

Suck my ass you fucking ameritard.

Attached: 80A89A72-E5A6-429E-AA07-8AE5A27F7610.jpg (659x588, 100K)

>coverup tat

Attached: 1547003569114.jpg (1280x720, 113K)

this isnt ylyl :(

Lol pussy

google says "nah in my fucking room on my fucking clothes"

lol edgy

Top notch.

Attached: 1578428956119.jpg (476x399, 69K)

tbh if it wasn't in the context of Cred Forums i probably wouldnt've noticed.

That’s exactly what I thought.
Now a Steve-o tattoo of yourself on your back is fing hilarious, but your own name? Gay af. Also the last one is grammatically terrible.

Why is this so funny, im dying

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>saving grace
It's not like the EC is a fringe aspect of the American election process or a fuckin hail mary call a friend lifeline on some retarded British gameshow. It is one of the very things that defines America as a Democratic Republic and not an actual Democracy. The popular vote is arguably far less relevant and the 2016 election was the perfect example of precisely that.

Attached: Stats+loser+10+deviant+15+_834ec23e5ce9fae9a7d979869b78a7b5.jpg (367x500, 26K)

Attached: eb0Faey.jpg (658x461, 43K)

Attached: 1fdf6087b63293224528f0e0069c885a5d9a0711_hq.jpg (768x1024, 125K)

Attached: 06272e579d95163f24e1c8a4dcb7452b.jpg (432x768, 52K)

Attached: does-your-mom-know-youre-keeping-that-sword-around.jpg (500x666, 70K)

Attached: 478Q1ye52fQXKa73dhEUVWI9qH6PCeAs-iA9e33IOKA.png (639x960, 1.11M)

Attached: D-KubgvXUAIsBsH.jpg (240x240, 14K)

im not even clicking that shit

link, now

>>What do you think about ____

The I'm so fat I rule the world through sheer megalomania vibe wears thin after a few songs.

>>Men wearing maekup

OK for actors & disfigured.


Pretty young girls should find a nice man and settle down.

>>Black Lives Matter

Not to other Black people.


Commie terrorists.

>>Greta Thunberg

Good luck to her, but NOT person of the year material.

>>Me Too

Those angels we call women should only be approached by men they're attracted to.

>>LGBT characters in children's TV show

The Degenerate Freak Mafia must die.


I'd do her.


Only between consenting adults.


Withhold them from Africa


Better to kill a kid than enslave me for 18 years.

getting lonely, getting old

If it weren't for the fedora, I would have passed this off as him fucking around at some type of play or something, looks like people are dressing up in the background. But with it you can def tell he owns them and brought them in himself and is the typical "I spent years training" only to drop it trying to show off.

Jesus go outside and get laid.

fukken saved

I hope this isn't real, that poor child is fucked

yea this

Strange world we live in

it's not strange, it's retarded

there's a difference

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Yo !

Attached: 1403126265740.jpg (640x960, 121K)

Attached: Dachshund-2-645mk062311.jpg (645x380, 71K)

Attached: 1403126318641.png (499x562, 592K)

Attached: 1410999244287.jpg (472x840, 92K)

Attached: 1403126830094.jpg (500x667, 49K)

Attached: 401-spongebob-face.jpg (358x239, 54K)

Attached: 1403126721815.jpg (1280x960, 341K)

Attached: 33545a5.jpg (750x806, 83K)

>Spanking bad
>Abortion ok
What cunts

not at all, these pics are of the shrill minority


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Still would smash

Kek, that's actually based.

>Yes, unjust shit happens. It just happens to whites more.
Just because of the increased scrutiny by police I'd say that's not true, I couldn't go a day with an expired tags when i lived in the ghetto during college, now it simply never comes up that I forgot to put my sticker on this year.

not cringe i actually chuckled.

1. Don't know who that is.
2. I support traps.
3. I support doing what is right for women, which is maintaining a functioning society with strong gender roles.
4. Fuck cops.
5. Too communist to not be retarded.
6. Don't give a shit, won't be manipulated by an underage mouthpiece.
7. Hunt down and prosecute rapists if you have the evidence that you were actually raped, fuck off if you don't.
8. Depends entirely on how they're used; 99% of them are virtue signalling/brainwashing bullshit.
9. Don't give a shit.
10. Every time I doggystyle my GF.
12. Yeetus that fetus.

Why are cringe threads becoming such shit
>no Christian chan. JustinRPG
>Pretty much no anime/photoshopped fag edits
>no FOAM video
>No balogne tongue
>no classic deviant art cringe
>no King cuck


to be fair if you're off the rails enough to chop off your balls, nothing in life can stop you

except maybe misused pronouns

He can't even take the trash out

>Medically bimbofied
Bitch looks like a knock off Darth Maul, that ain't no bimbo

>500 yards
>Fake handgun
ok bud

Then contribute

Lizzo deez nuts

>plays horde
explains everything honestly

More fragile than the trannies. Actually I regularly see trannies on here with much thicker skin than the wannabe nazies.

What's the matter faggot? Jews clip the tip of your dick off?

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Attached: 1423007827723.jpg (512x768, 70K)

Attached: united_states_marine_corps_by_apso5-d5ff055.png (796x1070, 456K)

Attached: 1423009341993.jpg (900x1100, 345K)

Attached: 20130715 - The Cringe Club - Bronies 001.png (720x604, 414K)

Because only ancientfags remember, Cred Forums is full of the newfag generation now and us ancientfags were pushed out to /s4s/ and /r9k/

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Whatever bro, you're the one jerking off to those blacked threads

She’s also ate someone’s diabetes

He’s balding

He can bring multiple swords to school and I cant get within 100 yards of the property? Bullshit

>He can bring multiple swords to school and I cant get within 100 yards of the property

I feel as if there's a story behind that. Willing to share?

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Well done sir


Fake or not..

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