Why do Liberals often attack Conservative Christians in America, but feel simpathy for Muslims...

Why do Liberals often attack Conservative Christians in America, but feel simpathy for Muslims? Are Liberals aware that Islam and Liberalism aren't similar?
Are you Liberals fucking retarded in your head?Defending this violent creatures but hating on Trump supporters every single fucking day.

Fucking disgusing, you make me sick Liberals, you are no better than them.

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They dont have to put up with muslims writ large. They mostly know those that have rich families and have western values mainly.

Theyre taught that the vast majority of muslims are normal people with similar values to themselves who are fully able to assimilate with western culture. They also believe that people should be free to practice their religion. They're not big on nuance.

Bait line, everyone past this line is a fucktard and everyone else should reply to them telling them they are a fucktard.

The ones that always blow my mind are the Islamic feminists/queer activists/gay activists. The only way I can explain it is the appropriation of another identity to move up the progressive stack.

To be fair, all Abrahamic faiths have got to go. They're a blight.
But this question is easy; 99.999% of the muslims running here are running away from the Fundamentalists
Conservative Christians are becoming Fundamentalists. Not that hard to understand OP, stop being a faggot.

It's more that us Liberals think you are both just as stupid and retarded. And since we have to put up with your shit that also means we have to put up with their shit.

Although I'm wath you call a realist liberal, I'd prefer you both to be dead, but since that's not an option, you both get to be stupid.

I am an atheist liberal, but I get forced to defend Islam because the attacks on it are idiotic like you. For instance, maybe you can make a case Wahabists are inherantly violent, but you ignorant fucktards don't seem to be aware that Sufism is a branch of Islam, and it's wicked stupid to say they're violent. Also, most Muslims don't take their religion any more seriously than most Christians do, so it's unfair to judge. I'd rather hang out with a normal Muslim than a Westboro Baptist, and I'd rather hang out with an Episcopalian than a fucking member of ISIS. Please, please, please stop making me defend irrational beliefs.


theres only one branch of islam because it already branched off from judaism its not hard to grasp... unless your a liberal i guess


The soul that denies true love as its motto
Were better unborn; its existence is dishonour.
So be drunk with love, for love is all there is.
Unless you deal with love, the way to God is closed. -Rumi

Oh, I didn't realize you were LITERALLY retarded.


Your fucking bait thread was over before it started, chief.

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>autistic samefag

So, why are the different branches (that don't exist) always killing each other?

I'll give you a no-bullshit response. The reason why liberals are always at odds with conservative Christians is because the latter is always trying to do shit to further their own interests at the expense of other groups.

Liberals don't care about actual justice or being critical of other cultures when they are absolute shit. Because liberals need all inclusivism so that they can make money off of everyone while making sure the sad rich whites don't get upset that Muhammad doesn't get a turn :(

just because you lost the argument liberal

because they have no food or resources so they fight like dogs all the time


Go get educated at Khan Academy for free, dipshit.

I feel like we'd respect the right wing more if so many weren't "those guys"

Yeah, but they've always been those guys. Being those guys is the definition of right wing just like irrational belief is the definition of religion, INCLUDING ISLAM by the way.