Draw Thread: Uuhh shut up and give me money edition

Draw Thread: Uuhh shut up and give me money edition.

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> Just an old dollar.

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Requesting these 3 women from The Fairly Odd Parents with cookies inside their pussies as in the picture.

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taking reaquests

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Fuck off

/r/ fuck you

my boy fu from nmh

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requesting this monkey dude ima fighting stance with fire around him

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Griffith from Berserk as a goat, please.

Those two guns are not the same.


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Fuck off



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Fuck off

Neat. This is indeed a Griffgoat. Should have specified with Griff gear too.
This is my fault. I will give myself 30 lashes as punishment.

Debil and bb fucking


Requesting lesbian sex action with the gals in pic related.

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Requesting this mermaid going titjob in knight

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Requesting my gal getting creampied.

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>Draw my weird fucked up request PLZ!!!!!!!!!!11111

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Fuck off

Thanks, rider.

Requesting the girl in pic related getting fucked by enemy soldiers after losing a battle please.

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Draw your persona doing the reaction of pic related.

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Hyp's ability is to put people to sleep, so requesting him using his ability to put Reimu asleep and then fuck and impregnate her

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Fuck off

thank ya very much.

now do my other requests.

Requesting her getting a loving belly rub

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Requesting a prequel where she gets impregnated by a dog. Have her in a knot lock like the right image

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There hasn't been any weird shit yet.

Fuck off


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Requesting any of these 2 lolis being sodomized as in this reference

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Top kek. Thanks Rider.


Hey ride, I know you don't like furry but I know you will love this. Requesting a hunter having a dead adult Babs Bunny (far left) hanging from her hands naked with two bullet holes in her stomach. Maybe have a hunter in the pic saying he been hunting "wabbits."

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> : (

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Fuck off

kill yourself pedo.

Requesting a conjoinment of Palutena and Pit like in the reference. Their fused form would have both penis and vagina

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Hunters don't shoot rabbits though. They snare them and snap their necks.

Requesting Provo snapping Smug's neck before skinning her and turning said skin into a nice hat.

>Hunters don't shoot rabbits though. They snare them and snap their necks.
Tell that to Elmer Fudd. Anthros require a different approach.

Commit suicide, abusefag

Fudd was a mentally retarded baby faced faggot pussy originally. Then he went insane.
You saying an insane pussy is going to do things by the book? Fuck no. He's going to shoot up the woods trying to kill this one rabbit! Until a duck shows up and confuses the issue and he becomes the hunted.

Requesting the female busty feral Dolphin Bomber on a human in the Cowgirl position. Don't confuse it with the reverse ciwgirl position.

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As if going by the book applies for an intelligent humanoid rabbit that is larger than normal rabbits.

Elmer Fudd was & still is my favorite Looney Tunes character.

Watch his original appearance and be glad he got the personality tweak he did. While he may not be tops in my opinion (Buggs channeling Groucho and/or Wile E. Coyote can fight it out for that position) he's still pretty great.

You sure you're not just on an acid trip and THINKING that Groucho Marx is a rabbit and this big headed bloke is out to get him?


ist THIS, abusefag?
or is THIS abusefag?

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Fuck off

No. I'm not THE abusefag. I'm just a fag who wants to see Smug abused. Because, correct me if I'm wrong, that's what Smug is for.

I don't know where the fuck to find His original appearance, I tried alot. I agree with though, Bugs Bunny is too intelligent.

I think I found a lot of the OG cartoons on Youtube a while back. No idea if they're still there or not.

And it's more that Fudd is too retarded. Buggs is a cocky fucker. Would be very very easy to lay a trap for him. A bear trap. Let's see him weasel his way out of that by wearing a dress.

Need a froslass with shoulders, tits and a katana.

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Requesting a pantyless girl Fry presenting her butt and pussy like in the reference

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Requesting the female busty feral Dolphin Bomber on a human in the Cowgirl position. Don't confuse it with the reverse cowgirl position.

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Kek. Thanks! Love how you did Fudd.

well, here you go,
but let me correct you, since it's what you also want

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Fuck off

Could you call me daddy too?

Rider, I'm a different user but xan you color the rabbit & remove the bows to be Bugs Bunny?

Requesting Jeffrey Dahmer making himself a sandwich, please.

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Fuck off

>different user
okay samefag.

Now do it with that ugly bitch from the Goofy movie.

Edit request
Requesting digitize, coloring and Better lineart of this drawing.

References: s1.desu-usergeneratedcontent.xyz/trash/image/1575/75/1575757716159.jpg

Game -> youtube.com/watch?v=Q3csBve9jpc

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Can you make a futa version with her foreskin removed?


Can it be said that furry artists are furry artists because they fail at drawing proper anatomy?
Those faces... just.... oof.



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>tfw I'm a priest now
>tfw I molested Provo as a child.
This is lore now. I, a priest of the church of Cred Forums has declared it.

Fuck off

Sorry bud, no (you)s on my end.

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Not exclusively. But it can be said that more liberty is taken into their work.

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>Says the dog fucker

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I'm sure there's some out there that are capable as legit artists. But it always seems like they can't draw hands, so they draw stylized paws. They can't draw faces. So they draw stylized snouts. And so on, and so forth.

obvious samefag
literally kill yourself.

you talk like a real rockstar, you must ve right. no cringe at all, go on.
are you just saying muh style? huh? huh?

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Fuck off

Well, no. explained it well already.

>tfw rookie numbers are beyond your grasp
I'd >tfw projecting
But... you don't actually want to kill yourself... do you?

More of a Monster man myself. but thanks!

>Rookie numbers guy was shadow
What kind of autism is this?

Right. Because it HAS to be that you're right and not clearly insane.
>tfw I'm now a dogfucker
>tfw I no longer have anything to lose

>projecting this hard

>implying I'm not on my way to his house right now to violate his chocolate starfish.
I can smell your jealousy from here.

>still projecting

The term is LARP.
Better luck next time.

Penis merchants. Vagina peddlers. Ass traffickers.

I don't know why, but i'll tell you this.

This site has nothing to offer anybody. There is no quality content here you cannot get more quickly and efficiently elsewhere. This is an addiction which reduces your productivity, attention span, and free time. You are becoming more bitter, narrow minded, haughty, and old. Leave now and block this site. There is nothing here but a slow, lonely suicide.

People do not have arguments here. Posters do not engage one another on key points, they nitpick with greentext and mock each other. Nobody is interested in the truth; people are battling for fleeting moments of superiority. Active commenters are loud jackasses who tumble into one internet fight after another, anxiously keeping ten tabs open to ensure they keep the last word in all of them. An insightful post is one in ten thousand, and no matter how hard you filter this place you are still searching for diamonds in a garbage dump.

This place is not making you happy. You are not having fun. You are not drawing for practice, learning, or growing as a person. And you are most certainly not making an audience or name for yourself. Instead you chuckle every thirty minutes and are occasionally spurred to masturbation by libidinal posts or drawings. You are addicted to readily available information and pressure free social interaction. This place is slowly poisoning you with misogyny, narcissim, a false dichotomy surrounding normalfags, and insecurity.

Any form of "art" here is a joke. Any drawings posted here is a waste. If you post here with intent of making a fanbase, you already lose.

I'm not telling you to b urself. I'm not telling you to go outside. I'm not even telling you to make friends. Just leave Cred Forums. Do anything else.

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>Being this obsessed over weirdos on Cred Forums
New much?

>newfag calling other people newfags
Nothing new here.

>he doesnt know
dont tell him

/r/ her raped

>Defending a spambot
I'd type yikes. But.... nah.

No need to.

Messed up.

Yeah. That's why I didn't.
Sheesh. Smooth brains. i tell ya....

Requesting any of these scenarios but with this little cleopatra i.imgur.com/REszwRY.jpg please


Fully naked being a total bitch at a glory hole:
she torturing a poor and innocent dick. Please draw her grabbing the balls of his victim in a way that he can't escape meanwhile she is trying to get the last cum drop from his dick(as when you want get the last ounce of a empty toothpaste) That or she just inserting her index finger into victim's uretha to ruin the orgasm when he cums, all this meanwhile she is grabbing and pulling the scrotum of his victim to prevent he escape.

Getting sodomized by a Roman soldier. Draw her expressing with her face the pain she is suffering for being sodomized by an adult penis(remember, she is just like 9 year old)

Posing exactly as reference(same pose and angle). With 3/4 parts of this pharaoh cane into her anus. Draw her fully naked but keep the stuff on her head and her choker

Hoping you have a Fang-tastic week !

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/r/ Shirley Sunshine in either one of the two poses below

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Don't have a pp

The question still. Vaginal lips can be removed, you know.


I didn't need that mental image.

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Can you draw pic related but with her and a guy inserting his middle finger rigth into her vagina and she sobbing for being deflowered in this stupid way?

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I'm going to request more Pipsy soon but it'll be different & more specific so I get mouse coochie.

aint feelin it brotha

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just answer the question

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requesting big titty nepeta

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>user farts the chinese national anthem in an attempt to summon Sam