My cousin turned 21 today! Thoughts?

My cousin turned 21 today! Thoughts?

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Happy birthday!

The sour face is strong in your family

Fat hogg

Thank you! She’s having a wonderful time relaxing and eating lots of cake

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Lol i got it too.

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That pool really needs a fence around it for safety reasons.

are they living in some kind of shit ass motel?

She’s not that fat

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I'd hook that sow up to an industrial milking machine and make a nice buttercream frosting from her milkies.

It’s an Airbnb. Sarah’s family is actually rich.

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Thank you

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Looks like a thot. I bet you fantasize about her being fucked by bigger, stronger men, user

If they are living in some sort of shit ass motel, I wonder what she'd do for $100?

What does that have to do with needing a fence? Just a few seconds user. Just a few seconds.

so they are so rich they Air B&B'd a shit ass motel?

Those arms are chunky as fuck

That’s insane man

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She’ll get incredibly fat in the next 2-3 years

Um why would i?

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She'll be 300lbs after she's bred a few times.

Your comments are appreciated

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She really doesn’t have to be bred yet...

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Yes, why not?

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Fuck you.

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That's a pretty good deal for $100

Symptom of incest and sexual abuse ..

Time to get her wasted and jizz on her tits.

Based on this pic, middle age is not going to be kind to her.

I would be lucky to end up with someone half as nice op

She's 21 so her metabolism is peaking, good luck with that body in 10, 20 years. Not to mention if she breeds.

Gonna be a fatty boombalatty for sure

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Nice tits. You ever see them.

nigger,now make her gain 200 pounds cause she would look good fat

Got pics of her nude. ?

Ever asked to see her tits etc. Or cum un her food..

This. You can see these girls who are on the brink in their 20s, and those are the ones who are going to go downhill HARD as they get older.

You can tell she put on 25+ pounds by how large her arms are and her face shape in other photos. What a fat ugly whore.

Id be motorboating them tatas so hard you could make it back to the states from the Dominican withou flying

many women i know once they hit 21 and can legally buy drinks, thats when they get really fat. most party girls from high school that i know are all much fatter now.

which is fine because that is my fetish.

"Eating lots of cake"

No kidding.

I watched it happen to an old neighbor over the course of a few years. I would have given her $1000 to sit on my face when she was 20. She turned 21 and went out and got drunk a few times per week + eating fast food late at night she gained at least 50lbs over 2 years. She lost it all and got into great shape and then got knocked up without knowing who the father is. Now since giving birth she looks 10 years older.

I'd definitely buy her a pack of cigarettes

Definitely a slut, go get her nudes from someone who fucked her

Is her name Sarah...

or Renee, like the name tag sticker on her pocket book says?

Either which way, she's a very attractive young lass in my book. And damn, what a set o' tiddies...

She EASILY could have been a 7-8, maybe even hotter, if she bothered to exercise a bit.

It boggles my fucking mind. She could have guys worship her and women admire her all over the goddamn place, but she'd rather stuff her mouth with cake (or whatever these people choose to snack on daily)

It's really obvious she has no willpower or character at all, if she willingly throws all that away for some food-induced endorphin rushes. How fucking infuriating, and disgusting.

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whose the chick with braces? she's way cuter than the dress barn plus-sizer on the left

>It's really obvious she has no willpower or character at all, if she willingly throws all that away for some food-induced endorphin rushes

No, she's an emotional mess. Turning to food for comfort is a sign of an underlying mental illness ... depression, fear, anxiety, self-loathing, whatever. So she needs a diet AND several years of therapy to avoid her land-whale future. Good choice, user!

Donald Trump stands at 6 foot 3 inches!

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Easy to see the person who lives their life based on other people's opinions. Saying she is throwing it all away, who the fuck cares what other people think? Enjoy your life watching other people's instagram and mindlessly following, all the while not realizing no one gives a shit about you.

She's probably getting enough attention/dick rn that she doesn't even care, thats the bad part of being an attention driven slut. So long as people give you attention you neglect your own flaws