Loli x toddler 2020

loli x toddler 2020
vote for freedom

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Mice spread

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Mmmf so puffy~

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Yes, imagine the taste.

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Disguised Loli discord

I had a fucked up childhood and molested another kid by the time I was 6, how about you anons?

Look at this grown-up, totally not loli Roll ch-Caskett

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God descended down from the heavens and touched my PP

Is that why you joined the force?

Tell me more about it please, user.

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for Cred Forums

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When I was 6 a loli touched my pp

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why are they shooped to have black skin?

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to troll blackedfags

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what force?

Pedo babysitter made me touch a loli who was 2 or 3 at the time. Guy ironically worked at a pizza place


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Yesss and spread around my cock~

Pedos need to die getting raped to death by Nazis just before they're shot in the head.

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police force, officer

Trump kicked out the last living nazi last year dude

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nah I thought there was a cool loli force I was missing though

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The loliforce is the successors to Chris Hanson

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This is the guy who donated a million dollars to save sadpanda

did you wanna know anything else user or did you die?

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reminds me of showering with loli cousins/nieces (no pedo obvi)

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nice combo

Anyone on wickr?

no, officer


unironically isn't lewd imo

They're jerking off a hard penis with their thighs lets not pretend things aren't what they are

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no cum = not lewd

lol ok

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this isn't lewd either, they aren't even having sex


Now THIS is lewd

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Just ask if hes a cop, they gotta answer with the truth :^)

It's true I heard that in a movie one time

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i'm gay

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wow me 2

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>ywn do this to user

we can do it to each other while reading loli doujins

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looks like they're just showering with their dad? dude isn't even rock hard so??

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>used to put loli/lolicon/etc in my omegle interests to talk to people about it (mostly childhood experiences)
>omegle removed the option and now I can only talk here
sad :(

Wouldn't balls be in the way?

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Same, still like loli though. Possibly shaped by my experiences from when I was a kid

I'm sure we'd work it out

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muh dick

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of course, as soon as I get enough time to post
I get another call, ugh

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I bet we could both still read it if you fucked my ass instead

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gotta run

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Damnit now I actually got turned on

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any nekkid lolis not getting fucked? nudistfag (irl) here and I just appreciate the beauty

>they gotta answer with the truth
>they always gotta obey the law
>they can never falsify information

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You can find plently on google

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what do you mean?


Oh I thought you meant 3D kids, my bad

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nah, I see plenty of 3d kids irl already and loli is much better, though I do wonder what the context of your pic is

where can i find more like this?

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No idea of the context but the character is Mitsudomoe if my memory isn't failing me

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So jelous I wish I could join~

from* Mitsudomoe

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very cute girl. anyone else here into nudism? irl or otherwise I guess. seems like most guys I meet are hella gay about it

blow your knees out pedophile

I like casual nudity but it's definitely sexual for me

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Don't really like nudism, mostly because I wouldn't be able to keep my dick down aruond kids and that wouldn't be very good news for my future.

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Only if it’s nude kids

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nice pussy

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What a good girl~

not even deserving of a (You)

I can respect that I guess. I grew up as one and got diamonds around puberty around naked girls (and nobody gave a shit) but its definitely not alright now.

Sorry to hear that user. You should try it if you get the chance. You never know.

Yeah personally I don't like going to place that are kids free. Mainly because they are more degenerate.

fucking retarded weebs placing text in totally fucked order

it's ok, I mean to end it all most soon anyhow who gives a shit NOT ME

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feel better soon

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There's no way I wouldn't get a boner. I don't feel like dying yet.

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Right, nudity is for indoors and away from civilization

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You can cover it, most people will be somewhat understanding if you don't flaunt it. Or you could wear shorts. Makes me wonder how you'd deal with something like . Do you chub up when you see girls naked at home? Or shirtless or just in panties? Or even diapers I suppose

you don't touch it and hope it goes away

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Attached: lolibooru 203096 blonde_hair blush censored cowgirl_position girl_on_top highres moma navel nipples (920x1280, 128K)

I get erect with fully clothed girls in a bus if they're cute enough. I have a shoulder bag so I can use that to cover it, I suppose it's obvious enough if you're paying attention but so far no one has sucker punched me. At home I can usually cover it by positioning it right inside the pants.

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Clearly you just need a friend that can jerk you off real quick.

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Wickr femanon87

I doubt you can find shit there

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I have the same problem, it's so annoying, that's why I don't even dare to go to the pool or beaches, because I know I'll see kids and I know my dick won't fucking calm down

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You gotta face your problems head on user. Although the last time I went to a semi private pool (public but just for the community) there was a younger loli naked so...pick your battles.

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Attached: lolibooru 218474 afterimage age_difference bar_censor brown_hair cum_in_mouth deepthroat feral_lemma (1287x1800, 1.1M)

Attached: lolibooru 148425 cum_on_body cum_on_breasts cum_on_upper_body large_breasts mother_and_daughter mult (950x1457, 407K)

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I'm not going to take that risk

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Hello fellow loli lovers, Count here.

Day 58 of my "draw lolis for 100 days in a row". I need to get remotivated, so gimme prompt and I'll do my fucking best to draw sometihing decent

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Won't it be weird when you have kids? Do you feel the same about boys or nah?

I probably won't have kids, no I don't feel the same about boys.

Attached: 1481329791950.jpg (800x718, 163K)

Not him. I think it's very unlikely I'll have kids. I suppose this is a common sentiment but specially in my case it's looking hopeless. Anyway for daughters I would hope the westermarck effect kicks in. I don't feel that way with boy at all.

Attached: 1499386113049.png (800x1120, 284K)

How would you hypothetically feel about having daughters? I guess you could let your sons be naked to their hearts content with no foul

Looks like you and me have a lot in common, I am too fucking autistic and will probably never have sex or a wife.

Attached: 1446833490854.jpg (1141x1600, 437K)

Interesting. You could always desensitize yourself to nudity starting with boys. Maybe we can file for a grant or some shit for our research.

No fucking idea how I'd feel, I'll see if it happens

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I was/am autistic and fucked a girl enough for a baby to come out user. I believe in you

Thing is I'm already 30 so I'm getting doubtful

Attached: 1543537001233.jpg (835x1213, 615K)

I'd let you put a baby in me if I was a girl user.

Attached: 75186734_p0.jpg (992x1443, 652K)

> just in panties? Or even diapers

this is way more sexual than fully naked imo

>loli x something
When you shitposted so much that actual loli posters are gone and you barely hit thread limit with ~20 posters.

depends but it can be sure

Attached: 4e24783a82452c376f4bff4eaa67f5f8.jpg (409x877, 58K)

Yeah I was under 18 when it happened and now I'm a single dad. Your options might be stepdad or some shit but they are still there

Indeed, same issue here, late 20s, have not spoken to anyone outside of work of parents in 10 years. I had the good luck to have some talent at what I do and despite that I'll probably be dead in a couple of years.

Attached: 1558970921451.jpg (1744x2444, 251K)

you have any contact info?

For her mom or what?

Damn we are really similar, I haven't talked to anyone outside family since the end of high school over 10 years ago, what's your range? Mine is 5-10.

Attached: 1446898039202.png (1047x837, 1.43M)

For you silly I just wanted to talk more lol

Like on another website or some shit? Then sure. But I'm not gonna give out my number or some dumb shit like that

obviously lol, do you have a kik or telegram?

>I'll probably be dead in a couple of years.
Why? Cancer?

I can go from 3-14, but my favorite is 7-12.

Attached: 1548977736435.png (856x788, 1007K)

Maybe carbon monoxide or something like that, I've heard it's relatively painless.

Attached: 1575760219722.jpg (648x881, 84K)

Nah the only place I've talked about lolis with people is omegle. Feels weird to set up an account to hide it

holy shit user this was pretty much my only loli experience irl im dying

>Nah the only place I've talked about lolis with people is omegle
kek, what a fucking loser

Attached: lmao.jpg (256x256, 8K)

Opioid overdose is best death. Body left behind is largely fine. You get a unsurpassed feeling of contentment until you stop breathing. Family can say it's an accident instead of a suicide.

Gotta feel bad about our lives, we're gonna die virgin, never knowing the pleasure of little girls, won't have daughters or anything, all while shitposting on an imageboard.

Attached: 1532193097945.jpg (850x1200, 503K)

i was abused at the age of 6 by two different men that didnt know each other , one convinced me it was a game and the other one just straight up put me against a wall , pulled my pants off and fucked my ass while putting is hand in my mouth so i could not scream.

I didnt feel shit actually , no pleasure , no pain. By the time i actually believed it was just a game and then i went insane later on when i knew what it really was.

Now with schizoprenia , but not because of the sex but because of the fear of "what happens if someone knows? they will call me gay and will bully me every single day in school , neighborhood and if mom finds out it gonna be a complete mess , probably will appear on TV and will be forever remembered as the raped kid"
The paranoia keep growing until i started to hear things and see things.

Kind of a shitty experience , wasnt even able feel good or bad while having gay sex desu

I've heard that has a high risk of failure. I'm kind of jealous of chemists, they must know lots of ways to go.
Well, it's not all bad. Loli provides a lot of enjoyment while this lasts.

Attached: 1558252823772.png (600x861, 530K)

Not molested or anything, just a pretty hard childhood, no friends, hit by kids all the time, always alone and shit, it didn't help.

>Loli provides a lot of enjoyment while this lasts
Yep, but still we can't even fap to what we truly want

Attached: 1543539632317.jpg (725x1024, 56K)

>ll we can't even fap to what we truly want
Nice try FBI

If you say so? I'm fine talking about whatever but making an account to talk about it seems like a chore I'd be fine with talking on omegle now if whoever that was wanted to, but I got shit to do later so you better respond quick

How is that FBI worthy, I haven't done or said anything illegal

Attached: 1536192293806.png (1024x850, 1.26M)

you're a pathetic friendless incel loser

you can literally just walk up to anyone and talk to them about lolis

Old loli thread actually a loli thread with a lot of posters and actual discussion.

This thread a cespool of mentally autistic people with schizophrenia developed as pedos.

You fucked up.
Stop glowing so hard or they'll fire you

Imagine going at your workplace and they give you a fully spec gaming laptop filled to the brim with "loli porn" and your only job is to bait autistic fags on an imageboard.

How the fuck do I apply for this job, because I already do that for free.

This one's based off a real image.

Here's my wickr and discord, Mr Officer.
Wickr KYSglowie
Discord KillAllGlowniggers #1337

You were gonna ask for it sooner or later anyways

hmm, i got a green text. anyone interested?

Attached: 1580596343307.jpg (933x879, 234K)

>not a single post talk about the FBI until 5min ago
Are you trying to pretend you're not a samefaggot trying to ruin loli threads for months now? Anyway I'm ignoring you now.

Attached: 1537057187630.jpg (900x486, 191K)

I feel you user. Having lolifriends has kept me sane.

Attached: 74939834_p0.png (1592x2000, 1.14M)

That's right, you better fuck off and never come back here, Mr. Officer.


can you retards fuck off and stop arguing? I spent my lifetime lewd limit on my childhood with lolis and I'm gonna die without any contact with a girl, so just let me enjoy the god damned thread

Literally just go out and talk to a girl you pathetic retarded incel

Attached: 4h.jpg (1200x351, 45K)

You're a slightly less pathetic friendful, sex-having loser. We all die alone and in pain user.

Attached: 1558610154001.jpg (1007x1200, 142K)

Don't let it get you down user, there will always be more loli threads

Attached: 65747188_p0.jpg (1000x1000, 326K)

Tell that to the guy that keeps shitposting without even posting any loli pic.

Attached: 1537043365215.jpg (800x454, 163K)

I used all my game before I turned 12 but nice reading comprehension

Plz where to get

Think before replying retard

Attached: 1576930054895.jpg (645x729, 57K)

Love that artist

Attached: 1476592726987.jpg (900x507, 235K)

Stop samefagging

more cunt boy plz

Ah a fellow patrician.

Attached: 5270fda5a6a42a3677a070c229d9016e.jpg (1000x950, 111K)

Not ok

Attached: 4L_nIsSKG48.png (720x400, 434K)

Two people can't like the same artist?

Attached: 1560460510778.jpg (900x529, 234K)

Attached: 1529130199843.jpg (800x1000, 174K)

Damn those are some sexy fucking pantsu.

Would you sniff them?

Attached: 1548753492221.jpg (750x1000, 159K)

>police have to answer with the truth

only stoners think that

I'd suck her scent out of every fiber of the cotton then use them as my personal cumrag forever.

do you guys think something like this could happen?

>IPS babies
>girls still needs males somehow
>the lust makes them so wet it comes out like piss
>there has to be a special class to cure their lust by being dicked until they pass out

I remember an old show called duckman that made something about it too , like all the girls got half of the city and the other half was for males , the girls could not leave without males and tried their best to find things to replace them but finally couldnt do it.

Attached: 03.jpg (1230x1821, 520K)

I know that feel user, kiddy pantsu is the best.

I still remember the first one I smelled. It was the most heavenly smell that ever pierced my nose.

Attached: 1526679985491.jpg (600x840, 107K)

3 lolis sleeping in one bed

The fucking truth. I get diamond hard at just the memory.
>tfw no loli to provide me daily freshly used pantsu

Attached: 7fbde63159ddfe1b4c90b3c7d7c8ab02.png (600x986, 172K)

>no friends, hit by kids all the time, always alone
No one cares about you, no one loves you and people, even lolicons want you dead.
Write your manifesto about legalizing CP then commit an hero by mass shooting. Society fucked up and now is your time to shine.
Do it faggot.

Attached: 1548441452272.jpg (720x405, 44K)

No thanks, I'm not retarded yet, I have a job and I'm stable, just got no one to fuck and weird attraction

Attached: 1537043338013.jpg (900x496, 198K)

Why would he mass shoot instead of mass raping little girls?

Attached: sijimijiru3_17L.jpg (850x1100, 118K)

>>tfw no loli to provide me daily freshly used pantsu

Thats a shame, user. I have my own loli to provide me her fresh pantsu daily. I dont have to steal them anymore.

Life is good.

Attached: 60381104_p0.jpg (1000x1000, 295K)


Literally living the dream. I'm so jealous.
Godspeed pantsubro.

no you dont you lying nigger
post proof with timestamp

A loli sitting on a bench in a park in a sundress with her legs up on the bench showing her wet pink with a garter on one leg please.