At least my cat loves me :)

At least my cat loves me :)

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I know for sure that there are many people who loves you!

How sweet

yeah and nobody else

Alright now post your cock

Can you show more pics with your cat :)?

Everyone else thinks you’re a faggot

Cats are freeloading manipulative asskissers who will eat you before you even get cold after death.

I'm going to drench your cat in lighter fluid and throw matches at it for loving an obvious tranny.

Go away OP.

>Be you
> Never had a cat in your life that was yours at least.
> Think you know everything about cats.

Cats er very social very loving animals. My cat hasnt killed anything in the past like 12 years. Screams to open my door so he can come in just to give me a hug.

>Cats are freeloading

Which breed of dog pays rent?

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He already ran away

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Im not a tranny im a man

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I've owned cats in my life. He's kinda right... They are less social than dogs because by nature they are lone hunters and only stay together during meeting season. If they love you it's just Stockholm syndrome. He hasn't killed anything in 12 years because you haven't given him the opportunity. That hug is just to assure that he gets fed.

My German Shepherd paid me 200$ a month for room and board, idk what you're on about.

I mean he's half-right I've got 3 cats and only 1 shows that kind of affection

Ohhhh.... I will instead pet your cat, and give him a demeaning nickname to signify my affection.

I will call him cap'n Chunkers.

I just kinda assumed cause the shirt color, your manly yet girly hands, and the fact it kinda looks like you got lil titties but are skinny in the pic.

Carry on OP.

Sorry i dont have any more pics with him but its this bad boi :)

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wouldn't that make him two thirds right?

kys nigga

I'm sure more than just your cat loves you, not that a cat's love isn't enough.

As long as you can love you, then your life will be amazing.

Yeah, i was just showing example tho so please dont get into details :)

Dude is your name Casie or are you atleast from Chicago? If so, go back to Cred Forums faggot.

that cat looks so squishy

Not amerifag

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Hes pretty chubby

Tits and cock or GTFO!

Does my hand really look that girly? ;-;

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Das what's up. Good for you for not being an amerifag. it sucks ass here. And dude, your cat looks like a very jaded king just sitting on his throne surrounded by untold riches and wondering if any of it was worth it.
10/10 feline.

That and all your replies ..... are you gay? Not that there's anything wrong with that

Why am i back in this shithole again

Dont have tits

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I'll raise you one absolute unit.

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Is acting feminine really that bad? Its not like i hurt anyone and everybody says im gay

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Omg such a cutie

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post ass either way

aside from the wrist hair I'm pretty sure that if I jerked to that pic, it still wouldn't count as gay...

at least As far as Cred Forumstard logic goes.

I mean... I've seen flatter chicks with nips like that. Let your chest hair grow out, assuming you're not gay chicks love it. Assuming you are gay, bears are quote popular.

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Post ur first

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We're just asking it's the internet, to use your a random picture of a anime chick claiming to be a dude looking for love with his cat but if you're looking for a homie then call me a homiesexual

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would lick, no homo

And now the cock.

mine is all hairy and stinky, but I bet yours is smooth and smells like cherry blossom

you're cute as hell


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>Let your chest hair grow out
Nothing wants to grow there

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Not even close, ive got a lot of pimples (?)

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I love you, OP +

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Wawawaa my eyes are melting its so adorable

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These are also my cute boys, they love to sleep on bed

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You do you, I think it's just fine as long as you're enjoying it

Cats are so cute

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Cats are cool beans, and they're honest in their affections and when they want stuff.
You must also love yourself

Thank you :')

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Derpy boi hehe

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Girlfriend is almost always the on who feeds him not me. Cat can go outside whenever the fuck he likes he just doesnt feel like killing (he is also not fat so thats not the reason).

Your experience with cats might differ from mine but im telling you my cat is not a solo warrior that manipulates for food.

Also, Good doggo for paying rent. What a mad lad.