Why don't you support Nazism?

Why don't you support Nazism?

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Because I'm not a child.

no such thing
>national socialism
because fuck socialism.

I think on some level most of us do. We're just keeping it to ourselves till the time is right.

You post this every night, get ripped to shreds every night, and then come back the next day expecting people to be dumber.

Cringe thread.

Because I'm just racist not a socialist.

Cuz they don't exist since 1945? Fascism, on the other hand...

The nazis weren't socialist

>b-b-b-but it says socialist in the name!!1

Because it's irrational, like religions and chemtrail theories. Also, it's criminal.

You do know that they were at the forefront of privatizing industries that were nationalized during the Weimar Republic, right?

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>what is the national socialist movement

Because I'm not a beta.

Great ben Shapiro impression

because I don't like the uniform.

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We are.

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This. They weren't socialist but they knew that shit makes the sheep drool so they pretended they were. Classic dictatorial move.

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Did not know that.

>muh religion
Loosen your fedora.
Maybe in your country, Eurofag.

The DDR had "democratic" in the name.

Because modern progressivism fills all my needs for a totalitarian ideology based on hate

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I fucking hate now Nazis get used as a strawman of ANY side you don't like.

They just cherrypicked ideas to keep control and what Hitler believes.

Now every leftist says "Nazis lost because NATIONAL Socialism!"
and every rightist says "Nazis lost because National SOCIALISM!"

Name any progressive ideology that's totalitarian and based on hate

what did the guy expect?

All of them.

modern day germany

No one party's harder than the Nazi party.

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>what is copycatting
>what are honeypots
Nat-soc is a socio-political phenomenon that is locked within a specific time frame. One can make claims on "this and that" aspect of their policies and views, but they cannot be entirely genuine nat-soc since none of them witnessed the "Versailles humiliation" or the "Stab-in-the-back".

Because I'm black

Big IQ answers

>DDR standing for dance dance revolution, right?

Because I’m not a small dicked faggot

Because Chaplin memes are over 70 years old now fuck off my board pol
Every fucking year

because they lost and are small-minded

Nazi cunts fuck off

couldn't keep a empire for more than 20 years. they are losers in every sense of the word.

Hitler was just piggybacking on the popularity of Socialism. Nazi Germany wasn't socialist any more than the Deutsche Demokratische Republik was democratic.

More like every day. He posted this yesterday.

It's funny though because it doesn't cause a debate. NOBODY wants Nazis.

Even if you hate Jews, Nazis lost a war and fucked an economy. They also hated free speech which is literally Cred Forums's thing.

OP likely posts this so left and right people argue but we never fucking do.

hitler is a fucking loser.

fun fact hitler only had one testicle


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No it's not, the nsdap is a specific time and place, but many groups have taken the name "nazi" since the fall of the third reich.
But according to you I can't call them nazis despite the fact they are in a nazi party because it's post world war II

I'm 2% black according to 23andme. Don't waste your money on a DNA test, OP. I can tell you right now you are 100% niggerfaggot.

So you can't list an explain a single answer?


>"You're a nazi!"
>"You're not a real nazi."

But they also asserted state control over those industries, which was directly inspired by Mussolini's fascism, and Mussolini was heavily inspired by socialism.

Nazism doesn't involve workers taking control of the means of production, so it's not socialism in that sense. But neither do any real examples of socialist states, and the ideas behind all these totalitarian, centrally planned states all come from the same source. So even if your define socialism rigidly and exclude the Nazis, they're still closely related.

This is usually obscured in modern political thought because people are less concerned with actually tracing historical origins and real similarities than they are trying to associate repellent ideologies like Nazism or Communism with the other side of mainstream political debates. Which is silly, because all centrally planned totalitarian states are close kin.

Any of them.

Lots of black Nazi's they would rule the world right now if the jew hadn't spread lies about them. After a black man won the Olympics the Nazi's starting looking into black super solders right around the time all the anti Nazi propaganda started.

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Because I vote for Trump

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If it was the Nazis from the 1930s thru 40s, they would execute most of Cred Forums because of the following:
- Sexual deviants (pornography, masturbation)
- Thought/ ideological deviants
- Not married
- Not producing children
- Not working hard for the Reich
- Obese
- Mental handicap
- Physical handicap
- Drug use
- Not believing in the Socialist aims of the Reich
I have an existing physical condition that would doom me to the gas chamber if it was real Nazis OP was referring to and not the fat, redneck, trailer trash, saving the white race with meth and guns.

because I am not a trump voter.

So you can't explain a single list answer?

So you can't explain a single list answer?

Because my right arm would always hurt

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>gas chamber

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>because all centrally planned totalitarian states are close kin.
Not necessarily, since you could apply aspects of what counts as totalitarian to Absolute Monarchies, but ideologies like socialism, fascism, nat-soc have as their main source the French Revolution, which was anti-monarchy.

Also, the funny thing is that there are debates about whether or not Italy's Mussolini was actually Authoritarian or Totalitarian, which is ironic cuz Mussolini described it as Totalitarian. We need to rethink labels/concepts, tbh.

>Carl Lewis inspired Hitler

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This reply would cause a fucking riot on Cred Forums

>trump = nazi?
i think you are confused

Most likely you would've been prevented from reproducing if your illness was congenital.

I'm not the target demographic.
I am not weak, stupid or afraid.

Also I am a Slav. A better race, objectively, in every way. There will a race war, but you won't be winning it.


My penis is larger than a thimble so I’m not angry at the world

Well uh, I liked the first half of that reply.

Nah, we have to actually LEARN the labels/concepts at, you know, schools. ITT, people who haven't.

you sure do have a lot of confidence in your race when your race's country has a shit economy

you have to go back, back to the Cred Forums
seriously tho polster I go tp you guys when I want pol stuff. this is for fap stuff and rarely memes.

>what are SS foreign troops that had slavs in them

It's gay!

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I meant that in the context of Mussolini describing his movement as Totalitarian but certain pol-sci/internat. relations academics questioning that and wondering if it was in fact Authoritarian. I hate my humanities path since it all becomes so confusing.

Trust me I've tried. He gets insulted and rekt every fucking night but he's too poor at English to understand.

I'll give you monarchies, though I'd argue they're not really centrally planned states. While they did claim absolute prerogatives for the king in some instances, they were also highly distributed in others (e.g. the looser feudal systems), and were more about bringing the military under a single leader than directing the society and the economy from a central location. But there is definitely some practical overlap, even if they have different roots.

And you can't really have totalitarian without authoritarian, just like you can't have totalitarian without central planning.

Germans blew it in the 40's
Americans blew it in the 90's

>Cred Forums is for fap stuff and rarely memes
And I am the King of Cred Forums and I say memes and porn are cancelled.

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So you can't answer a list explain singly?

Because I stand by the murders of my grandfather. You bitches tried, but you fucking lost. Get over it.

Nazism is a retarded loser ideology.

>Also I am a Slav. A better race, objectively, in every way.
Slav is a root of "slave". You master race literally defined being someone else's bitches.

He was there were Black Nazi's, Jew Nazi's, White Nazi's, Asian Nazi's Italian Nazi's Aussie Nazi's. It would seem that diversity was the Nazi's strength.

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Nope, but to you of course a Jew.
But your porn addiction would get you the axe, after they work your obese body down to a skeleton.

winning militarily =/= winning ideologically
If the US lost the war against the Brits you would've been singing "God save the Queen" and thought it was the right thing.

It's less confusing if your realize ideologies are a web, not a tree. Look for who influenced whom, and look for connections, instead of trying to build family trees.

Too much totalitarianism and racism for my taste, OP.
But you're very cool for picking the classic movie villains as your role models. Very edgy and fresh.
Never done on Cred Forums before! Totally new idea.

Pic unrelated.

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>your porn addiction
>your obese body

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>My grandfather died in Auschwitz
>he fell from a guard tower

So it's right up your alley?

Trust me I'm with you. I'm sick of the bipartisan shit.

People always duel Communists versus Nazis like they're two champions of each side. It shows how little people even read.

>ideologies are a web, not a tree
I never thought I would find something useful on Cred Forums of all places. Thank you, user.

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Red vs Blue.

Both are gay & one is still genociding Arabs!

And the source of it all is central planning. That hideous conceit that I'm smarter than other people and the world would be better if I was given the power the run all their lives.

That's why I worry about the modern world, because while we're democratic and capitalistic, more and more people are being swayed by the idea that if we just gave the right people power, they'll fix everything. From there, it's not a long step to Mussolini, Hitler, or Stalin.

Yeah? Well guess what I'm not singing, Hans. Now excuse me while I eat a greasy cheeseburger and salute a framed photo of FDR.


You're welcome, it's something I really had to struggle with in biology, because since Darwin we've been indoctrinated to think in terms of lineal descent and trees. But that model gets blown of the water we start considering epigenetics, larval integration, horizontal gene transfer, and the vast majority of biological diversity (bacteria). And the same applies to ideologies.

Nazi-ism is gay, and so is liberalism, socialism, etc. I'm USA conservative, and there's truth to everything, but all us chimps take things too far.

I think white people pretty much lift up half the world, but I also don't think we should have racial prejudice in the government/laws. I think religion is fake and gay, but I don't think it should be banned (sans violent sand-niggers).

And let's be honest - The Ashkenazi Jews are the smartest homo sapiens on the planet as far as IQ is concerned (+15 points on average vs WHITE people!!). Everyone below them (ahem-all of us) hate on them the same way nigs hate on white people.

Racism is true, but the government shouldn't enforce it. Some African-Americans are stellar (even though MOST of them are chimps). That doesn't mean that I want to be near the dindu's at all. If I see a black person, usually I think 'mentally deficient/primitive', and I haven't been surprised enough to change that blueprint.

Nazis, SJWs, White Supremacists, it's all to narrow (overly JPEG'd blursed shit) an interpretation of the world. Think for yourselves.

This could be true, since I remember reading a book on fascism and its policies, one of which being a tax on celibacy (as a means of stimulating higher birth rates) and when I related this to a senior that lived during the communist era they said that it existed during that time too.

Thanks again. I'm a humanities student and it really shows how we need the takes of those who study hard sciences in order to create a bigger, more objective picture.

You know nothing.

... a derivation from slovo ("word"), originally denoting "people who speak (the same language)"...

A great example of a great man, and a beacon of jealousy for impotent jew-haters.

Because I go outside

Or FDR. He openly admired Mussolini, and adopted some of his ideas. Does that mean FDR is a fascist? No, but there is connection, and some of the proposals made by his Brain Trust would have gone a lot further, essentially cartelizing the whole US economy. Or how socialism became the dominant mode of thought among intellectuals in the late 19th century, so nearly all mass movements from the early 20th century can trace their origins back to it. Any attempt to pin this to left/right or progressive/conservative is bound to fail, because a 2-pole axis is far too simplistic. Connections, trains of thought, and degree of influence matter more.

I'd say it's more that bringing in people trained in different fields can bring in different perspectives, and the mental models we use unconsciously limit our thinking.

>slave (slāv) n.
>[Middle English sclave, from Old French esclave, from Medieval Latin sclāvus, from Sclāvus, Slav (from the widespread enslavement of captured Slavs in the early Middle Ages); see Slav.]

Because my penis is longer than 2 inches.

Give us more detail. What ideologies are associated with what penis lengths?

I don't support any govt

Full text now, kiddo, no cherry picking.
Slav (n.)

late 14c., Sclave, from Medieval Latin Sclavus (c. 800), from Byzantine Greek Sklabos (c. 580), from Old Church Slavonic Sloveninu "a Slav," probably related to slovo "word, speech," which suggests the name originally identified a member of a speech community (compare Old Church Slavonic Nemici "Germans," related to nemu "dumb;" Greek heterophonos "foreign," literally "of different voice;" and Old English þeode, which meant both "race" and "language").

Identical with the -slav in personal names (such as Russian Miroslav, literally "peaceful fame;" Mstislav "vengeful fame;" Jaroslav "famed for fury;" Czech Bohuslav "God's glory;" Latinized Wenceslas "having greater glory"), perhaps from PIE root *kleu- "to hear." Spelled Slave c. 1788-1866, influenced by French and German Slave. As an adjective from 1876.

because americans dont even know what "nazism"is



what kind of liberal buzzword shit is this?

and its called national socialism,if your going to label shit.at least get it right

That is the full text, you just missed the point. I provided the etymology of the word slave, not slav.

The word slave derives from the word Slav, because Slavs were everyone's bitches in the middle ages.

Anarcho-socialsim is already taken. Your governmentless Nazism will have to adopt a different name.

lol yes because the nazis couldn't wait for the free market to undo all they did. logic

I'll meet you half way at Pinochet.
sure we can gas the jews. but no way in hell will i support big goverment

At least try to use actual words

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Nazis are homosex

Yes, oddly, they are two different words, though homonyms (almost).
LIke the word "pik" in Slovenian, meaning "company" or "inc."
In danish "pik" means "dick", you know, "penis".
It may mean something else in english, sounds like "pick".

So you need to find the etymology of "slav" and "slave" and find that it's from two different stems.

Since then several languages, because of much travel becomes interwoven - but it's a good idea to keep their origins clear.

>Doesn't realise nazism is already an actual word
You nigger

nice try jew but your life will come at an end either threw fascism or anarchy.
i might not be a nazi but the jews are still a problem that need a final solution

... also, as it turns out, the term was adopted later as meaning slave - because many a slav, at the time were caught and enthralled, literally.
Languages influence each other, and history helps.

Yes, they're two different words. No, they're not unrelated. The word slave is derived from Slav.

saying i can privately own a toothbrush but then telling me i can only brush to your specification .

totally not "society" doctrine guys

Yes, and not the other way 'round.
Hence "slav" had a meaning before "slave" was derived from it.

Because I'm not a degenerate misanthropic psychopathic joiner.

Okay libtard

No shit sherlock. That's what derived means. It's not a two-way street.

>>Doesn't realise nazism is already an actual word
Maybe in your degenerate MURIMUD language it is.

I was wrong with insisting on the two different stems. I learn new things.


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that actually a deep philosophy.
i watched a anarcho communist movie once and in one scene a lady says something very akin to this idea.

even tho were socialist something about bit her individuality in society.

It was just a fun way to puncture the Slav master race claim using word origins.

Sup holmes

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asian aryanism is the one true way


lol not even close cuckservative

Makes sense, anarchism emerged from socialism. While there are strains of anarchism that reject key tents of its origin (like anarcho-capitalism), a shared root means certain ideas or ways of saying things will linger.

exactamundo conservtard libcuck.

Because of the stupid fairy tale bullshit. Pick a topic.


I cried when Hitler killed the Little Match Girl

Bad science. Prejudicial. No positives.

>Bad science
V1 kek

you mean no science, in science you actually have to prove something

Yes, because they ran on rocket system politics and used rocket program science to spread hate.

No, you don't. Now I have two different idiots replying, and both come across as fucking retarded for their reasoning.

They used rockets to spread bombs, user. Not for politics.

>Bad science
laughs in jet engine and most advanced military arsenal envied by all.
Waffen SS was the most diverse fighting force with volunteers from across the globe. Including places such as India, Sub-Saharan Africa, South America and East Asia.
>No positives.
Germany's economic miracle, lowest unemployment rates in Germany's history, national pride, encourage physical fitness and a healthy lifestyle, encouraging class cooperation; worker-employer cooperation, establishing a homogenous, high-trust society, etc.

because america pays taxes for a military and a political system to combat this shit. the average person wouldn't survive under people who are this brainwashed. also, the people Nazi Germany were politically opposed to were the same people who don't work or don't want to work. how can you support a country if you don't to pay for its upkeep? paying yourself for 20-30 years while everyone else starves is virtually impossible in america. we don't need Nazi's in america telling us that 2 things are for certain in life and that is death and taxes.

Posting because it seems relevant.

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