What’s the story behind her and trump? Did she really get raped or sold or are the fags on here just playing

What’s the story behind her and trump? Did she really get raped or sold or are the fags on here just playing

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She's a bit too old for him.

Does she look uncomfortable?

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I saw a post saying that Trump sold her to the Jews to get out of bankruptcy when the Russians refused to bail him out anymore and were threatening to kill him.

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>meet Kushner da kike

Lolol that’s the post I’m talking about seems a bit far fetched and silly but surely someone knows something.

Imagine not being a bot

Oh, they're not playing. They actually believe it. They'll believe anything CNN tells them about DRUMPF. The truth, however, is she didn't get raped.

What about being sold to the Jews?

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Ok so it’s all just BS and I wasted my time with this post

We've all been sold to the Jews, mate. Making it "official" means nothing.

Pursuing knowledge is never a waste, my friend.

It's his fucking daughter:
screw you

Thanks that’s deep

It’s different if your daughters cunny for a bank loan...

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> It's his fucking daughter:
> screw you


It's his fucking daughter:
he screwed her

Totally normal to pay a photographer to snap pics of your tween daughter on your lap.

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Also totally normal to have your tween daughter dancing on your lap.
Nothing to see here.

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Nah, it really isn't normal.

More absolutely normal behavior.

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That’s normal imean it seems weird but a lot of people do it

This is a little weird is there video to confirm she was dancing

Yeah, and a lot of control freak men molest their kids too.

Damn where are these coming from this is a little sketchy too.

I'm sorry your father never loved you but won't you let them be a happy family?

Here's Ivanka at the same age as the teenage beauty pageant girls Trump told he'd be dating in a few years.
Totally normal for a 50 year old fatso to tell 14 year-olds he'll be dating them soon.
This man is an evangelical hero!

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The leftists lie

There’s also a rumor floating around that the original Ivanka is buried somewhere on Epstein’s island and that’s why Bill Barr had Esptein murdered for Trump...

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I'm sorry your father kept making you sit on his lap when you were thirteen.

I mean, obviously a photoshop but why can't Trump keep his hands off his little girl?
You sure as fuck don't see him getting all handsy with Barron.

Didn’t Trump brag about it on live tv?

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She was really cute, I wonder what kind of secrets are being hidden in that family or circle of friends super interesting


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I'm sorry you think a father's love is something to be sorry for.
>he didnt make me do that shit tho
>thatd be gay af

Anybody else have anything confirmed or is it all just speculation on comments he’s said himself

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lol nice try jew lover but it is true.
one does not simply know about epstein being a pedo without bring part of it

(birds having sex)

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Haha the jizz tissue dispenser and the cum shade leather wipe clean seats lololol

many people are saying it's true and they want to get to the bottom of it. lots of people are talking about it.

Lol leftist lie.
stfu you cuckservative jew lovin untermensch swine. im right wing the info is coming from the actual right wing not you larping kikes

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So Trump obviously already knew about Epstein's habits. So what was that "falling out" about? It obviously wasn't that Trump just found out about fucking kids (even if you don't believe the court documents that he paid to hush). So what then could Jeff do or say to Donald that would end their friendship... that would cause Trump to have him killed when he had the chance? Obviously Epstein proposed buying sex with Ivanka. I don't believe either of them ever fucked her, but they fucked other girls, and Trump had him murdered in a jail cell in the city that he controlled and in the country that he controlled.

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She seems to love and respect her dad. Usually incestuous rape victims learn to despise their father (mother/uncle)

No case here.

Most Trump supporters are turned on by the fact that Donald fucked his daughter. Incest is huge in the redneck states. Hence they are obsessed with Pizzagate and pedos. It’s because they are secretly into it.

Do evangelicals all love him because they also fuck there own kids?

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Is this real

where are these same types of pictures with tiffany?

You retard. Alleges can be a lie.

Also, that girl hasn't mentioned trump at all.

Trump kicked Epstein off his resort for flirting with teens.

yes, where have you been?

Well what about Tiffany then? She hates his guts. Do you think he raped her?

(Which would be gross not only because of the incest but also because she’s basically unfuckable)

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i don't know many people say something different. it's definitely something that needs to be investigated.


epstein was gonna try and leverage dirt on trump on his trial or atleast blow the whole thing open and come out with all the names.
Trump Was left with only one action considering he still in office and he still needed time to do work for the jews (iran).
so Trump had him killed.

Conservatives are jew lovers. the more we turn people towards not just fascism but all the other extremes we can unite against the centrist status quo aka Judaism

this is true

That’s definitely not Jeffrey Epstein...

Unless that was the original Epstein and now his body is buried somewhere on his replacement’s island...

The media didnt like Tiffany's look. But he has plenty of home pictures

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Many abuse victims never consider it “abuse” and love the person who taught them about sex. Many people who were abused by their dads love them dearly and never tell anyone.

Exactly. I’m surprised more people don’t see this. Conservative red families are often incestuous.

Yeah, she really got raped and sold and the fags here are not playing.

Not true. Thats only until a certain age. Usually in their mid to late 20s the hate becomes strong.

theyre actors portraying the real family. donald trump has been retired for probably 20 years now since 9/11. if anyone out of this guys campaign offered me a job i'd kill him on the spot.

Excellent Logic.

Police works on crimes because they secretly want to do the same crimes.

Really? Why do the stats show different?

conservatives hate donald trump

that's why so many fathers and sons get so over the top outraged when an outside male shows interest in a girl in their family. they claim the right to fuck her and get angry when the competition to use her vagina comes from outside the family.

all crimes start as alleged. what is your point.

Yes she did mention trump. heres what happen. right before she was due to go on air.. she pulled out allegedly claiming to saying something about her life being more important than the truth.

also again he kicked epstain out of the resort because he was harrasing a maid at the resort. again how does this clear trump

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>Did she really get raped or sold or are the fags on here just playing
Are you really that fucking stupid or is this a shit-tier troll?

While it is true that that happens, there are many instances where the abused person loves and admires the abuser if the abuser continues to give protection and security long into adulthood. Like Trump does to his daughter.

Tiffany's mother kept her the fuck away from her creepy dad.
She only visited him 2 weeks out of the year growing up.
Mom is smart.

Comparing people who are fascinated and obsessed with Pizzagate to police investigators is hilarious. Bravo user.

As a father I can say, only people with severe mental problems can confuse a father's love for his kids as incestuous.

We dont see what your fucked up minds are seeing.

This guy get it.

yup ive met many sexually abused people irls and read many abuse stories here on B and all of them never snitch on the abuser.

this is some primal shit

Wow, you watch way too much porn. Maybe that's what you do with your sister, but dont reflect your abnormal behavior with normal people.

It depends. Two girls I grew up with were abused by their stepdad. One of them left town and got herself a career, but the other one eventually married him. She was 30 at the time, he was over 50.

the scenarios of the big brother threatening to beat up the guy that dates his sister or the father that tells the young suitor that arrives for a date with his daughter that he has a gun and better bring the girl home on time are so typical that they are stereotypes. do you ever see such situations play out when the genders are reversed? any older sisters going out of their way to physically threaten some girl that is going to date her brother? a mom that gives the 3rd degree to a girl coming to date her son threatening violence with a gun if she brings him home late? no. the southern families talk about "defending her honor" when referring the young female in the family, this is code for "preventing an outside male using her vagina". why the fuck else would those southern hicks be so invested in their daugher/sister's sexuality if they weren't implicitly claiming rights over her vagina? are you even from the us? this is common knowledge.

Spot on.

In high school I went on a date with a girl. Went to pick her up at her house. Met the father. When she was getting ready upstairs he told me that I had to bring her home no later than 10 and then he said he has a shotgun lol. This was in Tennessee. We only went on that one date but people in school said she "did stuff" with her family.

what difference, at this point, does it make?

making more people especially the youth aware of the jew.
i seek to turn the zoomer generation againts not just conservatism but also againt their jewish intent.

im right wing so what would i gain from throwing the right wings main base under the bus.

well victory ofcourse my companies success counts on the death of the jew

>best friends with pedo
>talks about how he would fuck his daughter all the time
>hires a pedo as his lawyer
yeah trump is 100 percent a pedophile

you're literally here browsing on Cred Forums, you're as fucked up as anyone else here mate.

What’s the story behind her and Obama? Did she really get raped or sold or are the fags on here just playing

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Trump is definitely a diddler and he definitely diddled his daughter.

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many people are saying this. it's something that deserves looking into.

this shits as old as the internet. if u think anything, its because u wanna believe it! get a fucking life losers

I knew the Trump fanboys couldn't go a whole thread without dragging him into it. Next they'll try to find a way to have Obama killing Epstein over a Kenyan birth certificate hidden on the island. Fucking hive mind.

nigger you're on B on a Monday in the morning. you don't have a life. atleast i have an excuse. im off on monday

>It's at the top of every page.
The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

>Iget all my news from Cred Forums and social media why did drumpf rape her?
Youre a fucking idiot like 90% of the garbage that exists in this small word of noncritically aware inbreds.

Seeing this
He is constantly sexualizing her, and always has, whether he acted upon it or not.

that's not what i hear though. there are a lot of people that want to get to the bottom of this. why won't he talk about it if he's not hiding something?

I worked as a receptionist last summer at a seasonal hotel.
Men who do fuck their teenage daughters don't have any "enraging" public photos on social media

The guy on the far right knows what’s up

Probably not but I wouldn’t blame him if he did

>Trump's a liberal degenerate so let's all trust the far left liberals

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How do you know the men in this hotel were fucking their daughters?


remember these posts when you create a beautiful little daughter that is the sun in your sky and you would do anything for her and to protect her

jfc the levels of projection

you are so far up your own ass

so weird that a stronger male would want to protect the females in his family circle

Depends on your definition of rape, but yes, there's a lot of evidence that he was doing her well before she was 17, which is the age of consent in NY. While I think that father/daughter sex is illegal in NY, it's not considered rape. The underage aspect is what makes it technically rape, even though the reports are that she was always willing (consensual).

most billionaires and hollywood people rape little children, it's the one fact that everyone who idolizes these folk conveniently leave out

Not millionaires and politicians though eh, Bernie?