Most people that i know think im gay, why? Ive never even kissed a man before

Most people that i know think im gay, why? Ive never even kissed a man before

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Post pic

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It's the bleached hair

Isnt bleaching normal tho?

No it's literally not, that's what people who manscape their assholes do

wouldn't suck your dick but I'd let you suck mine

You look like you love cock

But what makes me look like that? :(

Your dicksucking lips. You like lollipops?

I mean, are you actually gay?

Oh. That answers my question.


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Just suck dick already.

I like coochie ;(

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Well if you're actually straight then I dunno. Maybe it's something you do or a way you act.

Open your mouth fag.

But i act pretty masculine, i only talk like a faggot at Cred Forums

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Post more selfies

You have a pretty soft face, apparent hygiene and "twink" hair, maybe it's a subconscious thing. It makes manliness come off as boyishness.

Don't have any tips on giving off a straight vibe sorry. Hope it doesn't lose you any girls.

Your probably goin to masturbate to me or smthng so no

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You're effeminate.

?? You fucking pervert. I would never

A girl I like as a girl told me we are friends which seems like a normal friendzone, but she called me that in feminine form (we have those in polish) so basically something like "female friend"

Ooof. Your language enabled a new type of friendzone.

Okay w/e (i dont use lipstick its bcs of flash) and i also put this fucking awkward smile because i cant smile

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You should do a pouty face instead, you'd look real good.

Okay more normal one

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I tried that but its too cringe so i wont be doing that

OP is so brave posting this much on Cred Forums

a lack of adult female lover implicates either homosexuality or pedophilia...

How small is your dick?

Im dead inside anyway so doesnt matter

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Well he's also a Cred Forums user.

But he's also more charismatic and attractive than most here. And he's posting anime reaction gifs.
So yeah maybe a pedo.

No no no i just like anime, not anime girls (especially not loli, never even bothered to look at all these loli threads)

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About 6, no way im posting that here though

You also like dick.


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You got the most prodigious flaming gay hair I've ever seen. I'm pretty sure you're a fag.

He loves choking on cocks

he's kinda cute doe

Im only feminine inside my heart, i still like girls

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How did you go out of your way to make yourself look like a twink and then expect to not be treated like a twink?

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>Im only feminine inside my heart
>and my feminine penis

That better?

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Feminine but like girls, hmmm?

suddenly KPop

Feminine as in personality

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Look at you.. you were made to suck dick. Embrace it.

No. Why did you bleach that shit? Straight guys don't do that. I think you're dealing with a heavy helping of denial.

Stop it with your sissy faggot or whatever propaganda

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grow a beard

>Feminine heart
>Feminine personality
>Feminine looks

Who are you trying to convince here, us or you?

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The anime isn't helping your case. It's time to stop.

I mean I'm not judging. Maybe try crossdressing. The guy in the thread I linked is straight.

Dont really like it

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More pics.

Anime doesnt have anything to do with that

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then go full trap, and get fucked in the ass


Only you thinks that.

Its not what i want

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OP you could legit use your feminine traits. Some girls dig it. Especially bisexual girls.

Not even an insult. You're kinda cute.

Thanks for the compliment, but cute boys end up sucking dick with their gf

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You might like it though.

Isn't that what you're going for?

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Don't lie to us OP

It is frankly true a lot of guys who take that route end up doing threesomes as the bottom...

But whatever, you do you, I don't know where this thread is going now. Doesn't look like you got any tips on giving off straight vibes.

U give me som

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Maybe sucking so much dick op?

Yes, it's definately the bleached hair. Asians look very gay with blonde hair.

I pretty much don't have any aside when I said "embrace it"

Fashion choice, don't be too flamboyant, actually let people know you're straight. I dunno.

I already told you to knock off the anime. That's step 1. Step 2, fix that fucking hair.

how about wearing a shirt that says "I'm straigt, I like to fuck girls"?

seems like a good thing to do

Or one of those ahegao hoodies, those always get people laid.

Yeah with ur logic i could also wear dresses, no big deal

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You look like a massive faggot but at least you're posting anime on an anime website.

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Well, your fans in this thread would love to see you in a schoolgirl uniform. I'd also love to see that for laughs.

You said he's a massive faggot twice

yea, or in an oversized shirt with a skirt

Anime good

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Yeah for laughs you degenerate

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Third time calls Shub'Niggurath.

Nyahahhahhhaaaaahhhaahaha... oopsie.

The most i can give you is my disgusting feet

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You'd look good in a skirt


You're already doing the equivalent of walking around town with a dildo dangling from your mouth.
>What, it's not a gay thing.

Even if i wanted to wear it i dont have it


Looks like you should wear less sneakers.

>not gay
>posts feet

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How can you tell?

>Dyed twink hair

Anyway, OP. I thank you for this thread. Hilarious shit posting.

>i dont have it
Yeah you do. Go get it.

Skin flakes...

show clothes that you were, maybe your clothes make you even gayer

I really like this OP

>Not shaving your butthole
>>Having dingleberries
OP looks gay as hell from the bleaching but if you don't manscape in general, much less your fart box you're a disgusting human being.

Plz no banana.

Thanks user. Hygiene is just worth it.

Did you made that thread, too?

I also never kissed a man. But yesterday I sucked a Dick. Your argument is invalid.

I have this baggy pullover

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What the f.... OP, your hips are... suspicious to say at least.

Good for you!

Myself I feel odd kissing but BJs are nice.

fucking kek, I lost.

this i shave everywhere ~once a week, hair is just disgusting

Whoops forgot about that one.

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>holds phone like a massive faggot
Post pictures of you having sex with a woman (female) and you'd still look like a fag.

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I completely understand. Sexually im bi, but I can't imagine romance with guys.

I can't stand body hair. Don't give a fuck if it's "girly" it feels weird, randomly gets stuck in clothes, looks ugly and it feels easier to regulate my temperature without it.

Holy shit. I'm dying over here.

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They are normal! See?

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There is no possibility that you can deny it

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Not one fucking hair... do you shave your legs, too?

Turn around, let's see that ass

I don have boobs. Im a boy

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Lucky one. I have.

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This is getting gayer. Somehow.

Flat chest best chest

I just did it once

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Cute tummy, but how's the butt?

it's cuz
>bleached hair
>skin looks like you've never been outside
>feminine pose

Damn, you 11 feet tall?
That rug really ties the room together, btw.

The plot thickens

It shouldnt

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My butt is fine

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Bad angle. I'm 6,3 ft. And my PC room is a fucking mess.

u dam rite baby mama

What about that boipucci?

Turn around you fag.

OP's not really convincing me he's not gay. Thread started at maybe 6.5/10. Now it's pushing 9.fag/10. There's no way I'd think OP is straight irl.

I've already shown you my face, no way im showing my ass, also it looks disgusting so no

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As in "dat ass is fiiine"? Post it up!

I dunno. My gaydar doesn't show anything. It just fumes purple.

Also my body is completely normal

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Post it so I can see. Just to be safe..

but i thought you said your butt was fine? im getting conflicting results here op

>feet pose
>dat jeans
>those socks
OP, I have bad news for you.

>It just fumes purple
God damnit, this is one of the funniest threads I've seen in a long ass time.

You look like a total bottom bitch.

Fine as in not ravaged by anyone, its virgin and it will be virgin

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Its just the angle

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those are girl socks

Show tits, OP.

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You prefer black or white cock?


You're going to pointe your toes in faux-distressed jeans and tell me your farts don't sound like a windy cave? You're whole ensemble is gay as fuck.


These are ankle socks, the only ones i wear

I've heard those are gay socks.

>I only wear girl socks
we know this

Dont impersonate me

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yep, gay as fuck
OP is a faggot in denial

How do you like men?

I just like them this way, it doesnt make me a cock sucking faggot

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You're a cute boy OP, I'd cuddle you

I like it when people realize or assume I'm gay, because I am :3

I don't think anyone here is gay enough to get away with it.

so white cock

Yeah yours especially

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Don't be wude

Why are you so interested in my ass anyway?

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whoa thats kinda gay bro

Hmmmmmm indeed

Post it, chigger!

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Think what you want

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>was gonna post my ass and pretend to be OP
>the first thing to convince me to post is trolling this guy

This thread is hilarious and your small butt will *round* it up.

>gay post
Something gay and something based.
You're still a fucking faggot, just embrace your homoness, the world is fucked, so why not your self-loathing ass, as well?

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>posters 21
>replies 174
you gay motherfuckers

This is the most i can give you you horny degenerates

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I'd dry hump you.

Looks like you can take it.

He gives in.

But seriously dudes there's almost certainly an actual gay porn thread somewhere near this one. Just go get like... Actual ass.


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Hitler doubles say no.

De-clothe that onion!

I dont want my ass to be bigger tho

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definite bottom

how big was the last dildo you shoved up your ass?

0 inch

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You moan or grunt while taking it up there?

I get bathed in pure extasy... Well no...

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You have a lot of patience to stay here.

You can do better than that.

You can do better than that.

Seriously though, why you guys so thirsty for this specific user?

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Its prolly more like theyre thirsty for every user that isnt hairy or something like that...

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>people who aren't gay must be new

so that's why nobody reacted to my tits...

Also girls with fake smile look cute so i thought about mimicking that

Attached: IMG_20200203_204718.jpg (1611x2137, 582K)

I like you daddy

Oh no he's mimicking anime

Did you even read the thread?

>trying to emulate a "cute" "girl"

Mimic this pose, it's cute as hell.

Attached: C_uDxmqUMAAJ5rg.jpg (719x1200, 93K)

Anything wrong with that?

Attached: 1c2f3215-4e4c-4936-8261-fc64c59a8d8e.jpg (500x281, 35K)

Personally I believe he's heterosexual just camp.

At least it fits my age...

Attached: 1563314605535.jpg (750x458, 42K)

Wat is camp?

Attached: confused-anime-girl-gif-4-260x200.gif (260x200, 28K)

How old are you?

post pic of you with ahegao face :)

inb4 illegal

post bulge pls


Here's a thread for y'all thirsty fuckers

Okay am bored i can mimick anime poses as long as clothed and not too lewd/impossible to do/cringe

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Barely saved.

Attached: 1566760858873.gif (245x230, 704K)

I'm bored too bro. You're also patient for bullshit, I like it.

FUCK I'm late to this thread. Post limit soon.
Try not to talk with a high pitched voice and don't subconsciously throw your hand around like a faggot.
Having a hair style like that isn't too bad but you need to hang out with the ladies more if you don't.
Also don't be surprised if you've already been doxxed and get dick pics posted on your whatever account it is that you have.

Do the durro monsta cardo

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i think he was around the ladies too much,
hes starting to "mimick" them
hes a fag

This thread should be saved. Just a hint of the old Cred Forums, just enough.

Too hard

Are you guys really having that much fun

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Best thread in a loooong time.

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cool i guess

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Yes (you) faggot

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Attached: cYCcjrE.jpg (640x360, 55K)

How about this anime pose?

Attached: 15706407509471.jpg (1280x720, 82K)

>Well, your fans in this thread would love to see you in a schoolgirl uniform. I'd also love to see that for laughs.
>yea, or in an oversized shirt with a skirt
>Look at you.. you were made to suck dick. Embrace it.

Anons above are right.

>I just did it once
How'd it feel?

Come on OP don't be a wuss.

Okay so its the end and the end result is that im masculine chad with giant dick

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try this one out

Attached: ass.jpg (680x900, 308K)

I would if i had a feminine trap that could take my massive masculinity (just saying that as a reply, wouldnt fuck a boy)

Attached: e0f0e8ab0cb3edda52e1312be241b449.jpg (900x810, 68K)


My legs on the first day felt weird, not pleasant tho

yeah but you would take it from a boy wouldnt you

>giant dick

Oh. How about your buttocks, ever shaved those?

>self loathing faggot
>is absolutely not trolling
>not gay at all, so beyond straight that he posts himself for random faggots on Cred Forums to tell him he's a fag

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Order 66. Purge!

Yeah i do it for sanitary reasons, hair covered in shit are not really my thing

Makes sense to me.
Show the butt OP, seriously.

Attached: file.png (227x226, 107K)

"sanitary reasons"
prolly just waiting for a guy to fuck you in the ass,
obviosly it should be held clean

Attached: 8DA46AB8-3F9F-49B9-AF6B-F785AA3C5A7C.jpg (2635x2735, 1.95M)

Nah sorry but bm is also not my thing you know

Attached: 3a0c9f94bc5b671de539935368e75565.jpg (1600x2720, 282K)

What is a bm?

Think that you're in a locker room in a gym. Don't tell me that you don't change in front of others while at the gym.

Well it wouldnt be so pleasant if anyone i know got pic of my bum

Well i dont show them my ass in the locker room

Attached: 33f5a3c40f5eff3efb7cb826fbbe795f1433126162_fwide.jpg (640x360, 48K)

But what does bm mean?


Guys getting embarrassed while undressing/showering at a gym's locker room are considered as gay. You aren't a gay, are you user-kun?

Now you're just asking for a canned coochie meme spam

I was kind of the same way with smiling for a while until people get getting on me for not smiling.

Finally, a pure one

Just post it in a way nobody would recognize the surroundings and you'll be fine.

Attached: 1578685699292.jpg (1431x1426, 820K)

Don't like anime? welcome to Cred Forums
p.s. (not OP)

not to mention
>people who aren't gay must be fags

Whatever, if i commit suicide its bcs of you guys, also my ass isnt even sexy and its more on a disgusting side so whatever

Attached: IMG_20200203_213121.jpg (2696x2022, 997K)

Looks like she has a giant tail in the thumb.

OP is just a massive newfag, he'll adapt, as long as he lurks moar

Attached: 1500423427702.jpg (898x886, 61K)


He done it, the absolute madman.

I dont even feel ashamed of myself, its like a father going back from war just to find out that his son is dead

Attached: thumb_i-googled-depressed-anime-girl-to-find-a-picture-that-6746030.png (200x210, 23K)

Oh shut up, it looks inviting OP.
Give it a little spread and take one more, yes?

Attached: aheagao A41F.gif (500x329, 753K)

my sides
this entire thread

Attached: 1496717254615.jpg (675x1200, 112K)

Yeah and then i need to fuck myself with dildo and invite someone with 10inch bbc cock to fuck me next right?

Attached: 344718.jpg (1080x1920, 172K)

please do

It doesn't have to be BBC, user. Could be someone equally cute as you~

True enough.

Well, that'd be too much to ask in the span of a single thread OP, just a simple pic will do!

Attached: file.png (1422x953, 1.69M)

Im not even cute m8

Attached: ae867c553e288908b8ad357172a8dda1--manga-anime-anime-art.jpg (236x328, 9K)

me this entire thread

Attached: OeuwDzi.gif (400x266, 191K)

That's not for you to decide.

>a simple pic will do
Yeah, jeez OP. Not every thread needs to end in a fistful of sharpies.

Exactly. Though that doesn't hurt either.
At least not the other anons.
Seriously though, I just want to see OP's bumhole.

Attached: file.png (1048x943, 1.5M)

What's your racial makeup? You look half Norwegian, half Korean.

Why me tho, theres so many anons that are gay and want to be fucked or something and have 10x better bodies

Attached: comment_DkctNWhZrfBt9Yjuu7hVrBBGONXfyloF.gif (500x274, 1021K)

It's quite possible that there are cloaked females in this thread who want to see your cheeks spread, OP.

Half is definitely slavic, second half is asian but i dont have idea where is it from tho, may look nordic cause of bleached hair

Yeah sure, they also have cheeto dust between their tummy and their clitoris is outstandingly large and also it shoots out white stuff

Attached: download (4).jpg (300x168, 7K)

>may look nordic cause of bleached hair
Very light skin and round nose is what I'm seeing.

at this point ur just stalling,
we know you will do it,
you know you will do it,
just do it already

>bleached hair
okay, retard.

Its bcs a lot of nordic ppl are blonde, thats what i meant

Just wanted to ease you a bit. ^^

Your body is fine OP. Come on, show a bit more.

Attached: massage-f6ddaedd10f100250e127bc84660ed61055624eeb7fd17f63cc06730812adb81_size-half-half_128cols.gif (500x281, 1.76M)

its because you watch anime

Okay so i was basically teased for the last 2-3 now its your time you gay coomers

Attached: IMG_20200203_215228.jpg (2634x1877, 775K)

Attached: 118-1188772_transparent-smug-anime-face-png-smug-anime-girl.png (860x756, 171K)

>now its your time you gay coomers
Asking for dick pics
>says he is not gay

Nice, but pls delete the censorship bro.
>now its your time you gay coomers
Our time hmm? Whatever could you mean OP?

Attached: file.png (583x800, 305K)

lose the bleached hair, looks super gay. consider razoring all of it equally then grow fron there. the whole thing where top of head has hair but the sides have no hair also inflates gayness. you got a good face so the look would go well

You should get that blue thing checked out. Doesn't look right.

I mean its time for you to be teased you degenerate

Attached: UlK91vWguosDZwdVMaMRBRM6dWk7a3Eqn0jcYMnfxp4.png (256x256, 104K)

How do you feel about BBC?

The joke is on you. I'm not gay, just a Cred Forums veteran. That makes me a greater degenerate as you can possibly imagine.

>ignorance is...?
>fuck, you ruined it
Dammit, this is truth. I may be off for some introspection.

people automatically assume that soft and feminine = gay. you might also have queer mannerisms and not even realize it

I like their docummentaries

Attached: images (4).jpg (184x274, 9K)

Who popped it OP? Was it a black dude? A refugee?

Queers like men, liking men = gei

Just show the hole OP. You've come this far and all the anons want it.

Attached: file.png (1280x720, 961K)

Your dad

Attached: Shiina.Mayuri.full.1208208.jpg (1280x1024, 127K)

Show yours first then smarty

Attached: d2uk9g4-696110f9-52ea-4a78-b45e-ce3eb9e19d2f.png (734x1024, 830K)

Post limit... Make a new thread and deliver OP.

Attached: P1010612.jpg (2816x2112, 1.22M)


Attached: file.png (968x1400, 1.18M)

Another wild thread appears :