What's up with this bs that the average size is 5.6 inches, my dick is 5.9 and I feel small...

What's up with this bs that the average size is 5.6 inches, my dick is 5.9 and I feel small. Even in amateur porn nobody has a dick smaller than 7 inches.

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average is actually 5.1"

That's kinda hard to believe.

That's cause people with dicks our size don't make porn, duh.

Yeh but why not?

Because, like you, they've watched too much pro porn and think their dicks are too small

>I feel insecure about my penis
>why don't people like me make porn
Real big think moment right there OP

It's all a psyop to keep you small dicked incels under control. Here are the real numbers...
Average White: 6.5
Average Black: 7.5
Average Asian: 5.0

They use the average asian in all studies. It's smart because it keeps you deformed small dicked guys from shooting up schools and shopping malls. It literally saves lives to allow you sub par losers to think you're actually "above average", kek.

>Here are the real numbers

No need to be so edgy tbh

Those shit numbers don't take into account the yaw of the penis.

yeah because it's porn

it's like pointing out there's no short people in the NBA, it's like pointing out Calvin Klein doesn't have any fat models

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I was talking about amateur porn tho

the average asian penis is actually like 4 inches loool

So you think everyone is insecure lol?

Even if only 10% are 7 inches or longer that's still alot people. Like if your school had 1000 men 100 of them will be that big on average. So you're going to see alot of them if you're looking for it

lol this is psyop BS itself, I trust the no-self-reporting average of 5.5" for whites, meanwhile like 20% of blacks have a single gene that gives an extra inch of length but no thickness

i actually like that this unrealism cucks normal blacks, they deserve to labor under this misandrist meme they all have porn dicks so most of them never fuck because that means less black people in the future

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>I was talking about amateur porn tho
I know. But if they think their dicks look too small are they really going to make a video of themselves fucking and post it for the world to see?

6.5 hard

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Porn isn't realistic either coombrain.

>calls others coombrain
>professes to be an expert on realism in porn

porn fucks you up

People more likely to be willing to show off are going to have bigger dicks, its sampling bias

Shave your pubes and I would suck the life out of you

I'm only 6" but I have a needledick and it fucks with my head a lot. Feels bad man...

Proudly boasting a 7.3 inch erection. Sure, there's the certainly unfavorable bend down, but I'm brown skin and should've expected nothing less in this world.

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You're right to have your needleprick fuck with your head.. Must feel bad man.

>imagine your dick being the only redeeming facet you can credit yourself with as a person

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That's how I know my last ex hadn't been with many guys because she thought I was big. Or maybe she was trying to not hurt my feelings...

>Or maybe she was trying to not hurt my feelings...
I could almost see the flash when self-awareness struck during that post

You're a male, aren't you?

No one's ever said "ohh is that it?" but I certainly feel inadequate. That's why I never hook up in my social circle you know how scandalous chicks are.
"Hey I hooked up with user." "Oh how was he?" "Well he has a small dick and he almost lasted 4 minutes."

Thanks user

barely 7 inch and i feel fine.

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8 1/2inches and 9 when really hard.

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>thinking it's the norm

Damn bro.

You've got serious girth which is more important than length anyway.

I'm 6.5" to inches and nobody has ever complained.

I've got 6.5 inch girth and an upward curve which hits the good spots. It's not all about length.

found the nigger

He’s seen a lot of dicks

6.5 inch girth?? wtf?? can you even wrap your hand around that?

As in measuring with a tape around the shaft. Circumference would be more accurate.

average dick size for all men is 5.5in regardless of ethnicity. i am 5.5 inches. have hit cervix in certain positions with probably 25% of women I've slept with. i.e. dick too long. honestly if youre over 4" hard and have decent girth you have nothing to worry about unless the girl is obese. sure you cant do some novel positions but so what. you can spoon, standing, missionary, doggy. what more ya need.

still get sucked. Have some oc

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Oof. Bro, you're looking busted. Get a razor, a gym membership, go to /fit/ instead of Cred Forums, and get a fucking hobby that's not drinking. Damn.

Not him but I'm that hairy. You know some women actually like chest hair. I would never shave my chest if that's what the razor comment was about.