What the FUCK is wrong with AMERICANS?

What the FUCK is wrong with AMERICANS?

>Take a bus
>Get shot

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Niggers mostly

White people mostly*

I'm almost tempted to call out samefag even though I know this is probably real.

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> CA
Its the Cartels. We should execute non-whites on sight and put land mines at the border.

nice try hassan, dont you have the rest of europe to conquer?


Nope. Niggers mostly.

Mass shootings and shootings in general.

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The duality of man.

I don't even consider most from California human, much less American.

Shoots more bullets

Shoots bullets more accurately

>not boarding the bus with your self-defense cannon
>boarding a bus in general
>living in a city
>not innawoods already
You're dead and don't know it yet.

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I mean,what do you expect from a country with 330 million people

>he thinks getting shot is a big deal
Grow a fucking pair, Eurofag.

In the USA Mohammed is a top 10 name for boys oh no no no

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I think Aisha is a pretty name

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>What the FUCK is wrong with AMERICANS?

>Start shooting on bus
>Miss most people

Well, for one thing they seem to lack basic marksmanship.

>What the FUCK is wrong with AMERICANS?
not enough of them take responsibility for their own safety and security

Well California restricts concealed carry, so you can only defend yourself in public if you're super rich and can get armed bodyguards.

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Oh, and you think you'd give Deadshot a run for his money, Mr. Doesn't-Even-Have-the-Right-to-Bear-Arms?

What the FUCK is wrong with IRANIANS?

>Take a plane
>Get shot

What the FUCK is wrong with RUSSIANS?

>Take a plane
>Get shot

Das one large diesel engine. Wonder if its a Cat or Volvo unit...

>>Take a bus
>>Get shot

Step your game up, America.

>you think you'd give Deadshot a run for his money

If I were so inclined, probably. Shooting people on a bus is about as close you'll get to shooting fish in a barrel, innit? That said, I suppose you'd have to be a pretty particular person to engage in such a shooting, and that particular kind of person might not be so inclined to practice..

>Mr. Doesn't-Even-Have-the-Right-to-Bear-Arms?

Not having the right to bear arms typically means that one must demonstrate some kind of affinity, need or proficiency before the legislature allows one to own or even operate a firearm.. Since I've only handled firearms under the supervision of qualified instructors, I might actually be more skilled than that lunatic in the OP. Or not.

The internet does not exist. Maybe it did exist only a short time ago, but now it only remains as a blur, a cloud, a friend, a deadline, a redirect, or a 404. If it ever existed, we couldn’t see it. Because it has no shape. It has no face, just this name that describes everything and nothing at the same time. Yet we are still trying to climb onboard, to get inside, to be part of the network, to get in on the language game, to show up on searches, to appear to exist. But we will never get inside of something that isn’t there. All this time we’ve been bemoaning the death of any critical outside position, we should have taken a good look at information networks. Just try to get in. You can’t. Networks are all edges, as Bruno Latour points out. We thought there were windows but actually it’s made of mirrors. And in the meantime we are being faced with more and more—not just information, but the world itself. And a very particular world that has already become part of our consciousness. And it wants something. It doesn’t only want to harvest our eyeballs, our attention, our responses, and our feelings. It also wants to condition our minds and bodies to absorb all the richness of the planet’s knowledge.

Mass shootings are just nature's way of enforcing natural selection in a post-industrial society.

Mostly niggers on greyhound. Wetbacks have their own bus services but the niggers are so cheap they're starting to invade wetback services. We all know niggers are useless and smell.

In Canada they just cut your head off.
The guy is out and free by the way.

>his murderer is freely walking the streets of canada

Huh. Beat me to it.