Just imagine how stupid you have to be to vote for this guy

Just imagine how stupid you have to be to vote for this guy.

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Not as stupid to vote for this piece of shit

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"Can I live another 4 years? Vote for me and let's find out together!"
Bernie 2020

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how come?

He's not trying to start an informed discussion, user.

I donated to his campaign.

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Bernie voters criticize Drumpf for his health yet completely ignore the fact that Bernie literally had a fucking heart attack a few months back.
Bunch of free loading, lazy, morons.

Every Bernie supporter is looking to get something for free. Tuition, housing, health insurance... something.

Go back to /pol
If you don't have titties, dicks, or rekts get off of /b

I dunno, look show stupid the voters were last time.

Another retard who's been lied to and believes it

And zero ambition and a philosophy degree.

Just imagine how stupid you have to be to vote

meanwhile all the geniuses are voting for the literal retard who can't locate kansas city on a map or even spell correctly?


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Another freeloading retard.

Just imagine how stupid you’d have to be to vote for the guy who thinks Kansas City is in Kansas!

It was $1000.

You must be from Kansas City. Who gives a fuck about KC and why the fuck would anybody need to know where it is on a map, other than to avoid it?

Imagine voting for someone who fucks his daughter and is friends with jeffrey epstein

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Your money will end up in the pockets of the people who are about to screw him out of the nomination. Again.

I'll vote for whoever is giving me free shit

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maybe the president who claims to be more smarter and more patriotic than anyone else would know basic geographical facts about the country he's lived in all his life? idk

clinton isn't running faggot

Oh! I forgot. Sorry. I guess that makes the 60+ flights Bill Clinton took on Epstein's pedo plane just ducky.

Oh well.

Oh look, the same establishment shill thread from yesterday. Establishment shills on overdrive

who do you know who is voting for clinton in the upcoming election? Cos I bet lots of people are voting for trump the pedophile.

Whatever helps you sleep at night, user

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He wants money out of politics, the only political candidate that could win that does. We either get him in office and save our democracy/republic and have the people's vote matter again or we let corporations decide our laws for the foreseeable future. Literally every other law or policy change he puts into effect can be changed or removed after he leaves office so it makes no sense for anyone, even a republican, not to vote for him if you actually want we the people to have a vote that matters.

Vote for him so we are a real democracy again, it literally doesn't matter what else he does or doesn't want to do because if we as the general voters don't like it we can now change it.

why do you support a pedophile?

Bernie is a multi-millionaire. He literary DOES want money out of politics...and into his own pockets. Why isn't he giving that money to help others?

Also, the United States was never a Democracy. It is a federated Republic.

Seems like he's pretty popular and his platform is unbeatable.

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Who cares. That's what vps are for. The president has died a bunch of times and it's never been a problem.


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republic and democracy aren't mutually exclusive you fucking moron. and lmao at you harping on sanders for being a millionaire while you plan to vote for donald trump lol. christ you cucks couldnt get anymore pathetic

Lol defending every bit of retardation. He's not gonna suck your dick. You agree with Bernie's platform, but you're brainwashed by your fagbubble.

8 people
In 244 years

Oh you can't read or see the different colors? XD

Ummm...yes, they quite are mutually exclusive. In a Democracy, there would be no congress, since that is literally the representative government used in a Republic.

With one man, one vote Democracies, you would never have the checks and balances a Republic offers. You elect a dictator until the next election.

Yeah 8 is a bunch. If you had 8 bananas that would be a bunch. The Brady Bunch was 8 people. The president dying has never been a problem and to imply it would be a problem is gay af, dork.

He is an old man who played his cards right and being a politician itself pays well, yes he has a lot of money, so what? The fact he is wealthy makes it possible for him to win because the game is so rigged already. "Into his own pockets" he wants tax laws that would tax him more and he didn't accept corporate bribes, ever, and has had the same beliefs since he was literally in highschool. People are often ignorant that we're a republic so that's why I said both democracy and republic.


You monster

Democracy and republics are not mutually exclusive by any stretch of the imagination. Bernie Sanders is the most popular democratic candidate because his common sense policy appeals to the masses and not just brainwashed nincompoops/KKK members.

No, actually he campaigned for decades on taking money away from the "millionaires and billionaires". Now, since he's a multimillionaire, he only talks about taking money away from billionaires.

Dude is a hypocrite.

>A bunch of times.
Please read a book. Or several.

Not in the song. Doesn't count. A person's failing health should not disqualify them from the presidency. That's nowhere in the Constitution or law of the US. If it mattered they would have included it.

It's a republic with democratic systems within it. Either way this is semantics and besides the point. We the people have no say in governance anymore, only wealthy corporations do and that's been the case for decades. The only other way we could get money out of politics besides electing Bernie is a 2/3rd majority of the entire country drafting an amendment in the constitution to ban corporate lobbyists

Congressmen get paid 175K/year. It literally would be hard NOT to be a multimillionaire when you have been in congress as long as he has.

Again, you're wrong. A republic uses representatives. You elect a congressman and senator to represent your local community. And you have both as checks and balances to each other. In a democracy, you vote on your leader. That's it. He creates a council to administer his will. There is no check and balance.

You're straight up wrong/ignorant look at his proposed tax laws he would get taxed more as well.

Please tell me about how the sitting president dying hasn't happened almost 20% of the time lol. 8 out of 45 died in office so far.

He's already got the money.



A million dollars is not a billion dollars. Nor is it a hundred billion dollars.

What? "He doesn't want to raise taxes on himself" "Actually he does" "DURR WELL HE ALREADY HAS THE MONEY" So you're admitting you're wrong then

Just imagine how stupid you have to be to talk about politics off of Cred Forums

Free heart attacks for everyone!


Bernie is going to win

>Imagine voting for someone who fucks his daughter and is friends with jeffrey epstein
I mostly feel sorry for him, Chelsea is hideous.