Rekt. Lets do this

Rekt. Lets do this.

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Holy Shit! Jaja

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Why post this psycho shit on a porn board. Go away.

>>porn board

Eat a dick fag


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Lol so much rekt in this nigga gets reparations, and ak guy shoots whitey.

Lived in China before. I've no idea why those braindead fucks always walk on the street with children. Even worse, they will hold their hand and the child will be on the car side while the older chinknugget is away from the cars. Legit braindead people

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> Checked.

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>Porn board
Absolute braindead butthurt newfag

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Fucking checked

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What's that mexican cartel doing to that guy?

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>on a porn board
Poor troll - try again


I get they're humiliating a corpse or whatever, but surely there's a massive risk of getting diseases by doing that

Props for him having the balls and shooting him in the arm, at least he did enough damage to not kill him and put him in his place

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Rapist caught.

> Mother got his nuts.

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NPCs blown the fuck out

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That's the 8-bit guy, he's a pretty cool dude

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Why are his fans stalking him?

Why are Asians book smart but fucking retards in life

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No clue mate.

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That webm was from a special "A day in my life" youtube vid he made

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Kek, didn't he know about the virgin walk meme?

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I need to get a dog.

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That guy working should be forced to watch this every day to remind himself of just how huge of a useless fuck he is.

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Probably not lel

lmfao other dude gives zero fux

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What in the ever loving fuck did I just witness?
That shit just mad me sad.

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Father and son had argument, father dared son to kill himself, son pulled through with it. Happened in China afaik

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Why do nignogs chimp out like that?

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Cred Forums is random you retarded faggot, anything goes.

I always expect his head to explode, but it never does.

I bet BoostMobil has their name, DOB, address, and bank info.

Story? Haven't seen this one before

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Should've pulled the trigger

Cronica, standing with the village

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The fucking idiot who touched the guy without wearing gloves. I'm shocked he didn't die as well.

Cause they are fucking niggers

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All these fucking idiots who don't know to go for the dogs legs. It makes them yelp and you could snap those things like a twig.

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How do you do that?

God i hate niggers so much

Who cares theres like a billion of them

These dogs are like the pitbulls of the dogworld

Finally something that makes me uncomfortable

She cheated on his brother with him and then he wanted to tell that to him. She then started to yell and threatened him and you see the rest.

>These dogs are like the pitbulls of the dogworld

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couldn't you make that pun a little more funny

couldn't you make your mommy a little more pony

the fuck

he got electrocuted, watch the fan yoou fags

this is porn to me newfag