New bread bonus for peeing/wetting

New bread bonus for peeing/wetting

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tfw no shota to pee in my butt

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Any pokemon shotas?

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got any more shotas with (somewhat realistically) fat butts

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If I could turn back time and get a do over of my life, I'd have way more sex at a way way way younger age

describes a big part of my childhood :(

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why the fuck do irl boys do this?

Please greentext

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Because their not betas obviously

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How about some of the classic shotas like Tails and Klonoa?

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I was a defiant wetter who mostly wet during bed but pissed myself during the day a lot too. Always took my diaper off to the point where I wasn't "allowed" to change myself anymore, which ofc added to my defiance. I understand now why my parents were strict about it but damn it sucked ass at the time

God wills it

I wonder, does anyone have any shota art of Morgana from the Persona 5 series

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lol but do they think people want to see their 8yo butts when all they wanna do is go to the bathroom?

maybe, seems like god always sends me to the bathroom to piss when boys are doing it though :/ kinda awkward to piss next to em, especially that time there were 2 at one urinal

Also perfect for bonsai ass eating

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why is this hot?

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Finally, some good fucking food

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you guys can ama if you are interested but I don't think I can greentext my entire childhood rip

Ever pee in someone's mouth?

Any long car rides

a few times, yes

As a shota? Was it sexual in nature?

yeah, definitely one of my least favorite places to get changed

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Yeah and some times were. I used to thinking cumming = peeing so blowjobs were gross

Who was sucking your pp?

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friend but he didn't seem to mind the pee

was it always other boys?

I let other girls touch my pp and watch me pee but I never got sucked. I did lick cunnies though. Wasn't that into it

Sounds cute

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nice get and it wasn't too bad. My parents weren't weird and didn't mind me being naked around girls. I remember being 8 or 9 and they somehow gave me the OK to go naked in a hot tub with my cousin who was the same age.
>that pic
I had to help a boy do that a few days ago and I definitely empathize with the guy on the left lmao

Your parents probably hoped you would lick the cunny instead of the pp. Also in that guy's place I wouldn't be looking away.

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Well the kid I was helping is six and I was at his dick height nervous someone would see. We were at the park and the bathrooms aren't open this time a year. Weird little dude expected me to pull his undies and jeans up too. He's also seen me piss so maybe he thinks he's a normie


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I think he is cute but his little dinger and undies are burned into my mind now. If I take him to the park today he is gonna pee before we go

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this looks like my asshole brother when he refuses to take a bath

>his little dinger and undies are burned into my mind now
Is that a bad thing?

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Not really, but I don't like seeing little boy dicks every time I close my eyes. I'm gonna be stuck babysitting him for a while so I guess I shouldn't worry about his nakedness. I'm probably gonna have to learn how to give baths and shit too lmao

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>but I don't like seeing little boy dicks every time I close my eyes
What are you, gay?

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I'm gay but his cock is tiny and not appealing at all

small ones are cute and nice

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his is tiny, not small. pretty sure his foreskin hangover is longer than his dick

....any anons ever actually try this with their buddies growing up?

tiny is nice
I wish I thought of it

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What were your wildest, nastiest experiences with other boys around puberty, especially involving peeing?

Did you do any butt stuff with your buddies back then?

I disagree but alright. I'm not even entirely sure how I got stuck in this arrangement

thought never really occurred

Can you describe the sexual peeing and the boys you did this with?

I tricked my friend into drinking my pee when I was 12ish. Peed on friends at the lake too but the bj was the lewdest I guess. And that happened before I had pubes

Its a blur user. I got sucked until it hurt and then I orgasmed and usually let my bladder go, not intentionally

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more pee? or todcon? or diapers?

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nice, any tod?

Is this what your looking for

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he looks a little big but close

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That's all I have

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I want to drag a desperate shota into an ally and force him to pee on my face

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What I would give for a shota sitting on my lap for a long car ride desperately trying to hold his pee only to slowly lose control and leak on to my lap his warm liquid embracing my thighs

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>Be 12
>Started seeing GoodNites being advertised
>Bedwetting diapers for older kids? Interesting...
>Re-sparks my curiosity about wearing diapers
>Lay awake at night thinking about them
>Think about wetting the bed on purpose so I can get some
>But paranoia sinks in again
>My mom would probably make me go to the doctor to see why I suddenly started wetting
>My brother would probably be mad if I leaked through the top bunk
>Plus, becoming a bedwetter would limit my options as far as sleepovers go
>Decide against it, but still occasionally fantasize about it

>Some weeks later
>Feel someone nudging me awake
>Feel really tired, my whole body feels super heavy.
>Try to sit up
>My shirt is wet
>My underwear is wet
>The whole bed is soaking wet
>I had actually, unintentionally, wet the bed

>Mom helps me down from the top bunk
>Gently tells me she has a bath ready for me
>Sit in the tub thinking about what happened
>Feel pretty ashamed, embarrassed
>Finish washing up
>Nobody says anything to me about what happened
>Basically act like it didn't happen
>Go to school, have a normal uneventful day.

>Bedtime comes again
>Lay awake thinking about last night
>Part of me wanted to take this as the perfect opportunity to start wetting the bed
>Other part of me was still pretty embarrassed about wetting the bed in the first place
>Even though everyone reacted a lot better than I thought they would
>Still decide it's not worth the risk

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>Be 7
>New family moved in 2 houses down from my aunt
>They have a kid close to my age who is looking for friends
>They also have a swimming pool

>Go over to their house to meet the new kid
>Stand in the doorway while his mom goes to get him
>See a younger boy, probably about 4, walking down the hall completely naked
>Think it's a little weird, but brush it off
>Maybe he just got out of the bath or something

>Boy my age comes to the door
>Seems excited to have someone else to play with
>Asks what I want to do
>Well, I already had my swim trunks on, so the pool obviously

>We head out back and jump in
>Have fun swimming for a couple of minutes
>Until his little brother comes outside, still completely nude
>He starts annoying us (can't remember how)
>Older brother tells him to go away and leave us alone

>We try to ignore him
>After a minute or so, I feel drops of water falling on my head
>Turn around and see the little brother trying to pee on me
>I freak out and splash water at him
>He starts crying and runs inside
>Their mom comes out
>Gets mad at us for being mean to little brother
>Makes us get out of the pool and watch while he gets to swim
>Little bro has a shit-eating grin the entire time

>Me and other kid decide to go back inside and watch TV
>Enjoying this for a bit, until little brother comes in
>Still with no clothes on
>He wants to watch something else
>We say we were here first
>He cries to his mom
>She makes us watch his pre-school baby shows

>Ask other kid if he just wants to go over to my aunt's to play
>He tells his mom he's going with me to my aunt's house
>She tells him he can't go
>They end up getting into a huge argument with lots of screaming and crying
>I just quietly let myself out and go back to my aunt's house
>Never see any of them again

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I fucking love that picture

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