Were you born a pedo or did something happen to you?

Were you born a pedo or did something happen to you?

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Answer me you perverts

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Did someone abuse you?

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I blame the internet.

How so?

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How did access to literally pictures of anything you want take you down that path? It just made me appreciate chubby chicks more.

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Little of both... there are flashes of my childhood that makes me go, "Uh, yeah, I shouldn't have known about that at age 5."

The rest is late 90s early 00s totally wide open internet.


You know the FBI probably has you on a list, right?

I found lolis. Real little girls are gross


Which one?

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Yeah, 3dpd right?

So glad you folks won’t breed

Idk i think it runs in my family, my mkther just recently told me her father molested her as a kid, and she thought she ended the cylcle by not molesting us, but my brothers ended of molesting me so..... i cant tell if im fucked up cause of that or the cum brain

So you’re a homosexual?

I molested my sister when she was 5 and i was 13. I almost came inside her. She grow up a drug head.

or its a chick.

Chubby chasers are secret pedophiles.

Why she turn to drugs? Can you explain in more detail?

Those two things aren’t related.

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So do adult women do nothing for you?

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Not a pedo, kys fag

Then this thread doesn’t apply to you. So are you s hebephile?

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