Mechanics are geeeeey

Mechanics are geeeeey.

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how to get a bf?

Hey Yuuki.

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Post your butt.

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Heyho. I have returned.

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At least post a cute cub

post ur butt

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kys pedo

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im not the one posting cubs

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Byster and Doland

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Too chub.

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Polite disagree

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Need moar barabara here!

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maaaaaa, geeeeey is the best we have tonight?

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latex vibes

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Chubby chaser.

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more like daddy issues

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I'll daddy your issues.

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Look at me

I'm the daddy now

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gay things are gay

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How much would it cost to hire a cute boy with a butt like this for a night?

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a lot of cum or a lot of money
maby both

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How about like $50?

thats gonna take a lot more cum then
its a balance thing

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Do femboys accept crypto payments?

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money is money

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hey gents!

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I'd accept crypto.

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Mechanics here

It's crypto still lol.

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>Thought you were calling mechanics gay >Realized it was a gay furry anime thread


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Nice, guess I'm going to be dining on cute boy asshole soon.

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Solve the daddy issues.

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discord gg/bARc5p

wtf did I do I just got in here

well remember you can make up for the money with the cum
give em a lotta cum and it makes the payment less

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^This. Feed cutebois lots of cum and you'll save yourself quite a bit of money.

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I'm willing to donate as much cum as I can there's not a lot of at once so you'd have to work harder for it.

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I swear you have a talent for posting the most unintentionally creepy shit

itd work on me
i like a lot of cum ill take that bet
not really

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I bet I could probably milk you dry. Would hardly have to pay me anything then.

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Daddy issues.

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Sounds like you just have internalized homophobia.

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I don't have dad issues dammit

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It's the art style


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Want some?

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Do boys really go into the changing room together?

they do if theyre gay
or really not gay
only those two things

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hey bun~

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>tfw only like 80% gay
feels bad man

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Daddy issues.

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Make my anxiety attacks lessen
my heart muscles are cramping my style to much

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im confus

D: why are you having attacks?!

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because I do

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:c well stop it

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not really my choice
just have issues and no tissues

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discord gg/bARc5p

I will send tissue :c

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need new cell tissues

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i will share mine

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Do it

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:3c ok

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Wem, summon the daddy issues.

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The daddy issues, wem, the daddy issues.

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do you have them?!?

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Don't we all do?
I know I do

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That user from earlier did.

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Stupid NS

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i-i dunno

why what was happening i wasnt looking

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Daddy issues was happening.

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Performing mouth-to-cock so this literally gay thread won't die

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Post your butt.

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