Let me get this right...

Let me get this right, Trump just bent you all over and fucked you all in the ass by declaring he will increase military spending to $2.2 trillion up from £850bn.

Where the fuck is the money coming from? Guess it means more cities and towns are going to lose more funding.

Why do you Americans allow this to continue? I suggest you all vote for something instead of Democrats or Republicans this year, to force a real draining of the swamp 2 years later, so corporations lose control.

Because that who is going to benefit from that $2.2 trillion.

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The Budget is Controlled by Congress, Trump can say whatever the fuck he wants.... that doesn't make it real.

The military is based you euro söicuck. We'll wreck your shitty country any day of the week if you ever decide to actually get uppity instead of whining impotently about Americhads.

We too busy fighting each other over who's side is right to notice.

the military industrial complex has gotta eat too!

Oh so based you couldn't beat the Vietcong or North Korea in 2 wars?

Easy to beat your chest when you sit your fat ass on your extra wide chair thinking you represent the military.

I do hope for your sake they reject the funding, they found it hard to fund the military after he became POTUS finding a further average 1.3-1.4 trn a year for it is going to be brutal to the people.

A lot of concessions and funding is going to be rekt.

wonder if you'll say that once the military rolls into your town for a lockdown

Congress approved the last $130Billion rise, why wouldn’t they approve this one too?

He’s playing to his ever-shrinking base of MAGAts. Nobody cares. He’ll be kicked out in November.

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Imagine not knowing history

>you sit your fat ass on your extra wide chair thinking you represent the military
accurate description of most righties

I do, because the US never won in Vietnam or Korea. Your point?

It was a Military Victory but a Political Failure.
They won the Military Engagements but could never win the war because in order to do that they would have to create a stable Government that the people trusted.
Which turned out to be a hard thing to do.

Go cry in the corner.

But they didn't win any military victory in any of the wars.

You categorically lost Vietnam, LOST.

You came to a cease fire against North Korea, the war is still technically happening because no Peace Treaty was signed.

You hate freedom if you don't want all of your taxes to go to the military and Israel.

I will not cry
I will consider sitting in a corner

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The US lost the war in Vietnam, the vietcong and Northern Vietnam took over the south after US troops were forced to leave by a treaty signed.
Vietnam went to war with Cambodia and committed genocide on their people until they gave up.
Thats what the US did in the Vietnam war, failed, and people suffered for it because the big bad US war machine had to intervene because Communism, and in turn it caused more people to suffer.
Korean war has never came to an end.
So no you did not have Military Victory in either war.

The Democrats want Medicare for all, what's a a 2.2 billion dollar increase in the military budget is way lesser of an evil

HAHAHAAAAA it means you don't get healthcare you halfwit, he's going to take your old parents off of medicare and rape you for your social security

and you're too stupid to get it :))

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I don't think you read correctly it isn't 2.2 billion but trillion. And its a 1.4 trillion increase.

Why would I care about social security? The baby boomers fucked that one up. Only a dipshit plans for social security to exist in 20 years. Lol

I misspoke then. I'll have to read up on this

nice mindset, reminds me of the boomers and their doom o' clock
you're a massive faggot and just like your parents when it comes to taking responsibility, cry me a river on how your vote is meaningless or some other shit to wash yourself clean, c'mon

Votes are meaningless when the two choices are chosen for you.

What would you rather die from, a gun or a knife?

Better spent on that then spent on illegal immigrants health care. Immigration is the country’s biggest problem and half you idiots want to push for them to all come here for free. Fuck that shit use the military funds to buy shit to take them out at the wall. Fuck you Mexico ... and I guess fuck you Canada

I am not American as said, so I didn't push for anything, but since your country isn't producing the people to take on the workforce you need, they have to employ people from other countries.

Or do you think Immigrants = bad, you know Italians going to the US = immigrants, British going to the US = immigrants also.

You sound like one of those people that think immigrants are only Mexican and Muslims.

The funny thing is, people will take this bait

But it isn't bait, he actually said it in his speech tonight.

>Guess it means more cities and towns are going to lose more funding.

That's only how it works in shitty centrally planned economies.

Socialist yuropoor detected.

More and more technology is being invented to handle more jobs. The problem bringing more immigrants is exploiting our system and using our funds for helping them and other shit. People on the left and AOC are demanding now the immigrants come in for free and get everything here free. I don’t get fuck all for free so why should they? And if you say it and you’re white you’re now a racist. White people cant say shit than the media wonders why all these teenage white kids are going on a killstreak. It’s so much more than just immigrants it’s bringing in more people to enforce dumb shit and dangerous religion. We don’t want to be China thank you. Yet that’s what people are trying to push for here.

However that is Asylum Seekers getting for nothing on the majority.

Also Tech isn't the problem, 20% of your Health Care industry is foreign because the US doesn't have trained people to take on the jobs. So what do you do?

over here, those are like, meaningless. we can spend all we want.

there's an old line of "buy land, because god ain't making any more of it". we have land in strategic places all over the world. the world would have been like "ok, nice compound/little town". then, we loaded that land with trillions of dollars of the most powerful, high tech weaponry. the world is like "ok, um..."

we own the world. it's ok that they're using metric. we know about both. being poly-something is usually a sign of higher intelligence.

That's quite the fantasy world you have going on there. Also there isn't trillions of high tech weaponry, you need to calm down.

Keep running your mouth Eurocunt. You'll come crying for us to save your ass again and when you do, you'll be oh-so-happy we spent what we spent on our military.

Ahh that old mindset thinking America won WW2.. that is always a good laugh.

You American sure get salty quite easily.

Let's be honest. We both know America is the one getting caught up in conflicts. Sending troops to Saudi Arabia, even know most of the country agrees they are not our friends because of what they enabled during 9/11 and their terrible record on women's rights. We can defend ourselves and others, but don't act like we're the big, quiet giant like we were during WW2. We're the ones going out there and getting involved in shit.

"America First! Make American Great Again! We don't want to be the world's police!"

I've yet to see anything the orange turd has done to make any of those statements tree.

There’s never going to be an outright no immigrants policy but strictly the ones that come in should need to have a higher education in a specific field that is currently needed and require to write equivalence tests to prove it. Yeah maybe more doctors or whatever not just a bunch of illegals shovelling shit because desperation wages leads to crime.

Yeet we manufacture and sell to other countries like u euro cucks that's where most of the money gets recovered along with some gain so it's not a waste and we arent burning our surplus like Germany practically wasting currency since they could resell

Part of the reason why UN/EU whatever you guys call your pathetic alliance rejected Ukraines request to join because of Russia your govt knows it cant handle Russia even when it's not fully through their Ratnik system. keep crying about a large military europoor peace through superior firepower.

discord gg/bARc5p

You can't blame your government for that no matter who is in power, you have to blame the bosses who employ illegal workers for cheap to save money.

And to be honest, the majority of the work they do is better and faster than the regular waste time construction guys you get in the US. Most hang about waiting for a "supervisor" to give the go ahead to build something on the plans, and when done wait again for another nod to go ahead.

Stretching the time to try and get more wage, because construction work can be seasonal. Same here in the UK they try the same shit, but people aren't as lenient as Americans they will refuse to pay until they start working again.

Lol u retards

Good talk but going to bed. Have a good one

We're only there because they agreed to let us have a base there and countries request airstrikes and support in return for currency which is why we're all around the world along with humanitarian missions like defending regions from terrorism especially rising in Africa from a copy of ISIS practically, engineers sent to build pathways and bridges etc etc

Half the people bitch about is just effected by propaganda and you havent even noticed it. "American bad and kill" we ourselves done more for the world then Autistic little brother of an alliance in EU that cant even compete with india.


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>the military industrial complex has gotta eat too

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>to $2.2 trillion up from £850bn
from dollars to pound sterling? huh?!

you can write the word soy here, Cred Forumscel.

Trump typing

Typo, UK keyboard has £ and $ next to each other.

>being poly-something is usually a sign of higher intelligence.
And yet you guys barely speak English.

How about this for history...

The Vietnamese have been fighting off Invaders for centuries. From China to France and about everything between. And for centuries they have kicked said Invaders the fuck out, including us Americans.
Vietnam is one of rhow places where you just let it be and let the people there do their own thing whatever it is

no u kæk

ah, yes, makes sense. But how much is that in Kroner? Also I want proper fish n chips in Copenhagen.

same goes for Afghanistan; they call it The Grave of Empires for a reason.

"Let's say every thing negative we can think of about Trump. We'll launch a fake Russian Collusion investigation. And just to be sure, let's impeach the fucker. He can't possibly win after that."

Highest presidential approval in decades.
Highest consumer confidence in 50 years.
Record turnout at the Republican Caucus yesterday (and he was running unopposed)
Dems turn a page 10 corruption story about Biden into a headline by impeaching Trump and probably took their only viable candidate out of the running.

Them Dems sho be smart.

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And Russia.

And how much welfare were they being given, mostly pushed by one party, so they would vote a certain way? There weren't gibs back then. People came to make a life. Now people come for the bennies.

Unless you genocide a people they will always kick someone out. Mongols were the most dominant army in history and they were eventually kicked out of everywhere.

Because the GOP had the house and the senate when that passed. Anything with Trumps name on it would be dead in the water after the Dems took the house last midterms

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those shit sources also per capita

>why improve the health and productivity of our workforce and improve the quality of life for millions of Americans when we could spend money to have Americans lose their lives at no benefit to the taxpayer?

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You may be retarded.

I wonder who runs the industrial military complex?

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Say what you want but if it wasn't for USA being able to ass wipe any country on the planet we'd already have had a world war by now. I'm glad the USA is corrupt as fuck and dumps all their money into military bases across the planet it makes it real hard for any brave country to stand up to them. They have a whole fucking ops team set up fighting every opposition state on the planet keeping everyone in line. It's dirty and sucks but the world is better off this way.

>source: some stormfag's blog

>someone doesn't like my made up sources


Ok kid whatever you say, just don't cry now.

I don't get why people think a shitty poor country like Israel has literally any leverage over the USA other than being a beta ally who throws money at us for weapons. Our dicks are certainly planted in their lips and they suck good for that arms deal

this, its obvious blacks pay more than they take out in welfare and prison costs

Who do you think backs the world banking system? Do you think it's fake? Who controls the fed? Who makes up half of all american billionaires? Who has the most powerful lobby group in america?

Collapsing empires are a different story unless of course the reason for said collapse was sticking their dick in the wrong hole. Kinda like Napoleon's France after sticking his dick in the Russian snow

Oh hai JIDF nice psyop. Get fucked you kike cunt.

Americans do you stupid fucking idiot go back to your echo chamber where a third world country like Israel is somehow the centre of the fucking planet lmao

discord gg/bARc5p

Fuck you

Says the snowflake faggot who can't keep his bullshit in his contamination board.

U.S. military is geared to battle Russia (former Soviet Union) in the battle of armageddon, not fight these limited protracted wars in little countries and act like policemen

Yet they didn't need to join, and did so, what is your excuse now?

Why don't you trust corporations? Corporations are the best people.

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Says the faggot who can't take his fap breads to the right boards.

Wow yeap you caught us damn you are so smart we are closing down the entire jew operation that's it boys some dumb cunt on the internet found us out

Spin harder fag.

Yeah, I'm the one throwing a tantrum

If it's true, it's not "spin".
You're arguing with children posting random bullshit.


You are, people are discussing things, and as per usual the upset and salty think when people discuss things they are angry and raging.

Typical projection behaviour.

So yes you are the one throwing a tantrum, since you resorted to attack like a kid.



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>Doesn't read bread
>Goes into Upset post meme mode
>OP isn't even American