Don't feel like waiting 6-8 weeks for a reply in /lit/... What's a good book to deepen my spiritual experience

Don't feel like waiting 6-8 weeks for a reply in /lit/... What's a good book to deepen my spiritual experience.
>Inb4 any new age vegan reiki shakra bullshit
>Inb4 the bible (already have it)
>Inb4 muslim or jew bullshit, not looking to eat foreskin or blow myself up

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The real answers.

>the ancient secrets of the flower of life vol 1 and 2
>awakening the third eye by samuel sagan

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Stuff that tries to spiritual tends to be incomprehensible garbage. If you want to know what different people and cultures believe, why, and figure out how you fit in, the only real way to learn it by the classic method of immersion and example: Mythology.

Read the Mabinogion, Kalevala, Mahabharata, Ramayana, Inferno, Paradise Lost, Le Morte de Arthur, Journey to the West, whatever.

Jonathan Livingston Seagull. Short, but profoundly insightful.

>the ancient secrets of getting pathetic idiots to buy your book vol 1 and 2
>awakening the third holiday home by samuel sagan

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>third eye
This better not be some burning man nonsense

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Be Here Now

Celestine prophecy

The Urantia Book

Read some Henry David Thoreau or Ralp Waldo Emerson.

some of the Brian Weiss or Deepak Chopra books

Op here, going to go with walden. Based reply

forgot the authors name but its called "discovering stillness". theres a two part interview on youtube with the author and hes a really chill old british dude who talks about just stepping back and taking everything around you in and really learning to appreciate it while not "trying" or "forcing" anything. basically just let it all soak in just the way it is. sounds like that might be what your looking for

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I'm pretty sure OP's "third eye" is pretty active and probably gaped.

The psychology of man's possible evolution.