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me up at 4 am watching one last youtube video before my tiredness beats my willpower

me too user, me too

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I'd touch the darkness within her

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Lol. I need to stop now and sleep while it's still early. It's only gonna be wednesday.

not particularly my favorite genre, but that was a good song. good job, user.

Wow, I remember seeing this thread a few months ago and it was interesting. Nice to see that you're still making it. I rarely come here but when I see this thread it makes me feel comfortable for some reason. Thank you.

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Just do it dummy

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thank you user, glad you enjoyed it.

Ok. Maybe tomorrow i'll watch anime for the first time. Sounds fun.

Right back atchya, buddy. Also, if you can, listen to mine.


I recommend the famous USA anime "family guy"

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Whoops, sorry. youtube.com/watch?v=oaY9sMGtWmg

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>family guy
That's for normalfags
He should watch the famous french anime "Oggy and the Cockroaches" instead

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Lol, someone just suggested on discord some anime called Euphoria or something. It sounds pretty cool. Is it any good?


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Try boku no pico as well LOLE iksde

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I'll give this artist a listen, I enjoyed this track.

Right on.


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man that shit was more boring than saw

Thats a clear copy of the anime, ummm
It was like a cow annd and a rat
I forgot the name

Hello aeguus
Doing good?


Hey Seras Victoria
Everything all right?
I saw until now the thing about you moving to Germany or something like that

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Yeah I'm excited about it

Just been laying in bed thinking for too long.

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You Fellas ever get bored and jerk it to Boku No Pico?

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It's Agoose, actually.
I'm doing okay, making some food right now. How are you doing?


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If you could Master any skill what would it be, and what would you do?

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I get bored and jerk it to alot of things, but I'm not that much of a degenerate.

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I'd master Smash bros so I can dunk on Little Timmy online.
And play in tournaments for fun, I guess.

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Really cool
I hope you already know german and good English

Yeah, absolutely
Everyday every night

I tried to write aegis but i just completely messed up, sorry
Also im doing good, I finally installed a n64 emulator on my xbox,
What you gonna eat btw?

I would master drawing
And draw anime boob

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Nahhh, Tor cheese pizza is where it's at.

It happens. For a while, the spelling was Aigis because that's closer to how japan pronounces it.
There are quite a few classic N64 games, I used to have an emulator on my computer, but I think I accidentally got rid of it.
I made steak and potatoes.

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Last thing I would want to master would be a video game, but I could understand that I guess.

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Music production.

Tons of money and your legacy is pretty much immortal

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Yep same I be searching up them Anime Tiddies all night Are you good at drawing user?

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There is quet enough people to draw things like that. Although I was thinking something along a similar Avenue.

You wish to be remembered?

Perhaps I do too
More than anything tho I wish to relate to people.

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Coke's new energy drink is pretty good. Don't know how effective it is compared to others.

There aren't many skills I see value in learning, being good at a game is among them, but at least it's fun.
Racing level driving and drifting would also be pretty cool to learn for a similar reason.

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If you were a master at it how could it be fun?

If it never challenged you again?

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I wrote incorrectly the name 2 times
Im starting to think that im really an idiot
I installed the emulator in the xbox because i didnt have a controller for my computer
You made steak and potatoes? sounds a little but boneless, do you add something special to make it more tasty?

That would be cool
That makes me feel a little bad because I remember all the soundcloud "artists" that that doesnt success at all

Just kidding, but I would like to be able to draw cool things
But im just too lazy for making something for myself

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Yep same I be searching up them Anime Tiddies all night Are you good at drawing user?

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Mastering and being the best are different. Plenty of people play Smash at insane levels, even if you master all the tech and know all the combos, you can still lose, especially when timing can be frame perfect at times.
Smash is a lot more technical than people give it credit for.

I think the official spelling is Aegis now, but Aigis is used fairly often too. Either way, the pronunciation is universally Eye-gis.
Can't you use an Xbox controller on the computer?
I use spices and cook the steak in butter, but that's usually it.

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Honestly no I do not want to be remembered, but I see a lot of people who do.

>More than anything tho I wish to relate to people.
Is this a problem with feeling empathy? I'm a bit confused
SoundCloud is a mixed bag honestly. I try and do my best by listening to smaller artists on Spotify or Bandcamp.

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I'll be up all night if I go further

It's been so long since I felt like this.
Its renewing. I think I'm going to start learning to draw again. Once I've dealt with studying tomoro.

I hope I can know this feeling at that time.

It's so odd. these feelings that make everything but making stories so dull and pointless.
Perhaps I do need to read more, my reading tonight made me feel this way again.
Made me want to emulate an author's mastery of bringing characters to life.

I hope someday I can make the thoughts i have into something compelling to read. I truly want to be an artist, despite how much I enjoy science I think art is my true passion.

I wont change majors there would be no point I'll finish school and start my career.
It would be best for writing to be something I enjoy rather than what puts food on the table.

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I feel blessed by that mugi brando, thank you
Im only good at coping draws, I tried one or two times drawing by myself but i never made something good

I only have one of the first controller of xbox, the original one, I managed to connect it to my pc but the n64 emulator wasnt able to use it
And steak with butter sound amazing, well... Anything with butter is really good, not healthy but good

Sadly i dont like many song, i just hear the same songs every time
I dont like the suggested music from almost any platform, they all sound like the same

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Wouldn't that mean it won't work on the console too?
A little bit of butter can make something very good, but it's best to only have in moderation.
Garlic, on the other hand, can go on nearly anything with no shame.

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Writing is cool, I enjoy creating characters that I'll never use in a DnD game. It's still fun to make them nonetheless.
Stories, however, are not my strong point.

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Have you ever played the hitler game on Wikipedia? Where you try to hitlers wiki page by clicking related articles in as few clicks as possible?

Try doing that in reverse with a song you like. Do 6 or 7 artists levels deep of suggested music to find something different.

But yeah if you don't vibe with music in general then maybe this won't help. Sorry I very much enjoy music and want other people to also

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It runs really good, for being a console from 2004 it runs really good
And now that i think about it garlic is also really good, from steak to pasta, good everything that doesnt involve vegetables as main thing

Not really, I remember a game like on Wikipedia that was like a text adventure but not anything involving hitler but i may try it
Listening to BFG Division and entering into a hitler game isnt probably the best thing to do but at least sound fun

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discord gg/bARc5p

I hope you had a good day aki

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Yes, I love Charlie

At least you got it to work at the end of the day.
I think there are plenty of good vegetable dishes out there.

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hello friends
guess whos drunk

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I wont be connected to discord in a while
I can send you my discord nametag if you want

At the end, all that matters is the power of friendship
I dont disagree, but vegetables with garlic i thinks its a no no from me, at least i dont remember anything with something like that

Im not drunk so i guess you

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It depends on the vegetable. Potatoes and a lot of the common greens are good with a little bit of garlic and butter, less common veggies, not so much.

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Hmm the Wikipedia game then.
This made my phone commit self die worse than scribble
Me on the inside?

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we have a winner folks
also cute waifu, one of my favorite girls

and me on the outside

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sorry carl

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Wow I love your drawing user! nah you do good compared to me I can't draw at all Lol It kinda looks like you did Sonya from Kill Me Baby as a Maid.

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To be honest, potatoes doesnt taste, if i eat them without or with something they still doesnt taste at all, maybe they get a little bit of flavor when they're combined with sauce but almost anything
Potatoes just add more amount of food
The only exception is fried potatoes, anything else than that just doesnt taste at all

It really sounds fun
Sadly i cant play it, im using a really old device and entering into websites make me have headaches

The yuru camp girls are also really cool, i havent seen the anime but the silent girl really look like best girl, it even has a crossover with snake

It was taiga aisaka but the poor color and resolution makes it looks horrible
Sorry for that

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What are ya drinking?
It's okay Jacob.
Ah sorry, another time then. I spy a cute fang girl

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yuru camp is really good, i need to watch the new heya camp shorts that are airing this season

lucky star was one of the first animes i watched and is the main reason i still watch sol anime lole

cap morgans earlier, drinking shitty cheap beer from now until slep

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I get what you mean, Potatoes just kind of exist. like, their mom told you that you had to bring them to the dish even if you didn't want to bring them along.

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If you keep on practicing you'll Just keep getting better it looks pretty good already can I have ya Discord Tag?

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Fang girl?

Theres a new season?
Maybe i could try to see it, it look comfy, maybe not the funniest thing on earth bit al least really comfy

Well... Potatoes saved Ireland, i think
Its a very nutritive thing, good in many ways
Maybe that the reason why

Sadly i wont be connected in a while
I only can talk here, sorry

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There was the great potato famine. Luckily, the U.S. saw it and thought "It's free slave labor."
And now we have railroads.

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Attached: Jesus_nigger.jpg (392x429, 88K)

Liqour then beer you are in the clear.
Have one for me.
Tsugu! She has fang

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I never actually finished Bloodborne. Maybe I should do that one day.


Attached: __aegis_persona_and_1_more_drawn_by_yasohachi_ryou__f3ed6fcbd1526f78786117b1c6e1bb4b.gif (500x500, 31K)

It's an amazing game, I loved it all the way through. I like this battle theme :)

Attached: Riamu314.jpg (1200x1060, 456K)

I remember getting lost somewhere then forgetting about the game after a week or so.
Marnie is the best girl, too bad Morpeko is kinda lame.

Attached: __aegis_whimsicott_and_tytannial_princess_of_camellias_pokemon_and_3_more_drawn_by_jyon104__95191df0 (400x564, 100K)

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I'm a huge fan of souls games, I played it a ridiculous amount recently, Marnie is really cute
You should give it a shot again, if you feel like it
Debiru fren!

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hi hiii

Attached: 185831424001202.jpg (720x1016, 85K)

Nice to see you :)
I hope you're well

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>she was posting her rude

Attached: 903792c5b1998d73af686fffd8948386.jpg (696x1132, 89K)

i've been better but i'll be okay
how are you?

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I enjoyed Dark Souls a lot, I think Bloodborne's high aggression style put me off a bit.

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I hope you're okay, is there anything you want to talk about? Do you want a hug?
It's different, I really enjoy the style of Bloodborne, horror aspects and clothing rather than armor is really neat to me.

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i just think too much sometimes i guess.. a hug would be nice

have your heard the new lorna shore album?

Attached: ULICByo.jpg (1920x910, 120K)

I'm sorry to hear friend.. Things will be okay, you can do it.
I hope whatever is on your mind will be okay soon. I did hear it! I really enjoyed it :) I'll listen to it a bit now.
Try and have some happy thoughts, do something you enjoy nice friend. I'm sorry I can't help as much as I want to

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i just wanna look at stars...
oh look at that thread full off shinies

Attached: 1559938040894.gif (600x450, 1.08M)

I just want to pat the fluffy
Oh look, a bun full of fluff!

Attached: Riamu458.jpg (655x1490, 81K)

that didnt rhyme -.-

Attached: 1576516376576.jpg (1197x1449, 217K)

Hmm.. I'll just pat instead, too hard to rhyme

Attached: Riamu308.jpg (827x1200, 761K)

nice rhyme pink
youre gonna be world famous singer song writer

Attached: 1553009115139.jpg (1538x1742, 203K)

I haven't given it a full listen yet but I like everything I've heard of it so far. I'm listening to it right now too (:

it's not really fair for me to ask others to help me feel better, but I appreciate you for being nice to me. thank you

how was your day?

Attached: Souryuu.Asuka.Langley.full.1469944.jpg (775x1128, 350K)

I'll be a famous idol!
Thanks bunbun, I'll remember you when I'm on the big stage!
It is fair :) Frens help other frens
My day was okay, I slept till 5pm though.. I'm not very proud of that. I do hope you'll be okay though

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I hate Xeno Jiva

It just wasn't my thing. I'd rather play Dark Souls over it.

Attached: __aegis_persona_and_1_more_drawn_by_slugbox__6a2ccf5315a4ac8147fc6bf416583660.png (840x1200, 616K)

I somewhat recently played Dark Souls 1 again, I really loved it, I use to prefer Dark Souls 3 but now I just really love the first. I never played Ds2 though or Demons Souls
I played Monster Hunter too when it first came out for a good while

Attached: Riamu98.jpg (1064x1024, 912K)

i sleep in too much a lot too
i should probably sleep soon so that i don't do that tomorrow haha

i'll be okay!

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I hope you'll be okay, you should try rest in bed
I'll be here tomorrow.
Even if I'm not talking. I'm usually here

Attached: Riamu250.jpg (849x1200, 319K)

I haven't played the original, but I hear it's good, aside from the broken PvP.
Monster hunter is tons of fun.

Attached: __aegis_persona_and_1_more_drawn_by_yashiroku__sample-bcb17a1b8b1fb0cb4196ef878357d6a1.jpg (850x614, 152K)

Attached: 1507868464295.jpg (514x1157, 117K)

It's a lot of fun, both ds1 and Monster hunter. I wanted to try Iceborne but I'm not sure
Longkari can't sleep, hug

Attached: Riamu467.png (978x1024, 1.6M)

I'm about to start Iceborn stuff soon. Hopefully, it's not too much more difficult than regular stuff. I'd hate to have to grind for weeks to play it.

Attached: __aegis_labrys_metis_unit_024_and_shadow_labrys_persona_and_4_more_drawn_by_observerz__sample-15e36f (850x417, 107K)

Hopefully all goes well, I've heard really good stuff about it. I'm sure you'll have fun with it

Attached: Riamu83.jpg (827x1169, 700K)

i'll try to say hi after work tomorrow then!
maybe i'll try to work on another drawing to help take my mind off stuff

you're probably right though i should try sleepies for now

Attached: neon-genesis-evangelion-anime-girls-asuka-langley-soryu-asuka-langley-shikinami-wallpaper-preview.jp (728x1019, 119K)

I like seeing you here
I'd love to see your drawing after you finish it :)
I hope to see you, it's okay if you can't make it though. I'll see you next time
Please sleep well debiru fren

Attached: Riamu466.png (885x1254, 1.67M)

If I have trouble, I'm sure I can find some friends to play with.

Attached: __ayanami_rei_and_aegis_persona_and_2_more_drawn_by_ks53__76403e3818ebe544908de6c6f1bcfebf.jpg (795x648, 261K)

night night fren!

i always like talking to you

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