Op of kristin here sup fags ama

Op of kristin here sup fags ama

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Totally not OP. Post something never seen before.

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woah holy shit. got anything nastier you've never posted? does she know? do her friends know?

No not really and not sure

Never seen any evidence of any contact with her

post the first nude pic she ever took

Earliest i have

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how about earliest dressed?

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Where's the vid of her putting her hair back to suck dick?

that thing is around. would rather op share her shower vid

nice trips

any clear shots? or just potato

Does she know you share her? What was her reaction if so?

What shower vid?

You got any vids?

Anyone got a full gallery

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are these from 2005?

I dont think so




Why did you do it?

how was she fucking? did it take a lot to convince to send the nudes?

She not hot too you?

She is but it's fucked up. Don't get me wrong I enjoy them but If i was her I'd get some of my dude friends to fuck you up.

Also that being said show me her asshole