How do i leave my small town if I’m on probation for being black? Seriously

How do i leave my small town if I’m on probation for being black? Seriously

>lost my whole life
>parents are poor
>never get to travel and go on vacation
>parents never even have money for a hotel one time
>only time i traveled on my own i had to drive to the major city and sleep in my car for 2 days
>never have friends
>everyone here is an evil redneck fucked in the head poor
>only friend i had growing up with dead
>never go on vacations or trips with friends
>5 hours from a small city 7 hours from a real city
>parents are too poor to ever go
>24 hours from the beach
>24 hours from good weather
>cold as fuck all year long
>freezing cold from like November until April
>nothing to do
>no one around
>my town is like broken down buildings, broken down railroad tracks, no stores, nothing to do
>everyone around me is freakishly fucking poor
>like people picking up cans and bottle off their yard trying to get drunk or get cigarettes
>everyone out here is struggling just to buy their next hit of whatever drug or get a pack of smokes
>i try to get away
>i finally make some money get my shit together start saving up improving myself working out again eating right digging myself out of my hole
>BOOM fuckin god
>fucks it all up
>never had a chance to begin with
>was born so fucking poor that making it out of this hell hole would of been impossible without packing up and going on a bus and being homeless
>finally start saving up money LITERALLY just to get a car, start working, saving, get a job in a city, can get around, take a bus if i need to, wait tables get roommates
>fucking all of it was ruined
>my life ripped away from me
>brutally punished
>ass raped
>never do anything
>get it worse than anyone else not doing anything wrong and already born with the worst life possible

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What is the point of this meme/spam. I honestly do not understand. Please help.

To the best of my knowledge it's a real guy like half the time... He was on drugs driving and blames everything on God instead of himself.

I cannot guarantee that this is the real him tho

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I remember this nigger. I told him to pack his shit and to steal a bike. Fuck off

I just wanna leave

>would of been impossible without packing up
>would of

LARP too good for it to be fake, repost maybe though

Why post this on Cred Forums and not /adv/? Everyone on this board is as braindead as a dead fetus. All they know is porn and race wars. Despite fucking /gif/ literally right there they instead post an absurd amount of porn on here for no reason. What the fuck happened to Cred Forums raids?

In short Cred Forums is trash. Go get some real help big homie

I posted this on adv so much I got banned

I am not bothering to learn proper language or anything out here I lost my life

God is a cruel mistress.

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Then do it dude... Fuck. I've insulted you about your unwillingness to take even a little bit of responsibility for your actions in the past. I've also offered you sympathy several times.

Just fucking leave... Who cares about your probation officer. Tell that feggit that you got a job in southern Canada or wherever and just do it.

You just sit here and wallow in b when you control your actions and you ultimately have the choice to do whatever. If God is fucking you then YOU ARE LETTING HIM FUCK YOU.

Why am I (you)-ed in this? I literally said nothing like that

this dude has been posting the same threads for years. the amount of advice he has gotten is enough to write a book. if this isn't spam/ copy pasta then he wouldn't be posting it anymore because he has had the questions answered about a million times. if you ask me mods should permaban anyone who post this stale pasta. at this point its no different then the navy seals pasta etc

This happened to me too OP.

Do this
(I'm also " schitzo"

Order acacia bark off the deep web
Cook dmt
Go to a festival and sell it

Also get on food stamps

My wickr is getsmurfed

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I’ve tried it all. And if I run I lose my license for life. Literally impossible

I think it's the real guy most of the time... I've seen this thread and like 2 other threads that are in his writing style as recently as like 2 months ago on the same night. Other people notice his writing style and call him out on it in those threads and he admits it's him. That's why I said earlier that 50% chance it's actually him

No festivals for probably 7 hours...

ive seen him talk about being on probation since like 4 years ago. around 2016 or even earlier. probation doesn't even last that long. at most its 1-3 years unless you have done some really bad shit. and if thats the case then fuck em. do the crime pay the time.

No. This is why it’s god. Years ago I was asking how to leave my town and be homeless. I finally got money and god struck me down.

Lol you're still at it huh?
You're on probation for a DUI. You deserve to rot. If its so bad, just anhero.

Did you see his response to you just now? Always completely unreasonable and unwilling to share enough info to give real suggestions...

Some will win, some will lose
Some were born to sing the blues
Oh, the movie never ends
It goes on and on, and on, and on

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Hold up bro. How you posting that much? If you're really as poor as you say you shouldn't even have internet. Let alone a computer or phone

You really dont know poverty...i went to heroin dens here where people were heating their stove with an oven and shooting up all day and they had internet

That’s the thing..i didnt do it I dont consider myself guilty

Maybe if you stop spamming this shit god will have mercy on your niggardly soul