Trap thread

Trap thread

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All Wish is to marry Lexi

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Finally a trap thread with traps who actually pass

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this you?

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>being this fucking new

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Learn to read file names you pleb

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listen mate im here to beat my dick like the rest of yous i can’t not be a newfag

hard time believing thats a trap

such a nice tummy ;)

all oc btw

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anyone have that webm of that cute blonde trap masturbating and showing feet?

Do you have a kik/discord?

Shit my negro that's all you gotta say
You're getting me hard af bby

Gonna need some definitive proof I'm afraid

octaviagracexo is my kik

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please have a thicc booty to go with those pretty eyes

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Any with feet?


Best i've got, babe

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Gape your hole

You the lowest of the low
Look at your pathetic selves
It would be wrong for me to denounce your right to live
But you truly don't deserve it
As even nature seems to agree
To be degenerate is to die
Furthermore it is to waste ones life
Maybe some day you will see for if you don't fear it
But that would only bring you a different kind of suffering
Your existence is futile

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Hmm, idk well do I? :3

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Lol, imagine not being a fag in 2020, could never be me

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i really cant tell from this pic, i can tell that it looks smooth and soft, and id like to see more

Don't have any gaping yet. Here's an old one with 3 fingers tho, maybe soon unless you're able to convince me ;)

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God I want to be inside you
Pretty please gape for me later


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Sadly I dont keep too many nudes, but I'll keep posting until I run out ;)

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just thicc enough, thanks cutie!

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Needs bbc

You're welcome~

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no u

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I agree!!

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Is allana around? Would love some new oc

Any user have that one gif of the one trap putting a cucumber in their ass with their foot? Then on their thigh it says daddy?

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The best for me

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Is it bad I want to fuck a trap? Where can I find a good one? Grindr?

thats jennatrap, the whole vid is on pornhub

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Fucking thank you!!

jennafantasma > jennatrap

>double 55
Also cute
Any info you can share?

If they are not on hormones you'll regret it. Once the makeup is gone and you've cummed deep inside her, you'll see her for what he is, a man. She'll smell like one too. Unless shes like 19 or so and with a hormonal imbalance or something.

Who dis

ecchievement / janexoxo

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she fukkin hot too goddam

super cute

also curious

The proportions of this room are just.. what the fuck

Thanks user

I know brah, her valkyrie looks got me hooked, wish she could give me viking looking children. Those tits are fucking awesome too, they look so natural, wonder if they are pure hormone too.

Nah some are fem enough to see pass the man part especially if they stay wearing clothes and aren’t completely nude. But voices sound manly af tho. Look on Grindr, discord, and some on here if your lucky.

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Emberslut, theres a bunch of her pics on vola.


Fuckkk who she?

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but theyre soo big for a transgirl idk if they can be all natural, they look fucking amazing tho

So fucking gay


does lexi have cute feet?

Sure does, shes a big girl at 6' with a lot of feet to worship.

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Do you have nudes

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i like tall girls, the last two i had were 5'9 and 5'11, and thanks for the feet they really are cute!

How tall are you? I feel like they like really tall guys, I don't bother most of the time.

am just over 6'


dont think so

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Would be a lot cooler if you did

Femenine buttholes

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she used to do nudes(i dont have em either), but some shithead ruined it for us, now she just specializes in cutely naughty, and tbh im lovin it

How was it ruined? I seen some too and she was pretty ok with it for a bit anencephaly suddenly just stopped

>but some shithead ruined it for us

How? Didn't know that.

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discord gg/bARc5p

she said it a thread lastnight, she didnt elaborate more than saying somebody treated her badly and she didnt like it.

what you got for me?

Traps here

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Thats too bad, shes real nice.

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all of my THIS

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Any real sub traps kik terrycruze369

>somebody treated her badly

Some of them love it though.

She doesn't
She's a flower, an angle even

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true, however shitting on ppl is still shitting on ppl, maybe ask what they like first

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Don't get me wrong I'd never do it not to her or anyone. I just know someone who thinks equals manliness, I though it was the way to go, I can see it backfiring now.

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bruh be original, bump with cats or something, tons of fags do hitler,scat,spiderman,or niggers, dont be like everybody else

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I know, sometimes she'll answer one of my stupid questions and it makes my day.

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>tfw fag won't stay in his lane
you stick to being a fag, and I'll stick with being a troll

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either you dont know what word means or your just doing it wrong, what your doing is shitposting not trolling

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This trap has a pretty good snap that she updates almost every day.


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He bout to do the time warp.

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its just a jump to the left

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Someone rape me please

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hot! I'd tear the other leg for you (:

And then a step to the right,

this is my kinda girl, show me your ass

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>dat pic of lexi working a dildo with her lil uncut peen poking out from the skirt
Feel bad for you bros who never got to see

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Everyone better go hard!

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Saw it
Have you ever seen her bussy?

Big rape

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has kat been around? Haven't been in these threads in a minute

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01/25 last time I saw her in a thread

I want to shove it all the way inside

How high are you?

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Good, how are you?

She really looks passable. I envy her that ability.

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I haven’t trapped in a while do y’all care if I have pubic hair?

Attached: A2ED3925-7144-414C-84AE-26E8A6B3F31A.jpg (302x376, 23K)

hans had one to mean at the beer garden lol

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Attached: 20190210_014021.jpg (400x300, 14K)

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Attached: 20190616_215716-1512x2016.jpg (1512x2016, 479K)

Depends, is it well groomed at least

Attached: 20190616_215458-1512x2016.jpg (1512x2016, 445K)

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discord gg/bARc5p

a well manicured bush is sexy when done right

>Hitler and traps
Best thread ever.

Name :) pleaseee

Probably not, unless it's like full on 70's Jew fro.

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show range day

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Oh yiss

discord gg/bARc5p

Trap I'm currently talking with, how is she?

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haz qt traps or nah?

Question was answered guess I’ll dump

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Want the succ

discord gg/bARc5p

pretty cute, id hit it

Or range night :p

Attached: 20200205_002631-756x1008.jpg (756x1008, 184K)

and cute

That's insane

day, night, whatever gets me pics of this qt with an ak

Feet please!!!

no, thats cerise, aka ceri-qt

Looks like Bradley Manning really let himself go.

i fucced it up, its ceri_qt

Holy shit that's hot, is there a link for the video and sound playing together?

thats perfect, thank you!

2 diff. things all but both of her.

Attached: 1580177342811-.jpg (1080x1920, 294K)

That you? Also nice dubs

I'm trying to

Attached: Screenshot_20200204-233840_1.png (1080x1436, 1.28M)

She's got a 6'7" bf now, there's no need for our attention anymore.

Dumping some low quality panty pics

Attached: 5F485DE1-B2CC-4609-920B-A91CC79C013F.jpg (3024x4032, 735K)

any in this type of pose?

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Attached: 4FDCF8F1-78CA-4E9B-8ACA-58C50975EE2E.jpg (3088x2316, 1.7M)

Of you?


I'd squirt in her goofy lookin ass

this ain't a trap thread, this is a tranny thread

thats some high quality tum, even in low quality pics, please continue

not all over those glasses.

Poor little newfaggot, fell for the "reeee traps can't be trans" bullshit


Attached: C5A9F49F-74B9-4958-B8FD-BC27B44E375E.jpg (3024x4032, 800K)

Looks like a granny and has the room of one too.

nice spankable booty ;)

Attached: 1299632254.jpg (300x387, 103K)

Videos of you cumming?

would you mind if i put some soft kisses all over that tummy?


booty with some meat!

No that wouldn’t be a problem at all ;3

You have a Kik?

This is a fag thread, but not this kind of fag my friend

the irony is those greek and roman faggots loved gay and sex and little bois

James Charles

Attached: EB97F78F-92FB-41D9-B35D-38C439FE47B4.jpg (1000x1000, 117K)

here you go user! Certain angles are difficult sometimes lolol

Attached: 20200205_005434.jpg (4032x3024, 1.89M)

You like anal?


so generous and thiccy

youre sexy af user

Attached: 1401144222249.webm (600x450, 1.12M)

More ass.

I found the perfect trap for Cred Forums
Anons you seriously have to check this "chick" out. "Her" whole channel is a fucking gold mine. Currently only 23 views.

Although you're never gonna forget her or mentally let her go I promise you this isn't a Rick roll. Take the time to click the fucking link. You won't regret it.

Let me know what y'all think!



Attached: 9H2GSZu.jpg (885x1074, 115K)

Looks like PartialAsian


You're sexy as fuck!

Mmm yes. Moar!

more of this sexy creature

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friend of my sister, so cant post ig.

Attached: 71169541_164711611310596_6153368807498314116_n.jpg (540x960, 100K)

anyone locked in chastity tonight?

Attached: 1546648720724.jpg (960x1283, 678K)

More please

Where'd you get those pics then?

Here's a good one I found

his IG

Attached: 46921978_382904678944198_7497664239809097303_n.jpg (540x960, 90K)

Attached: image0 (2).jpg (371x495, 22K)

Attached: 72215458_517009305804168_812002748478909854_n.jpg (1080x1080, 58K)

Sauce? We're can I get a significant other like the one in the white shirt?

hiii hehe

Attached: 77BB3C99-96A4-4AB9-B4AB-BE2FD35241D9.jpg (476x640, 89K)


Attached: BB761D04-DFD6-4DBA-9B9A-1EA20BFCD137.jpg (1932x1932, 430K)

Wait wtf, more

Mmm so tiny and sexy

show the back side


Attached: Trap01.jpg (2560x1440, 1023K)

Omg post more.

my toes are cold, i wana snuggle up and go to bed : )

I'm also trap but I hate my feet and toes haha. You really have very pretty thighs and feet. I love you:)