How come everyone on Cred Forums is a contemptible piece of shit?

How come everyone on Cred Forums is a contemptible piece of shit?

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Cred Forums is Cred Forums just without the pr0n

Beats me. I'm a compatible piece of shit

because almost none of them are white but wish they were.
Also it's just a outrage bubble where everyone is trying to troll everyone else so it becomes a big trollarama where poe's law goes into the hilbert space it's so double-bluffed

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Seems more like Cred Forums without the braincells

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Because most of them are fascist. Being a worthless piece of shit is a prerequisite for becoming a fascist.

>Implying Cred Forums has braincells

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Apparently, constantly posting one's opinion is also a prerequisite for becoming a fascist.

Yeah more than Cred Forums

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I appreciate the continued theme of images and I'm sorry you had a distasteful experience on Cred Forums I guess


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Cred Forums is just stormfags 2.0 and maybe every once in a while it's something funny, to be spammed with Jew hate.

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Because they're insane.

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...and they've only gotten worse in the 5 years since that was posted

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>How come everyone on Cred Forums is a contemptible piece of shit?

Ask yourself OP because you are here too.

What are you?

15 year old contrarians, NEETs angry that they can't get pussy, and neo nazis congregate there. What'd you expect?

>you are here too.
We are on Cred Forums right now, though.
Fucking poltard can't even tell what board he's on.

>distasteful experience on Cred Forums
>implying any other kind of experience is possible

So it's like Cred Forums but with more anger?

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I like Cred Forums

That's not okay.

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your scatological opinions are not accepted.

because you are a tranny or a tranny loving faggot

Oh no!
a bunch of faggot trap worshipers think they’re funny! lmao!
what are we ever gonna do???

Shut the fuck up cracker

Didn't nazis make numerous technological advancements and aid the americans in the moon landing? Sounds like cope.

we killed all but their scientists. would kill again.

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they used their "technological advancements" to be niggers. The Nazis were some of the biggest niggers in modern history

>would kill again.
all of them

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Who's "we"? I keep hearing that but in the American civil war was between two factions of far-right Christian white men. Then in WWII, a far-right Christian pro-gun faction helped defeat the nazis and Japan.

Where were the liberals again?

they made fun of you didnt they? lmao

oh no the board that has devolved into nothing but 24/7 tranny and gay porno larping threads is upset. golly gee I wonder how they'll sooth their ass hurt? probably with some gay dudes filling their ass holes up with pozzed sperm

what's it like having the mental age of a child

Because they haven't yet caught onto #InTheBag2020

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It's great, Cred Forums sees me as some kind of Einstein.

this. though the Cred Forums user does get dosed with nigger dicks every day

>t. tard who got banned for posting porn

>Where were the liberals again?
Rent free in your head

>Cred Forums is full of porn-addicted shitskins
>still think their opinions are worth shit

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All the triggered polfags showing up in this thread

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Fuck up wh*te boy

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Cred Forums is getting clowned


bumping. the pol salt is flowing!

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they are angry about smol penor

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Not really. They were behind on radar, nukes, computing, and other important technologies which define the modern era. Mostly they spent their time iterating on their weapons. Their only good tech was rocketry, and they were like 2 months ahead of the Allies on jet engines.

All the summer/b/ags ITT seething about Cred Forums while we don't even think about you.
imagine being the Cred Forumsigger nigger, having others live rent free in your mind, simply because you can't cope with us natsoc dabbing on your every thread.


Old Cred Forums was alot better,
sincerely, ancientfag.

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wow fag no one asked you

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haha mad

dropping another one since nobody even remembers what Cred Forums was supposed to be like.
Cred Forums is old Cred Forums in a newsworthy jacket. old Cred Forums is dead, you are occupiers of dead land, salted by the previous inhabitants and you flail hopelessly trying to cultivate crops on said salted lands.
Hopeless and sad.

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Nice rage comic bro.

that faggot came prepared.
10 bucks says there's a discord behind it, filled with tranny dicks.
Cred Forums is infested with crosdressing trannies from tumbler. for all intent and purposes, it IS tumblr now.

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>larping as an oldfag
What a faggot

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you can't even pretend to be a newfag dumbass.
i can smell your stink all the way over here.

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>no snarky replies or gorepost
absolute state of newfags, here let me show you how it's done.

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>the absolute state of summertrannie stink
have a you, canadian.

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Fuck niggers.

Fuck jews.

Fuck trannies.

Fuck jannies.

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Their garbage gullible people or Russians.

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>Cred Forums

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All you can do is meme...
Literally the only think you're capabilities of is reporting someone else's memes.
That's gotta suck. No wonder you mad