Girls perfect for BlackedRaw

Girls perfect for BlackedRaw

• White girls only
• No fatties

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Built for BBC.

Post your hand and show your skin tone OP!
Don't you think this thread is a little gay? Why can't you just fatasize about YOU fucking the girl, why does there need to be another man who is not you in the way?
Sounds pretty fucking faggy to me.
I think you need to get laid

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Yeah. That’s a girl that doesn’t fuck white boys.

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That’s Austrian booty

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Doesn’t look like she’s ever been with a white boy. She gets Blacked by immigrants on the regular.

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these are fucking nice man

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She loves getting ravaged by niggers.

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these are incredible user thank you - please do this one!

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would love to see these posted on the BlackedFantasy subreddit

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Looks like the type of white girl that fucks herself with a BBC dildo to BlackedRaw when she’s not being fucked by a BBC.

do you make these?

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Posting them one by one, there’s a post limit there.

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White girl advertising herself as a snowbunny to attract BBC.

I bet she plays all innocent and everyone thinks shes not even interested in sex but she spends all her free time watching blacked and fantasizing about riding 12 inch black cocks

thank you user!

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Austrian booty

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Could you make one of

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youre a god among boys. do you have an imagefap?

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Pale skin white girls are so fucking perfect for BBC.

she'd look so good getting destroyed, she'd love it

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Not my type and low quality image.

Just started doing them. I don’t have one but I’ve been posting them on and on /r/blackedfantasy.

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Desperately needs to be ravaged like this.

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Skin like this?

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PAWGs perfectly pair with BBCs.

she'd be screaming

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Fuck yeah. Milky white.

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Endlessly creaming on BBC.

Good piece of Austria?

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What font do you use?

did you do this?

I think I've seen your stuff but I didn't know you were around! you should make an image fap, i'd follow you haha

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Helvetica Neue Extra Black for the “Boy Bye” and etc. The other text are Helvetica Neue Black. I kerned them myself. For the logos, I used inspect element to get the SVG file on their websites.
I didn’t. First one I made was the Jordyn Snowbunny one here the following ones that are replies to it are done by me.

Fuck yeah, I can imagine all the herpes gotten from BBC, keep them coming OP

Genevieve will never be satisfied by white boy after her first BBC.

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She cockteases white boys who dump their savings just to get a little attention from her when she’s not getting her brains fucked out by a BBC.

Getting AIDS never looked hotter, MOAR!!!

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Frail white girls are the best.

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she'd lose her mind getting fucked until her brain melted

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>no fatties
Hahahahahhahahaah best fiction I've read in years

id pay to watch...

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Does she do nudes?

Oh yeah, likely melting thinking about all that HIV, fucking hot!! Post moar!!!

thoughts on her?

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A nigger will break her while she uncontrollably orgasms.


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She needs AIDS in her life

Post em.

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Truly built for BBC.

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She looks like Kendra.

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Looks like

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White boys can’t handle that.

OP please do this one if you can!

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Does she have a BF?

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White cuck or black?

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Get her in there with that stud.

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she is hot

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Well she’s Austrian so white lol do you have kik btw?

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discord gg/bARc5p

Needs to be spit-roasted on a couple black poles.

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>• No fatties
That's all the black guys hit, IRL.

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Guess who.

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