Do you wear a watch everyday Cred Forums?

Do you wear a watch everyday Cred Forums?

>you are an upstanding responsible member of society, right Cred Forums?

>pic related, my Rolex Datejust

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yes but it's not interesting at all. Just a random uninteresting fitness watch.
What's the point of having a Rolex? My Polar M340 is much more practical.

>What's the point of having a Rolex?

The history and prestige of the watches and brand. They hold their value really, really well and are iconic and timeless. Great to look at, many varieties and are marvels of craftsmanship and engineering.

They have a practical aspect to them, as a watch, but they sure are prettier than a Polar M340. More of a status symbol, conversation piece and a highly liquid wearable asset.

A gold Rolex is literally worth it's weigh in gold, and then some.

>pic related

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Yep. Have a few rotating pieces, nothing over $1000 yet though

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yes, just started my collection
goal is to get rolex one day

And yes, I have a couple.
I just don't need to know time badly enough to justify the feeling of being harnessed.


What Rolex do you want? My goal is a gold Sky Dweller.

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No. Just when I have to swing my dick.

Of course. Pic related. And before you ask, yes it has a rubber case and screen protector.

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Deprogramming aggressive competative turboantihedonistic mormons with watches like scientologists.
Make a hooker wear that watch and cum on her face.
Find out the problem of your insecurity and since they are cluster B types tell your work collegues to cum on a picture of their parents, their religious advicer, a cross, a swastika, a watch, a minority.

So lets talk about deprogramming cults like the Freemasons.

Just imagine to sexually abuse their symbols like an eye. Imagine cumming on an eye, a pyramid.
Sexually abuse their symbols.
Works for churches and cults like scientology, corporate identity, and government loyalty (cum on the flag)

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Who wears a watch anymore when we're all constantly staring at our phones ?

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GMT in gold looks weird.
gold day-date is god tier, and chocolate daytona is a close second.

Also, the 14060 sub is the goat sub

I work in a SCIF...

Currently not wearing watch because I'm working in a kitchen atm. Cant afford a Rolex yet but wouldn't mind one someday. Not exactly sure what kind I would want anyway. I've been wanting a Casio watch for awhile though. Pic related is very similar to my current watch. Its simple and makes me feel like a poor fag but I still love it.

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Little angular for my taste, but that's pretty nice.

BASED! That might be the best all around mechanical watch for hard use, right?

I think it looks pretty tits, especially with the subtle gems. It's a pretty baller travel watch, but not too flashy.

I have a phone that tells me the time. I don't need some faggot man-jewelry to show off to people that I have money to throw away on man-jewelry.
Get over yourself.

I quit wearing a watch.

I used to wear one in the air Force when I wasn't flying, but I took it off when I flew, I don't remember something about safety when you did your preflight. I don't remember too well, my brain is starting to get fried from drinking.

I used to want a breitling

Anyway, I just use my phone now. Sometimes I think of it like a pocket watch.

I wear a simple guess watch
Pic related, it's the model

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>I think it looks pretty tits, especially with the subtle gems. It's a pretty baller travel watch, but not too flashy.

It's on a jubilee, has gems, and is gold... It's flashy m8. I just don't really like the GMT. I guess it's "complication" fills a very small niche, but how hard is it do simple math to calculate the time in other zones?

mogs any rolex

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>non flyboi here unless satellites count lol...what aircraft?

I'm the newfag who said I quit wearing watches earlier, but I still kind of want one of these

LMFAO. Fag detected.

I bought mine at Walmart. No one cares what kind of watch you're wearing.

Used to but i work in production manufacturing so it constantly just got snagged on everything




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Trips of truth

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real gold is better. if i won the lottery, i'd immediately get my weight in these to put in a safe.

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What a faggot.

Look at you. Feeling the need to show off your shitty wrist jewellery, probably because nobody paid any attention to you when you constantly made sure your arm was in a position where they could see the watch you’re so proud of.

Do you know what I’m proud of, OP?
My accomplishments.
Not my vainglorious material trappings.

You need to level up, faggot

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What phone? I don't have one.