Hows montana like ? any montana folk have anything good/bad to say about this place...

hows montana like ? any montana folk have anything good/bad to say about this place ? idk anything bout the state just a bit curious about it

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If you enjoy spending 6 mo ths of every year trapped inside because the cold will freeze your fucking face off, then it is pretty great

Thats nothing different than 1/4 of the other states

if you like nature and mountains, it's pretty dope. cheap land, open hunting, and pretty chill people.

too bad most of it is obscured by the worst fucking winters in the lower 48. when it hits -30, there's no point in going outside

hm. yea i been looking a round for a hot minute and i definitely love nature, land and hunting, but is the whole state cold or is it some places are rather extreme. ik it probably sounds dumb but curiosity calls for dumb questions. i never been round snow much my life or cold but i always liked it. too many pussies around me shivering with multiple pants and jackets when its like 30-50 degrees outside

There's a town called paradise. Check it out

So, say someone wanted to RV full time, travel with the seasons, would Montana be nice in the summer? How many months are tolerable?

Bozeman is awesome but pricey as hell. Billings is the closest thing to a real city, with all of the good and bad that implies. Eastern Montana is just flat nothingness. Missoula is a college town, lot of fun if that's your thing. West Yellowstone is a tourist trap shithole. And Kalispell is great, but remote even for Montana.

I'm sold.

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>if you dont like the weather, wait five minutes
>isnt our weather so unique and whacky

I grew up in a town ~2 hours from Billings in Colstrip, and can confirm that there’s literally nothing out there.

Trapped in So. Cal. my whole damn life, I wouldn't mind spending the rest of it somewhere where there's literally nothing.

same situation mate. fucking despise california and californians in general. i've always wanted to be near nature but too bad for me because you gotta be rich to be near nature so stuck in shit city with shit air. no nature. no air. only prison and a pile of mattress money no one knows about to be spent elsewhere

I have lived in the same small town in west central Missouri my whole life so I'm used to hot and humid summers and long cold winters. I have experienced temps from 112 down to -27 here in West Central MO. I drove from here to Glacier National Park several years ago and was amazed at how cold Western Montana is in July. It got down into the 40's every night and I never saw it get above about 74 for the high. I drove US highway 2 from Williston ND all the way to Glacier. It was an EXTREMELY desolate stretch of road. Eastern Montana along Hwy 2 was gently rolling prairie (no trees), Central Montana became pancake flat and completely featureless (except for Mount Brown off to the north standing by its lonesome). As we got into western Montana around Glacier, it was some of the most pristine, beautiful, and dramatic mountain scenery I have ever seen. From Glacier, we pretty much stayed in the mountainous terrain. From Kalispell (awesome mountain town) we went south along Flathead Lake (also great scenery) down US 93 to Missoula and hopped on the interstate south into Idaho. Overall, Montana is a big state and there is a lot of varying terrain and weather. One consistent thing for this Missouri guy was how sparsely populated it and Wyoming are. If you have never been to Montana, go check it out for sure. Drive along HWY 2 but take provisions, if you were to break down or have a medical emergency, you will probably be a long way from help and you might not have cell service.

Condolences user. I was young and dumb, married, did the 9 to 5, raised two ungrateful brats, wife died young. Married a much younger, prettier and energetic lady who dreams of getting out in nature together. But we are stuck taking care of our aging mothers until they pass. Can't wait to hit the road out of Cali forever.

Another thing, and I'm from rural Missouri, you will be completely amazed with how many stars there are in the night sky. It is called Big Sky Country for a reason. At night, you are so far away from any large cities that you can see stars you didn't even know existed if you are from the central or eastern US.

There's no reason to ever go west of New York

How white and Christian are you? What are your thoughts on Adolf Hitler?

The answers to those questions will have a VERY large impact on your experience.

Good to know, Missouri user. Did the I-40 to Ark. to visit relatives, I know what miles and miles of nothing but miles and miles is like. Also visit Tucson occasionally, which is a pretty desolate drive.

good luck to you in your future endeavours mate. sorry to hear about the wife. hopefully you can feel fuller in the future that awaits you

That is so awesome. I recall seeing that once as a kid, in the high Sierras. It was actually scary. I need to see it again before I die.

I can imagine it might if I was to live in a town or city, but I want to be out away from everybody as much as possible. Just want to be left alone in the wilderness. Got good survival skills, and my wife is young and strong. And yes, we're white and Christian, if it matters.

so do i. i am nearsighted and went to some private town in south america for some months. the sights were beautiful and even though i forgot to bring my glasses the night sky was something else. i love the sky. it is probably one of my few regrets is not bringing my damned glasses on that trip. hopefully i can experience that same thing again with better vision

That sucks that you didn't have your glasses, user. Even with the best correction, I'm nowhere near my eyesight as a kid. So I may never get the same visual experience. But we have our memories, which are awesome.

Thanks, best to you too. May we all get what we hope for, and may it be as good as we think.

It is kinda scary. I mean, I'm from rural MO so i have had friends from Kansas City come out here to the boondocks and comment on how awesome the night sky is in comparison to what they are used to. What we have here in rural MO is NOTHING in comparison to Montana. It almost feels like you are gonna float up into the sky or something. Kinda creepy but definitely humbling.

The cities are normal cities. If you're white and Christian and super racist, you'll be fine, just stay aware of the meth labs out in the boonies.

I spent summers in the huntley project and surrounding area and let me tell you.... It's the dregs of society fighting for their right to live like farm animals and thinking Trump, a billionaire New Yorker speaks for them. They're some of the most ignorant people I've ever met who are convinced, despite their 8th grade education, they're right on global economics and tariff protectionsim. You will meet people at the circle K who will tell you guns fix healthcare issues and believe it with every fiber of their being. Good luck dealing with those ding dongs all day, I'm never going back.

Yeah western Oklahoma is pretty desolate. I have done the I-40 drive across Oklahoma as well. I got off the interstate and explored the panhandles of Texas and Oklahoma (because why the fuck not), its the flattest land I have ever seen and extremely desolate but nothing like Wyoming and Montana.

lol sounds a bit extreme but when i see dumb oregon kids yelling about naziism and white men in the streets i can kinda understand

I spent five years living in the Sierras near Yosemite, small town with literally one grocery store, one church and five bars. It doesn't get much more redneck, meth lab, ignorant and racist than that. Straight up Deliverance shit. I carried a shovel, a winch and a 12 gage everywhere because I never knew what kind of trouble I might get in.

If you understood winter in that part of the country you would realize just how stupid what you said is. No, most of the rest of the country does NOT have winter like this. In Montana, you might actually die if you go out in the freeze, it's that cold. It's not hyperbole, it's not a joke. It's risky as fuck.

The hell is the matter with you? New York is trash. How is it not?

I believe you user. Haven't been to Montana, but I spent a winter in Chicago, and they had a two foot blizzard that shut down every fucking thing. But the guys from Wisconsin -- just Wisconsin -- said, hell where we're from, two feet is a school day.

but did u get in trouble or had any close calls

- was too retarded to raise a decent family

- robbed a cradle, badmouthing his tragically dead former wife in the process

- fUcK cAlIfOrNiA mAaAaAaAn

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The culture in Montana is the best exemplification of the libertarian ideal: if you are a decent person you will be treated decently no matter what your economic status or race or whatever is. (Ironically I think this is a result of it being almost entirely white, as the Indians tend to stay on their reservations close to civilization but separated from it. They prevent us from being the whitest state by census data, but yeah.) When I was growing up I only knew two black kids, both of whom were being raised by white adoptive parents. They are the reason I think that blacks in small numbers raised from childhood to be like white people can successfully integrate into white civilization, as long as they never buy into the "black identity" bullshit that the media loves to shove up their asses.
Also we have some of the highest Highway speed limits in the country (80 mph by default). We have a lot of californians moving in who don't share our culture and values and I kind of wish I could genocide them or at least make them leave.
The defining character of Montana culture is a strong work ethic and a disregard for who your daddy is. A millionaire born in Montana will not hesitate to pull his expensive car over on the side of the road to jump a cheap pickup truck that needs help being driven by bob from Walmart. This is not true of the people who get rich outside of Montana then move here for the scenery, those "people" can burn in hell if they won't accept that they are no better than anyone else. If that's you then stay out.
Also mountains are awesome: they are like big earthy middle fingers sticking up out of the ground to say "Fuck you" to everyone and everything, and they inspire me.

I'm in south Cal fucking shit hole here that the dems made and want to turn the entire county into it. I've thought of moving to Montana before. Any tips or advice ?

its some hillbilly right wing state,dont even bother

>want to turn the entire country into

funny,donald trump has given you left wing morons everything you want

user born and raised in Missoula here. It's a wonderful place with a multitude of unique people but then you also have like a solid 30% fucktard hicks at any given place. You win some you lose some

Yeah, there were problems. The locals were hostile to pretty much anybody who didn't have a road or community named for their family, and the druggies were a constant menace. The four seasons were wind, snow, mud and fire. I worked construction, busted tires and did repair work out of the trunk of my car. After five years I gave up. Could do better in an RV with investment income now, I think.

does new york even matter outside of new york city?

Wear a coat, snowpants, gloves, and a good set of boots. You'll be fine as long as you are somewhat prepared.
t. Montanafag (Butte) born and raised.

lol,pussy.stay in your flyover coastal state then

-30 is brutal. fortunately thats usually less than a week total per winter.

absolutely in love with mountains myself. i like me a good hike.

discord gg/bARc5p

I call people who come here for summer "Migratory Geezers" because they are primarily older people.

who the fuck shivers at 50?
personally I wear my coat everywhere because I'm a lanky manlet, but 50 is fucking hot.

right wing dont mean shit to me, if anything its good as i can get cooler guns and more freedoms than faggy libtard states like cali. also hillbillies can be cool. they are usually hard working lads i can respect. but i get why some people might not like them

Well, that would be us all right, but other than getting gas and groceries, we wouldn't be in anybody's line of sight for long.

I note how you conveniently dance all around butte without mentioning it. What you some kind of wimp? Go on tell them about the lake of acid! it might scare the weak away! (butte has the highest Irish population by percentage in the USA, and lots of dope Irish festivals. Our Saint Patrick's day parade is a huge celebration of what most people don't realize is white culture.)

lol thats how it is in coastal cities mate. sensitive bitches who always complain its too hot when the thermo goes above 100 or too cold when below ~78

If you come here be warned that you will have to prove yourself to be worthy. We hate Californians from lots of bad experiences. They have such a fucking superiority complex because their state is bigger and it pisses us off.

Can confirm almost everything said up this point about Montana. Live in Missoula which is a pretty fun liberal town tucked away in the surrounding mountains. Winters are fairly mild as far as Montana is concerned, not as windy and cold as Easter Montana and a little more snow.
One thing that hasn't been mentioned is that it's a great place to raise a family. Not much as far as diversity is concerned. Crime rate is low, schools are decent. People treat one another well and didn't really notice it much growing up until I left the state for some time. The recreational activities are endless. If you can get past the rough winter's there's really not much downside

Oh, Butte is pretty awesome for the history and the great big fucking hole in the earth. Didn't mean to leave it out.

haha i dont think you have any worries about some the people here. if anything, we hate california and californians as much as you

Funny you say that. I in my travels all around the state of Montana, I can count on one hand the amount of blacks I saw. Here in the Little Dixie region of Missouri, blacks are about 10% of the population.

How do you guys feel about Oklahoman's? I've been thinking of moving somewhere as well and I've been thinking of somewhere with mountains and less humid than Oklahoma. I'm also looking at your state because it's not blue. I also want to move to a state that that has less gun laws.

Can't forget St Patty's day in Butte. Truly a sight to behold if you can stay sober long enough to remember

Well, as I said here we don't plan to bother anybody. I'm sorry you had bad experiences with Californians, but we don't identify with this place, and we can't wait to get out and no longer be part of it.

I can see why people dont like Californians since most are hood rats or libtards then theirs the working class that everyone forgets about and takes advantage of. It's an opposite world here where an home invader can sue for getting hurt. And it has happen and the criminal has won before. Along with stupid shit where self defense is nearly unheard of here and require court case even if you were in the right. Fucking screwing us all over for tax upon tax I hope this state fucking sinks.

Fuck off MT is too full

Plus, it's cold AF year round, taxes are too high, Meth heads and indian folk steal everything, there are no jobs, you will take a 30% pay cut for the same job you have now, Housing has skyrocketed, there is no good restaurants, everything is still expensive, laws are not much better, demographics are not much better.

Go to Wisconsin instead.

Anyone who disagrees is not from MT.

sometimes I forget that most people have never seen the stars for real. I predict that it really fucks up their psychology.
They grow up with the most important things being the works of man. Everything is paved over with concrete, their "beauty" is city skylines and architecture. They don't really understand just how thin the layers of human works really are over the glory of creation (atheists substitute words if you must). Mountains are beyond human control, and always should be. The stars shine out from the whole of the universe to call out to us mortals below. This is not a human world, this is just a world that humans live on, and that makes everything make sense.

I just checked it out on Google Maps. Yeah, Damn, it's right there next to ya. That sucks.

>hows montana like?
There is a retarded wetback in my class that talks and writes with your level of retardation.

cool story bro

Don't get the wrong idea from this guy. Montanan's aren't racist, (by the normal definition of the word, not the bullshit SJW definition of "power + privilege" which is meaningless horseshit) but we don't put up with bullshit either. If nigs come to nog then we will put those fuckers in the ground, because most people are armed and dangerous. Also, one thing city people don't realize is that the wildlife can and will kill you if you are stupid. the Moose is the most dangerous animal here, but there was a story not too long ago where a young guy was hiking and got jumped by a mountain lion, which he then proceeded to strangle to death with his bare hands.

Poetry, man. I know, I've lived long enough to know what our world used to be and what it's become. I just want to believe that there's something left somewhere of the world I remember from my childhood.

It is fucking retarded though.

very high divorce rate because normies can't handle the lack of peeps around

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Yes Montanan's are racist. And that's a good thing. They are just polite about it.

Honestly have no problem with people coming to Montana. You'll either come here and take onto the hard working culture and become one with the community you choose and love it, or come here to feed off the hard work of the community (mostly built by the ancestors of the people around you) and they'll reject the fuck out of you until you hate it and leave.

You people think you are better than us. Your smug superiority complex drips from your every word. you aren't worthy of being called human you disgusting roaches. Methlabs are a thing in bad areas but that's true of every population in the united states. You don't have to be "super racist" to survive, because most folks I know here aren't racist. At the same time, if you push for SJW race reparations and shit like that you deserve to be lynched and if you pull that bullshit here you may well be (look up Henry Plumber Virginia City to know what happens when you fuck with us)

this is the internet. i needn't use perfect grammar all the damn time so long the message is expressed well

It unironically is. We make fun of other states for being weak with regards to snow, then Alaskans show up and we shut our mouths very quickly.

badass hiker

OK, well my wife and I are super polite and don't nog or whatever, and we are very respectful of wildlife. We hike in the local mountains and have encountered plenty of rattlesnakes, coyotes and occasionally bobcats. We don't mess with them and they don't mess with us.

People use the same words, in certain orders so other people can easily understand what they mean. Cunt silly fucking.

I guess I can't speak to the Sierras, but we Montanans have roads named after local families, but we aren't assholes. I had a black coworker from Africa (long story that I won't dox myself with, suffice to say he was definitely a top 1/1000 IQ for blacks) and he thought that it was remarkable how accepting everyone was around here.

I will agree on the restaurants. The steak is great, but everything else is lacking if you're a foodie.

Whoa, who's "you people"? Californians? Like I said, I don't identify with this place and can't wait to leave. And I don't think I'm superior to anybody, and I don't want to fuck with anybody, just be left the hell alone.

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Mountains are nice. I particularly like the road through the Beaverhead National Forest between Whitehall and Boulder. (Whitetail pass) It's more efficient to use the state highway, but if you aren't crunched for time it's totally worth it to take the old road.

I joined it what is it?

prob some pedo shit. beware the discords of four chins

Those people amuse me. I like to exaggerate how montana is to scare them.

Shh we don't want them moving here, or we will become just as crowded and miserable as everywhere else!

good. they are exactly the people you dont want leaving their states and infecting yours

Butte-boy born and raised, my grandpa was a miner. The pit is a source of pride to me tbh.

What you, and others like you fail to realize, is that you have been indoctrinated in ways your oblivious too. You move to a new area and think you are not a disturbance, that you are not like other CA because of how different you feel while there in CA. Truth is, when you go to another place, you are no less foreign. That your sensibilities and fundamental morals of the most seemingly benign things, are both different, and not benign at all.

Go infect some other place already being inundated with you ilk, like TX. There you will believe you are somewhere new without actually damaging anything, as it is already lost.

I honestly don't know much about Oklahoma, it doesn't come up much.

Yeah It's why I'm convinced that chimpout behavior only occurs as an emergent property of large groups of black people, when there are enough of them that they can claim to be a distinct subculture.

Yup. That guy's a POS

Montana is just popular mainstream north dakota. Except nd is flat

I was always too young to drink, but when they bring the tank down Montana street it's fucking glorious. (yes we have a military tank in our yearly parade)

Just embrace what it means to be a montanan: All men are created equal, and all must pull their own weight. Money doesn't make you a better human being, neither does race. Montana isn't racist because we are racially homogeneous and have never had to live with racial groups that refuse to be part of our culture. (although the various racial groups in butte created their own mini communities during the mining days, and that was a thing, fortunately it didn't last.)

I think it's a result of human psychology struggling to deal with a fundamentally altered world that is the modern densely populated city.

>fortunately it didn't last.

Eh, most people are pretty well informed of how the system works. It's not like Flint Michigan where some asshole company was lying to the people there about the lead in the water, Here all the test results are public record and the community as a whole is fairly knowledgeable about the cleanup operations. The pit is stable and actually became a local tourist attraction, Plus there's the whole "Butte Tough" mythos of hard conditions create strong people.

It's out there if you can go and find it.

depends how you are defining racist. There are black people here who are good people, and those ones are treated just like anyone else. What we don't tolerate is the "black 'culture'" of crime and violence.

This. I was looking for the right words.
Montana has a very strong sense of work-ethic built into our culture. You work hard and you earn the fruits of your labor.

nevermind apparently that was colorado.

treat people like you treat the wildlife: don't fuck with them and they won't fuck with you. Work hard and earn your keep.
Do that and you'll fit in just fine, no matter what color your skin is.

anyone who complains about "those disgusting poor hillbillys" is a disgusting excuse for a human being. Being awful to the poor is not the Montana way and will not be tolerated.

If you can, pick some local place. The food is made with genuine passion, even if the variety is lacking.

ah. what an experience though. i can already see him regaling to some kids about how he killed a mountain lion with his bare hands

Trips of truth. they had a text channel called "pizza" and I noped the fuck out.

Only place I ever lived that this is actually true was Colorado. You could get snow with black ice in the morning and pool weather in the afternoon.

Flat matters. Mountains significantly change how you understand the world. If the tallest things around you are man made then that makes you seriously overestimate how important humans are.

MT is worse in the winter than the southern half of Alaska.
And there's prairie niggers everywhere.

yeah he's a badass.

I think that the mountains make the weather more unstable. they prevent gigantic systems that generate over flat land.

I've found that the Indians aren't too bad if you stay out of Browning. They stick to their reservations.

flatlands prone to tornadoes. i dont want any of those round me >.>

>bring extra gas if you drive the back roads
It's not a problem if you stay on the Interstate.
But out in the middle of nowhere I have had to literally spend the night in my car because the only gas station in 100 miles ran out of gas and the fuel truck only delivered once a week.

You would hate Oklahoma. We get more tornadoes than any where else on the planet.

Sounds accurate lol. If someone finds you they will probably help you, but it will probably be a long time until someone finds you.

so oklahomabro, what's oklahoma like?

I live in Central New York and I can tell you that it doesn't feel like it.

Some parts of new York are actually really pretty, there's three separate mountain ranges in the state and the dichotomy between rural upstate and more urban areas like NYC is pretty interesting

id rather have tornadoes than life on top of a giant fucking bomb

I've heard that that is also how Eastern Washington feels.

Billings and Missoula have as much air pollution as any major city. You need to get out of town to see anything.

>Pro tip: Do NOT wander around in Hardin.
Unless you have friends it's best to stay away from any of the Reservations. Do not trust anyone with county 22 license plates.
And don't think being black or Mexican gives you a free pass, because it doesn't.

yeah I suppose Yellowstone will eventually kill everyone.

people overreact too much about the big bad yellowstone shit. life on earth will probably go extinct before it erupts or we will become so advanced that it wouldnt be a problem. dont worry for a future that will never come in your lifetime m8

yeah the Native Americans are pretty racist tbh. They are convinced that Whitey owes them, and they aren't too fond of blacks either. The various different tribes have some level of cohesion sometimes, but I think a lot of them hate the Crow tribe for allying with the US forces in the Indian wars under the leadership of Chief Plentycoups.

One of these days man I'm going on a road trip around the country I just gotta do it I can't resist

I think that it would be fun to take I-90 from Seattle to Boston. Apparently it's the longest interstate in the nation, and it goes through a lot of Montana.

Depends where you live. In Midwest City, there are insane amount of restaurants. Mainly because of Tinker Air Force base that's in Midwest City.
Oklahoma is very affordable with low rent, affordable housing, cheap gas, 2 bars for every church (we have a lot of churches), friendly helpful people and decent cops for the most part.
However, Oklahoma literally has more tornadoes in spring than anywheer else in the world. Moore Oklahoma for example is known for getting hit by a lot of tornadoes.

That's how the Indians in NY are. They run all the casinos tax free because they convinced NY state it was the right thing to do. Also the Oneida Indian nation is literally some fucking weird cult Jonestown kind of shit. If you apply to work at turning stone casino, every worker accepted has to go on a tour of the Indian reservation while they tell you about all the injustices the white man has caused unto them

Eh, mabye I'm naive, but Tornados don't really bother me that much. I was more asking about the character of the people. How do they treat eachother?

Why can't a person trust someone with county 22 license plates?

Huntley is on a fucking Rez you idiot, it's a shithole. Those places were designed to warehouse the Natives, keep them contained, poor, uneducated, and drunk. And it worked.

Christ. that's bad, but not unexpected.

Holy shit I just looked up a map of i-90, that shit is interstate for real. I never knew it went for so long

Sounds nice, but i'd prefer it to be at least 10 months of below freezing with snow.

I grew up in butte, and I've moved around a bit as an adult around the state, I basically live on I-90 in west montana.
Both of our major University towns (UofM in Missoula and MSU in Bozeman, and also MontanaTech in Butte) are on that road.

Hillbillies are east Coast, think Ozark region. Montanans are mostly Hicks, but they're only "right wing" on paper... reality is they're more Libertarian than anything.

yeah. We really don't like people screwing with us, and are willing and able (52% gun ownership) to defend ourselves.

Well, every state has assholes. But what people from other places like Georgia, Memphis, Cali, Massachusetts, NYC just to name a few, tell me is that Oklahoman's are very nice and helpful to each other and to strangers. Especially after natural disasters like the after math of a tornadoes, floods, Ice storms and severe storms in general.
Snobs are rare and usually from out of state. Most here are pretty chill.

>If you come here be warned that you will have to prove yourself to be worthy.
>They have such a fucking superiority complex
never change flyover states

Nah, what pisses us off is how they pretend their State is bigger when the Southern 3/4's belongs to Mexico more than the US. They also keep forgetting that Wyoming is technically part of Montana, but it makes them feel better thinking they're a real State so we humor them.

I grew up in Havre. Everyone has pretty much spoke what i experienced. Your worse off being lazy, in and out of jail, letting all your family business out in the open, and being a goverment mooch than anything race related. My grandmother was full blood Blackfeet and the natives were "racist" againt each other to an extent. Like feuding cousins. Now if you were native and lived in the white town, you could get some shit from some people. My Dad had a few run ins but it all stopped when they found out who he was. He worked his ass off and hired alot of guys that needed a break. I miss taco johns.

My friend from So Dak says you guys are a bunch of crybaby insecure queers.

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sounds like Montana. Nice.

Nah Wyoming needs to be another state so we can keep the senate.
Although Wyoming is very similar. If the US ever broke apart, I think MT, ID, Wyoming, and probably the Dakotas would get along well enough.
Nvm So Dak is out of the club.

Cool. But keep in mind, Oklahoma is in the top 10 fattest states in America.

Northern Alaskans, sure. Take anyone from Anchorage who talks shit and drop them off in Cutbank and that shit talk stops real fast.

weird but fair enough. MT is generally pretty healthy just by what I can see.


I went hiking near Great Falls when I was a kid... it was 60 at sunrise, 85 at noon, and 27 with three feet of snow by 7pm. In July.


The 1st Saturday of every month in Billings is called "Reservation Weekend" by people who work Retail/Service Industry or LE. Because that's when the entire Crow Nation cashes their Checks, drive to Billings, and spend it all.

That's what I thought after reading some of the comments of MT's being hard workers. That's why I mentioned the big health difference. Life is a little too easy and affordable in Oklahoma lol

Why do they do that? Isn't that wasteful?

Possibly the only post by a real Montanan.
Fuck off we are full. It gets worse by the day from assholes coming here to escape the shit hole where they live. Worried about racists? Move to Detroit and live with niggers. If you pive through it you will be a racist, too.
The economy/job market here sucks. The housing market has sky rocketed from people try to escape the diversity enhanced, communist shit holes where they live. Stay where you are and fix it.
Always remember:

That's Crow Agency. The Crow were always hated by other Nations because they are filthy, lying, thieving scavengers, and because they sided with Custer. The Sioux especially hate them, but so do most other tribes.

damn you sound gay as fuck. have you had your peener pacifier for the night?

American Indians don't act logically. Their culture was not ready for modernity, and many stubbornly stick to it and blame whitey for all their woes. Alcoholism is rampant, so is smoking and other drugs. Their culture refuses to pick itself up and mature, and their people suffer for it.

it's not like life is hard here. We are still a US state, with all the benefits that brings.

"Job market here sucks"
Everyone and their dog in Bozeman is hiring. I don't know what planet you live on.
I can understand "Fuck off we're full" because I don't want outsiders bringing their shitty culture here. And yes they are fucking the housing market, but MT is a good place to be.

Listen up, I was gonna let you slide, but FOR THE RECORD just because some jackass nailed a little bit of barbed wire along the 49th parallel doesn't make Saskatchewan any less of a suburb of MT.

Sask and Alberta are probably chill too, but you don't have the second amendment and you would bring that authoritarian shit with you. We are a libertarian place and will not tolerate other people controlling us. We view Canadians as weak and dangerous because they will surrender to weakness rather than stand up for something. Also Calgary is a big city and big cities are the source of most of the world's problems in terms of jackasses who think they need to run other people's lives.

Kek imagine hating someone because theyre from california, montana must be a real shit hole.

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No it isn't, stop encouraging people to come here with your lies.

Sounds like you guys are a bunch of faggots who have nothing better to do but complain.

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Well to be fair, we did a pretty good job of ruining them. And unfortunately you can't physically beat the behavior out of them, the Catholics tried that for years.
But as my Sioux friend always says, "Fucking Custer Lovers, fuck em."

Regions have cultures.
Cultures have values.
Different regional cultures have different values.
California has a culture with values that are different from Montana values.
Thus the default Californian is not compatible with Montana.
double dubs checked, I understand where you are coming from. I don't mind GOOD honest folk coming here, because there aren't very many of those.

Sure, they're hiring part time with no benefits and paying 30% what you can make anywhere else, and the housing is fucking outrageous.

I suspect the Sioux aren't that different.
>Fuck Whitey
>You stole this land
>*uses every drug they can get their hands on*

We hate them because they come here from CA, because they hate CA, and then proceed to bitch that it's not like CA, and try to turn it into CA.
And then they buy up property by Missoula which used to be open use Forest, build expensive summer homes, Lecture us on "saving the environment," and get pissed off when the Mountain Lions eat their pets.

Fuck people in montana seem miserable lmao they should just nuke the dam place. Every person in this thread whos from montana just bitches and moans. You guys are worse than niggers I swear.

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We are trying to convince people not to come because we don't want to live in a dense population.
This. Californians are like newfags.

They're not, some tribes are worse than others. Most Reservations in MT are shitholes but there are some good people regardless.
My buddy is one of the types who hates the government for what they did, he doesn't hate white people or expect any handouts.

Fun fact: if MT was it's own country we'd be the world's 3rd largest nuclear superpower.

Your mad because your rent is going up for your meth labs from rich people moving into your state, kys fucken hillbilly faggot. Doubt anyone actually wants to live their, they just buy vacation homes for the 1 month of the year the weathers decent there.

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With all the power from your methlabs combined?

Your buddy is smart.

What kind of fucking moron would actually pay money for his methlab? You cook that shit in the Walmart bathroom, or a camper parked by the River, like a real fucking man.

No, The government stores nukes in rural states so that when urban centers get taken out their nukes still work. also I think they put them here in case of accidental detonation, for political purposes.

The only State in the US with more nukes is Wyoming, and they retired a bunch of theirs back in the late 90s.

And what kind of entitled rich kid are you, talking about meth. Around these parts it's dirty as fuck and we call it Crank.

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Sounds like people from Montana are all inbred junkies kek no wonder you people dont want functional members of society to move into your state. Too bad its still gonna happen.

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