Ask a Doctor of Natropathic Medicine (ND) anything

Ask a Doctor of Natropathic Medicine (ND) anything.

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r u gay?


How does it feel being the laughing stock of the medical and scientific community?

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how to alleviate regular constipation? syllium doesnt work

Why didnt you just take the mcat again and study more

We're not though. Natropathic medicine is a serious and professional discipline.

Plus I can write scripts so suck it.

Try some St. John's Wort.

Dude, the MCAT sucks.
Have you ever taken it before?

>Natropathic medicine is a serious and professional discipline.
No it's not.
>Plus I can write scripts so suck it.
Animal shelters have authority to write scripts in more states than you.

Your degree was legitimate in the 18th century, now it's education is on par to an NP that pushes water pills and IV vitamins for profit.

514 fag here
The test sucks but it must be done

I know it is hard, and although i cant speak from experience, i would rather work towards the MD than a DO or whatever user has

>Natropathic Medicine kek doctor

And Physician's assistants.

And in Puerto Rico, Nurses can administer medicine at their own discretion.

ND you retard.
OD is an osteopathic doctor. Litterally the same as an MD only you specialize in injury to the body.

Is it knowledge based or do they give the knowledge in the questions, they just try to puzzle you on the format of the questions?

Where's your Doctorate from?

Does it hurt when you refer to yourself as a doctor?

I need to convince my gf that having my twig & berries in her mouth is good for her. Can you help

Scripts for oil of newt? No thanks

Come back doctologist user. You quack me up!


Not really. It feels good, man.

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That's why things like fetishisms, cosplay, BDSM and rollplay porn became a thing... because once two eurkaryotic organisms reproduce, they have fulfilled the climax of biological existence.

The problem with humans is that we're very divergent from our natural roots. We've manipulated our ability to create in order to cheat out selection against deleterious traits such as retardation, blindness, deafness, or survival after conditions requiring medicine. After all, the primitive lifespan for homo sapiens was around 20-25 years.

So the next time your girl gives you lip because she doesn't want to put them around your cock, just remind her, being a human is the lest-natural thing there is on planet earth.

Something something... true facts about humans

I'm here brother. Sorry I'm writing a research paper for publication while I Cred Forums

Straight to publication? Doesnt sound too sciencey

Or maybe I'm so good they have no feedback for me and publish ASAP then let me fuck their wife. Ever think of that?

How much do you make in this "career"?

Depends on how stupid the patients are... if you know what I mean, eh?

Have ambient anxiety day and night. I guess I'm thrusting my tongue and it gave me lock jaw. Anything good for that?

Dont you need to be able to spell naturopath before you get "licenced"? lol

That's kinda how I thought it worked. What do they charge you for publication?

Hang on a minute. I'm going to get Ryan Armstrong. This'll be fun. You're a leaf, eh?

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What did you research?

I'm washing down the SJW with grapefruit juice. Am I doing this right?

What were your previous scams?

How does being a quack feel?

Serious and professional quack. Take your scams elsewhere you sjw fuck

Do you know what they call alternative medicine that works?

Depends which journal. I publish with NMJ
If you've published with them before, they give you a sweet deal of $100, otherwise they charge anywhere from $200 - 250.
It's a serious business, bruh

We sequenced the ITS-2 region of cannabis and integrated it with mouse neutrophils. Surprisingly neutrophils recognized it as antigen and began to respiratory burst within a matter of 45 minutes (holy fuck).

You mean treatments?
Kek you don't get it.

Natropathic Medicine. Come on, dude. I know what I'm talking about.

I'll be OP now. AMA faggots

What did you scam people with before becoming a naturopathic "doctor"?

They charge?! bahahahahaha

He was my dealer. Legal weed has made life hard for him. Be nice

Are you trying to make a pot vaccine? Thats evil dood

You have to go sunbathing tomorrow to get the full benefit

Can I cure my son's cancer with essential oils?

He has cancer because you werent giving them to him. They're ESSENTIAL moron!


I'm OP now. opOP is busy sucking more dick to afford to publish his weed research in the quack's quack journal.
I'll cure your son for the low low price of $129.95