Would you marry a Japanese girl?

Would you marry a Japanese girl?

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where's the mosaic?




I can see her pussy, so she's clearly not pureblooded.

sure why not


snnnnniiiffffffffffff...oh yes my dear....sssnnnnnnnnnnnniiiffffffff....quite pungent indeed...is that....dare I say....sssssssnniff...eggs I smell?......sniff sniff....hmmm...yes...quite so my darling....sniff....quite pungent eggs yes very much so .....ssssssssssssssnnnnnnnnnnnnnnniiiffffff....ah yes...and also....a hint of....sniff....cheese.....quite wet my dear....sniff...but of yes...this will do nicely....sniff.....please my dear....another if you please....nice and big now....


Oh yes...very good!....very sloppy and wet my dear....hmmmmm...is that a drop of nugget I see on the rim?...hmmmm.....let me.....let me just have a little taste before the sniff my darling.......hmmmmm....hmm..yes....that is a delicate bit of chocolate my dear....ah yes....let me guess...curry for dinner?....oh quite right I am....aren't I?....ok....time for sniff.....sssssnnnnnnniiiffffffff.....hmmm...hhhmmmmm I see...yes....yes indeed as well curry......hmmm....that fragrance is quite noticeable....yes.....onion and garlic chutney I take it my dear?.....hmmmmm....yes quite.....

Oh! Delectable! Absolutely flavor filled! The heat from your blessed ass wind has set my nostrils ablaze

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I'd get a Japanese bitch pregnant 4 times

I'm already engaged to a Japanese woman


I married a Chinese with a phat booty. So no.

why not five you cuck

Imagine the smell

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Nah fam, I only wear track pants. Jeans chafe my ELT, my Extra Large Testicles. Seethe harder roastie.


My Korean parents would disown me.

So, no. Fuck japs.

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Nope. Married a Korean. Don't settle for a 2nd tier waifu OP.

fuck no, asians are hideous.

>Oh! Delectable! Absolutely flavor filled! The heat from your blessed ass wind has set my nostrils ablaze
jesus christ

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>autism jeans


Asian Women for White Men! Jewish Whores for Black Bulls!

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What the fuck are autism jeans?

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already did

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She shashing show

Retarded, Unlike your dubs.

Fuck, almost trips I'm go nna cry

discord gg/bARc5p

This isn't a starter pack, it's the entire lifetime print catalog

Jesus, this must be why they say the left can't meme

No end to the nippon pussy!

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Fuck yes, fucked a chinese girl for about 3 years, married a Vietnamese girl and still going strong but would love to bang a girl in every country within Asia and Greater Asia

Left my girlfriend in the hotel one night so I could walk round Kabukicho to take some photos. Disgusting looking chinese woman offered me a BJ, NO THANKS.

Lot's of niggas telling me I'm in the best place in the world for pussy, No thanks.

Went back to hotel and fucked my girlfriend.


Can’t tell the difference between Chinese and Japanese.


你是不好人( ̄◇ ̄;)

One looks like an insect, eats bats and has coronavirus, while the other is female

One will love your dog the other would eat it.

Nice assu and pussu, soku-chan

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Korean girls be hitting different though. I've slept with a few, and I'd say they're the best lovers in my opinion.

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I prefer Koreans over Japanese. The ones with a noble face, and more clean features are definitely my type. And yes, they exist "naturally".

One is insect, the other is human

The only thing natural on a korean girl is her flat ass

marrying korean was the best decision i ever made.

Chinese aren't usually good looking, very few females are; usually with the help of makeup. Most Japanese waifus are cute, but their crooked teeth aesthetic is a turn off for me. Koreans are in my opinion fair competition with Japanese women, but theres something about Koreans that I prefer more of (physical and sexual attraction) than Jap girls. I can't point my finger on it...

I would if i could still have white kids with another girl. If my kids had to be with her then it wouldn't be bad since japs are one of the top tier asians
Based and brap pilled

Lol stop sleeping on them skinny girls Cred Forumsro, especially the taller good looking Korean girls. You'd be surprised how amazing they are in bed. They tend to be passionate as fuck, but the downside for some men is that they can be clingy. There's no middle ground as well. They either whore out or dedicate themselves to you. I prefer the more conservative shy type.

>asian girls are more childlike and delecate
That's because asian girls aren't usually spoiled rotten and dead inside from modern western culture.
>make flirty joke with asian girl
>she blushes and shyly says something cute or funny
>make flirty joke with modern white girl
>she has visible scorn on her face if you're not a high status chad thundercock catering to her every whim
I don't even get worked up over most girls I see since they're usually cunts. I think I'm so emotionally traumatized that normal interaction simply isn't possible for me anymore

Chinks don't have souls while Japs have muh honor culture while still committing war crimes

A plus for me is that Koreans usually aren't short as fuck. I prefer a girl to be around the 5' 7-8" height. Their beauty standards speak out more to me than the kawaii Japanese or elegant formal Chinese. But that's just me, and my dick talking lol.
>Koreans for the win

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>Chinese are literally the global syndicate, and have the most evil personas imaginable. Sneaky backstabbers too.

>Japanese are the ultimate deceivers with their "cute smiles", but they honor their culture first and would literally kill themselves proudly for it.

I would, our superior white/asian babies would be awesome.

I appreciate my SO's height, too. I have a history of dating shorter women, but she's 5'7" and it's perfect. I want my hapas to be tall if they're boys, anyway.

Toasty roastie made a poasty

Looks like porn brainwashed you into believing that tan, perfectly round, oiled up booty is the only form of sexy. I could be wrong, but don't judge those Korean girls too quickly fren. ;)

I'm married to a qt pi chinese girl. we both have good tech jobs and can talk to each other about computer stuff, my autism-y way of saying things is lost in translation, and we both like to smoke weed and watch porn.

No I don't find them attractive typically. However there was one with a fantastic body I could do but
it would never happen.

Even Hitler called the Japs honorary aryans probably due to their IQ and honor culture. Banzai charging straight into machine gun fire and making everything as costly as possible for the enemy was preferable to cucking out. You really can't buy that kind of courage and fanaticism. It has to rest deep inside you

I find Korean girls the best out of the rest (Japanese, and Chinese), I really admire their beauty, taste and fashion. Never really wasn't into the short stature, and thicc girl to begin with. And as other Anons stated they're one of the few Asians girls that aren't significantly shorter than you, which matters to me. Very refined, and modest; or wild and sex crazed. There's no in-between BS most of the time. Least fake Asians too, stereotypically speaking. Their faces are super attractive, and their figure is superb. No short bow legs, long torso body type. I would honestly love to marry one.

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>implying this wasn't because he desperately wanted the aid of another nation willing to suicide for his goals
Ok dipshit

That looks like it doesn't smell too pleasant. You would be suprised how many women don't know how to wipe properly or keep their pussies sweat free and fresh. Nothing smells worse than a woman after a long work day. Awful. The panties end up smelling like shitter door on a tuna boat especially if she dropped anload at work and moves around a lot. My ex had butt sludge the first time we tried and anal and that was the last time for me. These hos ain't right anymore and I blame it on lazy ass millenial/gen x parents.

Why shouldn't I?

would you not?

The modern youth of Japan has significantly lost most of their strict code, and honorary culture. But xenophobia is still pretty strong unfortunately. I feel as if Japanese are the most touchy regarding their culture, and take any misinterpretation or misappropriation deeply to heart which can be a pain in the ass imo. Most Japanese are very career driven, and work orientated which is apparently an issue due to their population decreasing by the years. What does this mean? Sex and procreation isn't on their to-do list; which is a big downer for me. But I'd still choose an American-Japanese girl over a Chinese. Personal preference I guess?


Zipperheads are subhuman trash.

>implying the allies weren't doing the same thing by America lend leasing the soviet union
You're just butt mad that Hitler chose a nation that was at least halfway competent
China probably just doomed the world with Corona so yeah the japs are going to be xenophobic until the end of time. They literally isolated themselves for 200 years user why are you surprised?

They are much more loyal, and make better wives/partners than your typical basic American white girl roastie.

They've deeply preserved their culture, tradition, and standards. They have a refined taste, and have class. Something your LA white girl usually lacks.

Anime, pop music, and media asides most Asian women are modest and keep themselves until they are married or certain that the relationship is meaningful. Not very commonplace in the west anymore unfortunately.

And I'm biased for saying this, but personally they are much more attractive.

Each to their own user.

I'm not disagreeing with your post but your reddit spacing is atrocious

Finding a virgin wife nowadays is a hidden gem. Lucky if your girlfriend never gave guys in the past a hand job while drunk AT THE VERY LEAST. Most Asian females save themselves for a deep relationship, or marriage. I agree with many of your points, because personally I wouldn't want to date or marry a woman who fucked plenty of delinquents and criminals as a teen and decided to "settle" after her slut years.

>Sorry white girls, but we don't need you.

The spacing bothered me too lol

>yellow-pilled as fuck

nah man haven't you heard, the asains are hazardous right now

Oi yee

shut up pussy. they haven't invented consent in Asia so just rape her

Its mainly the chinks but its global now

>You hurt m-my feelings :C
>*unzips your pants*
>Maybe you c-can let me be your wifey?
>P-please user
>I-I love you
>I hope I haven't uppset y-you...
>Forgrive me.

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yes I would. Many Japanese women are quite wonderful.

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I want to tear corona-chan open

I love you corona chan!

I love you Corona-Chan


I love you, corona-chan. Eat up.

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underrated as fuck im rolling

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Whenever I see a picture of bat soup, I never understood why the bat is fully intact?

>not skinned
>full of fur
>head still there
>teeth and eyes too
>not filleted
>not grilled

What fucking flavor profile does it serve?
Better question, why the fuck would Chinks want to eat a bat in the first place?

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That's actually not true, hirohito used propaganda and told the grunts they were all going to die at the hands of the white devil anyway so it was either die during duty or die at home.

And when they made those manned torpedos the soldiers weren't told they were death traps. They were also sealed inside after they were closed with no way to be let back out.

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>xenophobia is still strong unfortunately

One of the good things they have going for them

all Japanese girls are whores

Nah. Culture's a bit too weird for me

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Did anime and hentai convince you to believe that to be true?

No because the bitch couldn't produce a child and she would've likely just cheated on me later on in life; so no thanks I'll pass on that.

Hey I've got one of those too good on ya bro

I just want to hug and cuddle with a cutie Korean grill rn >.<
>No sex, or making out.
>Just nice, sensual hugging on bed.

The chances of that ever happening anytime soon for you are low user...
>But never zero ;-)

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I'm slightly disturbed by the image depicting an Asian women with over exaggerated negative stereotypical features.

"So are ya Chinese or Japanese?"
"I am Laotion"
"So is that in China or Japan?"

>so ass-pained he forgot what the word 'left' means

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Had a Japanese GF from Tokyo: Very submissive, would let me fuck her every night and fuck her face with morning wood. But miso for breakfast every morning is boring. Chinese are better cooks and Southern Chinese are hot.

Married to Hapa from Hawaii for a very long time. Good BJ and takes it up the ass. Maybe the best combination possible.

Jokes on you already did.

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Beautiful ass, if that's her. Can you put your dick in it? My Jap GF wouldn't do butt stuff.

That's not an exaggeration

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yea everything is game

> See more New Imageboards. Full list.


Married a Vietnamese and dude, cultural differences are a real bitch. No regrets so far, but think twice before marrying someone from a totally different background from your own.


depends what type they are.
a burikko would piss me off to much. so would a tsundere.
gals and milkers/gaijin hunters are no good too.
mommy types (ie: they hang out with their mom more than they hang out with friends) can be a mixed bag, but i'd mostly avoid. they likely have some sort of social issues or mom complex.

the only type of Japanese girl i'd marry is a seijunha or the housewife wanna-be type, to be honest.

it's "haafu", dumbass

Jap women do have the tastiest looking holes. Unfortunate they censor everything like autists

I find this to be quite the jape. Most amusing


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That baby's face.....

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They're the nigglettes of East asia

Autism jeans are jeans that doesn't fit you at all and it look baggy to make appear it's full of air inside. I don't understand how's that asian fetish thing but that's what they're
Couldn't care, if I marry a jap then it will be because she's a good woman and not because of her squinty eyes and tiny tits

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You don't have to marry a girl if she kidnapped you to a bunker.

Have sex.

Yap! (but only if she has the following things I enjoy, like a great Ass & clean looking pussy, Cute dick sucking lips.
plus like Bondage, Anal & three some too.
did I forget anything else?

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Gladly, as long as you're receiving

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