So my long time GF wants to fuck OUR dog tonight... dont... do... or tips

So my long time GF wants to fuck OUR dog tonight... dont... do... or tips..

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Let it happen OP, I mean if you want to be cucked by your dog.

Lol the fact that you're even considering this makes you a massive cuck. Who would let a fucking dog cuck them? If you go through with it you will regret it forever

Do it and take pics

Do it, and show us

Worst fucking Larp ever.

I think ima let her do it lol.. who am i to stop her

At least you’ll know she won’t be at home fucking the milk man

Generally it takes a while to acclimate a dog to it without freaking them out. So maybe have her lick his balls or something instead of just attempting sex. He will most likely not mount unless he's already open to the idea.

if she goes does it ill post the pics back on here

right rofl ... thats looking at it from the bright side

100% do


You fucking better

Get wuhan from eating bats. Get zoohan from fucking dogs. 2020 is going to be a good year.

lube up and put socks on the dog so they don't leave scratches

as a dog i approve

wait wut

Steam on Facebook get a wider opinion live.

you actually cant get a STD from fucking animals.

All STDs come from nigger or chink countries after eating weird shit like bats or rhinos or some shit.

Sure thing XI. Dont try to take our people down with you.

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