Nancy "The Shredder Pelosi

Nancy "The Shredder Pelosi

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Kek cool, glad to know the leaders of the free world are a mature bunch of level headed professionals

Have you seen the literal fucking POTUS? Lmao.

Shredding paper is being a gentleman and a scholar in comparisson.


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Her Alzheimer’s is flairing up again, poor thing.

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>Shredding paper is being a gentleman
Eh it reads pretty immature and petty to me

Nancy is a hot honey! Would kiss!

Fucking hilarious watching the US devolve like this. I'm having a great time. This is my real life soap opera. I want trump to win just for four more years of this reality tv.

For how much Trump is hated and for how much dumb shit he says and does, Pelosi is just as bad. Most unprofessional cunt in the Democratic Party.

What a cunt, didn't have the balls to do it in front of him, she hides behind him like a child while mike pence cringes and averts his gaze. And what statement was she trying to make by the way ripping up a copy of a speech he already gave .

I’d be good with him impeached or winning 4 more, whichever doesn’t bother me - both have their perks, both involve pissing off the liberals.

>hot honey! Would kiss!

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She had to wheel and deal this time around to keep her position as speaker. She’s supposed to step down this next election cycle.
I bet $1 she reneges on her deals and tries to keep power, which will really fuck over the DNC.
It’s gonna be great.

Too true. It's like someone took the colbert report and made it a real thing. Though only thing is it's becoming too predictable.
He needs to have someone close to him die in the second season or I'm not gonna follow the plot anymore

She's okay. Also have you seen her Kennedy era.
I bet JFK ploughed that

Everyone is spamming this. What's the context? I don't watch the news

wow go back to russia.

She was having her public liberal meltdown on TV because orange man bad.

Why? I’m not a Russian, lived in Oklahoma all my life, think Trump is a pansy ass NY Jew Democrat.

No, I see that. But what is she ripping up?

His typed speech - the one that was printed with taxpayer money she’s wasting to “make a point.”

Kek they don't even try to be subtle. How many rubles and airplane bottles of vodka do you think our russian friends get paid to post this shit

Gotcha, thanks

Ooooh his wife needs to leave him in season two. And he gets into a war of some sort. Americans needlessly dying is never dull.

she didnt rip it up in front of him. she ripped it up in front of America

a copy of Trump's speech

She tore up his bullshit

>"wasting" taxpayer money
>rips up paper AFTER the speech, didn't even throw it in a trashcan

Were you hoping to score a signed copy, you dork?

When you continue to gloss over the more egregious shit just to suck orange cock.

Imagine getting triggered over her ripping up his speech.

What a bunch of vaginas.

If Trump did it, you'd be flipping out.

I’m not one for government waste, especially bullshit like that grandstanding she was doing.
But yes, there are people and institutions that take those copies, signed, and put them into their archives.
She was throwing a temper tantrum for the cameras.

Trump tears up our Constitution and Republicunts say "yes master please ignore reality and the law"

shut the fuck up, maggots... 2020 is coming and Donnie boy is gunna loooooooooooooooooose

Maggots will do anything for a chance to grovel at the feet of dear emperor Trump

Conservatives are all cowards who need a strong authoritarian daddy, because they can't handle people stating different opinions

omfg I love how she Trolls the FUCK out of Conservatards

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Pointing out Pelosi is an expired and corrupt hypocrite is hardly sucking orange dick. Jesus, have you been paying attention?

Donald Trump tears up literal documents in violation of the Presidential Records act (which was done to prevent Nixonian crimes).

The GOP said "nah the law aint for you dawg, you a king now". Traitors to the Constitution.

shut the FUCK up

Are you delusional? All the polls, even leftist dominated ones, say it’s Trump’s win, again. It would take a miracle that isn’t going to happen.
The most accurate predictor for elections has said months ago that it was his to throw away - they’ve only been wrong once since 1980.

Wtf? lol

Lot of claims, where’s the proof? If that was the case, wouldn’t it have made it into the impeachment charges?

I said if Trump did it, you'd be flipping out, and you flipped out.

LOL. Push away those bitter tears #InTheBag2020

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Your functional illiteracy must make Nancy proud.

Does anyone else see this and think it's some kind of code to her comrades behind the wall or something? It's so deliberate and orchestrated.

It's almost like she, or another traitor, is going to mention the tearing up the papers as representing the "tearing up of the constitution" or similar in her next broadcast diatribe

Wow. Shat a psycho. That has to be a planned action

The absolute state of our government

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OP "The Cancer Faggot

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Just sayin..

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It's pretty absolutely nothing to me.

This entire political ecosystem is fucked. What the fuck are we talking about even? Jesus.

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No one is triggered because she ripped up a speech.
She ripped up the speech because she was triggered.

>Conservatives are all cowards who need a strong authoritarian daddy,
Funny how you say this but I am sure you were just fine with Obama issuing executive order after executive order. Tired arguments from a tired ideology.

lol, you were saying what out of your ass?!


>POTUS - level headed
>Some woman tears up paper
>Some retard had an explosive diarrhea


I'm sure being laughed and mocked by conservatives wasn't what she was going for. She got triggered and had a hissy fit.


Dems don't care that Bill was impeached. Reps don't care that Trump was. That simple.

Need photoshop Nancy tearing up the coronavirus plan.

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Hey, ‘memba when all the polls had Hilldog at 90+% to win, but then she lost hard?
That was awesome!

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Trumps speech: the country is doing good and i like it
bootyblasted cry woman: fuck u
it seems as though she dislikes when things are going well for the country she was elected to represent

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That's the US constitution and she just wants everyone to know how bad her and the democratic party hate it.

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Even CNN’s retarded ‘fact check’ had to basically admit almost everything he said was on point. They tried so hard to nitpick but really couldn’t.

>it’s almost as if Trump is a decent president
>Nobody who isn’t retarded cares about the non-presidential bullshit

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discord gg/bARc5p

Seething that trump came out of the democrats sham impeachment efforts unscathed

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Maybe, she thinks it could do better......

Nancy Pelosi live on national television destroyed a document that had been delivered to Congress by the President of the United States of America with complete disregard for the law. "Under 44 USC 3106 and 36 CFR Part 1230, "Unlawful or Accidental Removal, Defacing, Alteration, or Destruction of Records," Federal agencies are required to "notify the Archivist of any actual, impending, or threatened unlawful removal, defacing, alteration, corruption, deletion, erasure, or other destruction of records in the custody of the agency."

But you see, mean tweets, therefore the orange man is in fact bad

America craves a return to gentler, more decent days, when mass murdering war criminals said nice things that other people wrote for them and it all sounded so inspiring you could almost forget your job got shipped to India

Bring back kind, principled leadership that invaded Iraq and tortured people and executed American citizens without trial

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>Biden literally comes last in IA caucuses
>Most things Trump claimed in State o’ Union were true
>Americans vote with their wallets

Lol ok boomer

Only trumpfags would actually believe this was a crime, yet trump should be acquitted. The brain rot is strong with these cultists.

Xxx, get a life you sad, flag worshiping freak

>none of this has anything to do with the bullshit you pulled out of your ass, that I easily refuted with polling data


Only libtards think Bad Orange Man committed anything approaching high crimes and misdemeanors for actual impeachment.

That’s not what actual polling said, more delirious lies from the trumpfags, shocking.

>44 USC 3106
>36 CFR Part 1230
>specific statues, the violation of which are crimes

>"abuse of office"
>"obstruction of congress"
>not high crimes or misdemeanours, or in fact crimes at all

Good Lord, when the Republicans were impeaching Clinton, they at least had him on video committing perjury, which is an honest-to-god crime.

Can't wait til 2021 when Schiff's moronic ass gets kicked off every committee and sent right to the back bench, forever. If they'd waited until the spring, like Pelosi wanted to, they could've had Trump cold -- instead, Schiff did an end-run around Nancy, had his big moment for the cameras, completely failed, and now Trump walks.

This isn’t polling data, it’s op-ed, but no surprise when the fake news crowd can’t tell the difference.

He violated the impoundment control act, you dense knob.

Oh look, a libtard lying, how fucking shocking.

Violating the law as the highest official in the land, is indeed a high crime. It’s against the oath he swore to uphold the constitution too.

It's a coded signal. That was her signalling something to someone. The event itself and the number of times she did it means something to whoever she was sending the message.

These aren’t polls. Do you have any idea what a poll actually is and how they are conducted?

>Moody’s is fake news
It’s no wonder libtards are so butthurt. They get handed something that they could use to change their fortunes, and the assholes that they are dismiss it as not valid because it hurts their feelings.
Do us a favor, when Trump wins in November, be sure to livestream your meltdown and suicide attempt for us. It should be hilarious.

Which crime again - remember, point out the ones they presented as impeachment charges.

why would she have to send a coded signal? this is 2020, not 1952. she could leave the floor after, or just talk to somebody before

>they aren’t polls even though they’re polls, because I say they aren’t polls because they disprove my lie!

Damn you are dumb, I said it’s op-ed and that people who take op-ed as news are the fake news crowd. Your English and deductive reasoning skills are garbage. Hence the support for trump.

>I say it’s not valid because reasons and what I say goes
Just be sure to livestream that November re-election meltdown for us, Princess.

He violated the impoundment control act, the GAO agrees with that fact. As to how the articles were drafted, you would have to listen to the reasons the house managers laid out for why their articles were constructed the way they did. You won’t though.

Accurate representation of her attempts at trying to get rid of trump. Lol she's gonna lose her shit when he wins again

thats a liiiiitle weird

Kid, you really need to learn what polls are. You are embarrassing yourself in front of the internet.

Not that user, but seriously, were you living under a rock during 2016? Everyone had Hillary winning. HuffPo had it a over 98 percent for her.

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Do you regularly fantasize that men online are female royalty? It’s creepy.

she just did it so weirdly

The same GAO that found Hillary guiltless until Comey admitted she committed a crime but because she’s who she is he wasn’t going to press for charges stemming from the private server incident.

Kek, NPCs abound screaming he committed a crime but he is accused of nothing!

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Just Nancy boys like you, cupcake. It explains so much about your kind.

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lmao, I believe you mean there's a possible argument that the OMB failed to specifically notify the Senate Budget Committee directly of the aid freeze, instead putting it in a footnote

But, they probably could've gotten Trump on something if they'd jUST WAITED TIL THE SPRING, which is what Pelosi wanted to do. Schiff, that little retard, did an end run around her with his little whistleblower media stunt, and forced her hand. And it turns out they didn't have anything, he's acquitted tomorrow, and they all look like idiots.

>well, see, he held up some aid to the Ukraine, which they then got a little later
>but he made it conditional on some investigation of likely Biden corruption!
>i mean, the Ukrainians didn't actually do any of that, and they got the money anyway
>but he probably really WANTED to!

>and then when we issued our legally powerless "subpoenas" he told us to get fucked and asked the courts to decide if he has to obey they, which is making it hard for us to impeach him!

Christ, what a joke. Extra funny: Yesterday, a court ruled Trump's counsel, in fact, should testify to the impeachment committee that doesn't exist any more. If Schiff had just kept it in his pants a few more WEEKS they could've had him.

Or at least they could've dragged it out right up until election day, and Trump would have been fucked, which was Pelosi's correct idea. Hard to have your rallies on live TV when the split screen is aides testifying about shady shit you've done.

But Schiff made himself a little star, and now they have blown their last shot at taking Trump down. You'd better believe her revenge on Schiff is going to be brutal.

House reps sent to the senate did not mention this in testimony in the senate. You should have gone! I am sure the Dems need another person who can't read. Bi-partisan acquittal will happen. You heard it here first.

You notice how that says forecast and not poll? Do you know the difference between hard data and speculation? Every poll was within the 3.5% margin of error. Go ahead and find a poll that wasn’t, take all the time you need.


Yea, those ones. The bipartisan ones that work on facts and not partisan voodoo.

You know who else didn’t press charges and is about to release another report clearing Hilary if wrong doing? The DOJ, trumps DOJ. lol.

That is fucking hilarious. I hate both of them, but that cold dismissal is fucking phenomenal.

>But, they probably could've gotten Trump on something if they'd jUST WAITED TIL THE SPRING,
This. The Libtards just couldn't fucking wait. TOPKEK. Those tears are sweet.

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The DOJ that has tons of leftover leftists that are partisan as fuck and would do anything to clear their masters.

She’s going to welsh on her agreements to step down, watch.

You really like to sexualize men online, but let me guess... you aren’t gay. I’m going to just nod and move along now.

Stop kinkshaming me! Are you assuming my gender you CIS PIG!

>You notice how that says forecast and not poll?
How do you think they make their forecasts, dipshit? With magic and fairy dust? Besides, they make there forecasts on a state by state basis, which is what you would do in a presidential election and not a single poll for the country. Is fivethirtyeight comprehensive enough for you faggot?

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Yes, at the direction of the White House, on orders from the president the impound control act was violated. They broke the law in an attempt to extort political advantage out of an ally that was vulnerable. Glad we cleared that up and agree.

>what about

Stay on topic you nerd

The President of the Ukraine even said there was no threats, and he was on the phone with him.
Why would he lie?

Yes, I said they are not polls, because they aren’t polls. Is there some ranting sarcastic green text echo in here?

Pretty funny how it was a “leftist” appointed directly by Barr then. Remember when you guys had a raging hard on for Horowitz? Remember how that turned out? lol.


Not surprising they turn own in masse and lie about their political leanings.

Because he was afraid of the consequences. Also, he was lead to that statement by trump and has since walked it back and refused to stand behind it, while clearly stating that he doesn’t want his country brought into US politics. Not much of a staunch defender there.

Oooops, did I just link real polling data? Silly me.!

Whatever mental gymnastics help you sleep at night and look in the mirror in the morning, user.

>You'd better believe her revenge on Schiff is going to be brutal.

Wonder if she will call in a favor with the clintons?

Not that user, but general election polls are pretty pointless. You need to look at state by state polling.

>Yes, at the direction of the White House, on orders from the president the impound control act was violated. They broke the law in an attempt to extort political advantage out of an ally that was vulnerable. Glad we cleared that up and agree.

lmao first, it's ARGUABLE that by putting the notification in a footnote, instead of a separate notifcation, that they MIGHT have broken that statue.

But, and here's the important part

Schiff and his band of third-rate retards didn't even ALLEGE that to have happened. So, as absolutely straw-clutchingly desperate that is ("they put a notification in a footnote instead of a separate memo like the law requires!"), not really Watergate is it?

Imagine if they were just starting now, instead of when they did! Imagine if they hadn't decided, for some insane retarded political reason, that they just HAD to impeach Trump before Christmas. Remember that?

LOL remember when they were all "this is a crime in progress! we must act now!" and then sat on the articles for a frigging month, urgent stuff indeed!

There was not one single aspect of this that Schiff didn't fuck up. He should've listened to Pelosi. She had been tamping down the retards for a full year, knowing that they'd get exactly one shot at impeachment, and it had to be perfect. And then that bug-eyed spindly little clown started leaking, and now Trump cruises to reelection.

I haven't listened to the speech yet, but i'm willing to bet you there are messages of solidarity and pro America language in that speech.
The symbolism behind her ripping up those words is that she doesn't give a shit about us or the country.
She's so blinded by TDS, it wouldn't matter what was typed on those pages.
... I heard a kid from the Iowa caucuses say he'd vote for Warren, Sanders or Buttigieg, he doesn't care, just as long as Trump is defeated.
That's the leftie mentality now.
The chemical makeup of their brains have been permanently altered.

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Lol exactly, you even called it. You didn't even say it and he still flipped. Its like:
>Why are you acting like a bitch?
>Don't call me a bitch!
>I didn't, I said you're ACTING like a bitch.
Continues to then actually be a bitch.

Anyways. Thank's for the lols the truth and nice with the foresight.

Take care, user.

Agreed. However, if you backtrack the discussion, the real point is that these are actual polls... and the ones that these raging lunatics try to say had Clinton at a 90% chance of winning... are not polls. Polls don’t work like that, they are measured in points + or -. It’s pretty easy stuff to find and understand.

Trump refused to acknowledge her and shake hands when he took the stage.
Tit for tat bullshit.

Someone didn't take her dementia meds.

Good lord, you took the time to rant all of that and expected I cared enough about your foolishness to read it all? Yea... nope.

It's ironic how you can't see yourself doing the same thing. You're exactly the the same as the trumplets that say "BUT AOC-" whenever Trump is criticized

Potatoes. He gets paid in potatoes.

>d-didn't r-r-r-ead ;_;

You don't seem to understand that I'm on your side. I just think, instead of repeating whatever moronic bullshit the DNC is shitting out onto social media this week.

And I'll bet $100 that come January, Adam Schiff will be removed from every committee and important post he has. By Nancy Pelosi. Because his idiocy just let Trump walk free.

You’re the one that’s bitching kek

There are 200+ years between these too prehistoric MFers.

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Truth checked

They wernt polls.

He gave her a fake speech

Glad we agree that he violated the law. Moving on...

Nasty Nancy

It’s so sad Patton Oswalt fell down and scraped his knee. Must have been painful for a scream like that.

>She's okay. Also have you seen her Kennedy era.
>I bet JFK ploughed that

I bet he did too.

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Do you realize this means Schiff's little circus let Trump get away with breaking the law?

Hahahaha you can shake my dick off after I piss bitch.

Fucking same fagging

>Like an impotent child
Nancy "Tantrum" Pantsy

Here’s the goalpost |—-| and here’s where you keep moving it ———-> when answers showing you’re wrong show up.

That looks like Donald "Pee on me" Trump Open for shit!

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Shouldn't you be asleep? I know you muffler installers usually start early.

>She's signalling something to someone

Yes lets just stand up behind the president of the united states with 100 cameras pointed at me and perform this extremely blatant attention grabbing paper shredding action, to relay a SECRET message lmao.

you conspiracy nuts are retarded.
She's either just being petty and showing us that she doesn't support trump.
or she's ripping up a document that is no longer relevant, and it's not actually important or significant at all.

she just ripped up some papers, it's not a big deal.

he refused to shake her hand when she offered. He's a dick and she's just giving it back.

Yes, but you're a myopic idiot so your opinion is somewhat tainted

Huh. And uh, which of the charges in the impeachment covered this? Either of them? Oh... Neither? So... This didn't actually happen except in your fiction? Cool cool.

Artifacts from the future 2213:

Beijing History Class Required Reading

Democracy to Dictatorship
2000 to 2100
Revised edition

When the desert swallowed the USA
The history and failure of American foreign policy in the united middle east

From communism to capitalism to savior
How China stopped the USA in the four week USA VS UK war.

This is what polls look like. Notice the format.

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Eat shit you drunken bitch! Trump owned you again, probably signed it with one of your taxpayer funded Impeachment pens!

Says the bitch who can’t change his own oil or tires to save his life.

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The republican majority in the Senate did. Goodnight.

Rumor is he gave her a copy of a fake speech, full of "fuck you Democrats" and the like, and then delivered a totally, pretty decent speech instead. So she had to sit there like an idiot not having any pre-planned reactions, and by the end of it she was legit fuming.

Also explained why the Democratic response didn't seem to have anything to do with his speech, and weird shit like "Trump didn't fix the roads, this kid did" -- he never talked about roads.

>It’s so sad Patton Oswalt fell down and scraped his knee. Must have been painful for a scream like that.

Consider me retarded but I don't understand. I know who Patton Oswald is and that he utterly hates Trump. Is there more? Or are you implying the guy on the ground screaming is Patton because they share similar mass?

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>stunning and brave
Kek just tell us you want to munch her twat and be done with it

|—| —-> |—| —> |—|

>we handed a big plate of nothing to the opposition party, after doing them exactly no favors during our half of the show
>and then decided that we wanted to add a bunch of stuff to it at the last minute
>and they said no!

>those monsters!

Just imagine if that retard had waited one fucking month. It all would've been in the articles.

I know you're new to this and it's all My Team Good and Their Team Bad, but Schiff just shot our chances in the stomach with a shotgun.

>the libshit throwing the tantrum kinda looks like Oswald

They look alike. Also that’s a chick, just like Oswalt.

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Fucking hell I hope and pray this is one day revealed to be true

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What the fuck are you guys smoking seriously?
You liberals are waving the Russian flag, voting for communism, you burn the American flag and Constitution in protests
Everything you desire is bad for the country
Everything you do is pro Russia
Yet you call them the Russians?




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Except he's fighting to defend the Constitution whilst liberals are literally voting to remove amendments and have jail time and fines for whatever they declare as hate speech

>>the libshit throwing the tantrum kinda looks like Oswald

They really do. Considering how many Celebrities were out that day, it makes me wonder.

>They look alike. Also that’s a chick, just like Oswalt.

Just beautiful! I had to attend some scifi conventions as a guest (I used to produce VFX for major film & television shows) and Patton was the one guy I was warned would grind my gears. I never met him but I always hoped to do so, just so I could wear a MAGA hat to guest-dinner with him and wind him up.

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hurr durr. ObAmA Obanga BoBunga Mo BaMbA. stfu u autist. i swear the only argument you snowflake conservatives have is saying Obama to everything.

its a copy of his speech, but she thought it was the constitution.

It is some sci-fi shit for sure, like those old Twilight Zone episodes where the soliders discover the evil enemy they're fighting is themselves

>oh ho, Komrade Trump!
>how's Putin's balls taste, you KKKGB traitor!
>how dare that man sit in the office where PATRIOTS sat?

>anyway we should nationalize the health care system, abolish the border and put caps on how wealthy people can get

This is like Palm reading
100% inaccurate misinformation

low effort meme, snowflake

He did talk avout roads... The barasso bullshit

He didn't violate the constitution though
The whole thing is a sham
No proof


>Funny how you say this but I am sure you were just fine with Obama issuing executive order after executive order. Tired arguments from a tired ideology.
Funny how you say that when you were probably having a tantrum when Obama was writing executive orders crying unconstitutional but now love It when trump wipes his ass with the Constitution.

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... And to think I despised this man before 2016.
Im not too proud to admit that I was wrong about him. Greatest president of my lifetime so far.

What corruption!?

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>I never met him but I always hoped to do so, just so I could wear a MAGA hat to guest-dinner with him and wind him up.
I’d pay money to watch that online. That shit would be hilarious.

not true. am demfag. Bill Clinton is a piece of shit and deserved to be impeached. Good ol Bone Spurs pulled impeachable shit as well and deserves the same.

I too was kinda "oh shit this is probably not going to end well" on election day 2016, but holy fuck if this hasn't been the best Presidency of my life.

Peace, prosperity, and the deliberate tormenting of annoying politicians -- what more could you ask for

>guy with a supermajority in Congress and Senate signed fewer orders in his first 200 days than a guy hated by literally everyone in both parties


Now do after the midterms

Some cunt helps fule a lynch mob I'm not gon a shake the cunts hand.

>I’d pay money to watch that online. That shit would be hilarious.

If it EVER happens, I will wear a camera to record it and will get my girl to film as well. That's a promise.

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Trump topped himself at lies told per minute.
No one cares what that retard says anymore.

Lmao Oklahoma such a shit state. Honestly kys. Fucking boring and joke state

Found the butthurt libtard.

>well, "muh Russia" didn't work
>and "racist" didn't work
>and "quid pro quo" didn't work
>and "extortion" didn't work
>and "impeach because reasons!" didn't work

>Polls don’t work like that,
Five thirty eight forecasted using polls. How else would you do that otherwise? They even broke all the polls down by state.

>step down
The House, Senate AND presidency are all going straight Blue, faggot.

>tfw hate both Trump and Patton Oswalt

I laughed though

>Some cunt helps fule a lynch mob I'm not gon a shake the cunts hand.

I read today that Nancy Pelosi is on record for calling for the Death Penalty for Trump over Russiagate. I think Trump did the right thing. It's one thing to shake hands over polite interraction or a deal... but I can't blame him for showing her what contempt he holds for the Dems. It might also make the voters see him as having more backbone and for them to question why that even happened.

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Probably true lmao

So glad McCain is off this mortal coil.


are people really that upset about a piece of paper? I don't understand the outrage...

Keep talking you fucking trash heap.
Literally NO ONE is listening to you shills anymore.
Get a REAL job.

no, the waste of taxpayer money was actually printing that POS speech

Hey I got a nice bridge to sell you too...

Quick and shit-tier Russian propaganda. Get that faggot shit out of here.

Lmao im a right wing trump supporter. Stay mad cuck

Attached: 3AB4C3D1-A580-4640-947C-544DAAB63A02.jpg (401x455, 38K)

Found the triggered libtard


What's with all the McCain cartoons?

Attached: 1575922689959.png (1345x1126, 1.13M)

>The House, Senate AND presidency are all going straight Blue, faggot.

Are you saying the Dems are going to win the 2020 election? Who will they select for final battle?

Attached: Screen Shot 2019-07-04 at 11.37.43 am.png (785x691, 202K)

Just what a triggered libtard would lie about and claim.


Attached: 1575743163965.jpg (1024x608, 70K)

Attached: EGEXg8vVAAAY_ad.jpg (1200x814, 329K)

Nice trips
I actually voted for trump
My vote is meant to see him impeached and leave office disgracefully
Waiting on more shit to hit the fan since it hasnt happened yet
I got a sickening gut feeling about this shitty liar of a president and I'll roll with that till he resigns

It doesn't matter. We have a one-track, single mission: END the ENEMY Trump and his dicksuckers in the GOP.

Republicans are snowflakes

He was the only Republican who had a pair of balls. Now that he's gone, the party is officially worthless and ready for termination.

>a completely fabricated argument written by one person who supports Trump

nice propaganda

I knew you like when trump wipes his ass with the Constitution
>Separation of powers
>Checks and balances

November 3rd is going to a long day for you.

Attached: 1576388567692.jpg (200x200, 10K)

Nancy is in the GOP now? Is that why she was pouting?


It was a power play on his part and probably exactly the right play to make. His base will rally behind his resolve, and the uninformed will question what it was all about and become informed. Undecideds will see him turn from Pelosi and keep his dignity, and then see Pelosi throw a tantrum. In the end they side with strength.

He was a Neocon that most Democrats called satan in 2008. You really defending McCain here?

Attached: 1571078374861.png (415x411, 258K)

Attached: 77850280-5A4D-4E26-ACE9-0320C0EA282F.jpg (1125x768, 109K)

I love it. SO many Republicunt tears this week!


Fucking delicious.

Lol, ‘k.

Nope. It's going to be the first breath of fresh air we've had i four long years of CRIMINAL SHIT and SCUM and ENEMIES OF THIS COUNTRY.

Time for sane people to be in our government again and Trump to rot in prison.

The devil's trips of truth.

Attached: 1575141136797.jpg (994x1024, 78K)

McCain wasn't the problem in 2008. Bush and his brainless running mate were.

>stop looking at Pelosi's tantrum!
Looks like you have some of Nancy's pubes caught in your teeth

Do you REALLY want me to post the list of 32 of Trump's more obvious crimes?

are you denying Trump is a childish retarded school bully who calls everyone smarter than him names?

You might want to consider going outside and not taking all your info from one source.

Attached: 1578893973068.jpg (275x341, 7K)

yeah, real mature, dude

wait wait wait wait, let me guess...
It's OVER amiright!?
Fucking kek

a closeted homosexual and a literal brainlet who speaks like a fourth grader...I mean, I'm glad you got skeletor off the picture, but it's still 2/3rds of a shit sandwich

>It's going to be the first breath of fresh air we've had i four long years of CRIMINAL SHIT and SCUM and ENEMIES OF THIS COUNTRY.
4 years of a growing economy, record unemployment, wages starting to grow, no new wars, wall being built. Things are going well. Be happy.

Attached: 1571668360575.gif (265x244, 2M)

Are you denying that Pelosi's behavior was childish and unprofessional?

Oh yeah, Kaepernick's performance during the Super Bowl was amazing... Oh wait...

Sir, reality is frowned upon here.

So that's why you were calling McCain a baby killer in 2008. Short memory faggot.

>muh CNN faek nnooz meme

Funny, but the only fake news is the barrage of lies and crime coming from the enemy, Trump. His attacks on CNN and other real news sources are just his way of getting retards like you to swallow his lies. (16,200 lies and counting!)

She looks big and soft! Yum!

Agreed, his shit posts all over twitter are gold. I shot nose out my mouth when I heard he had accused Ted Cruz's father of killing Kennedy. That was fucking epic!

Anyone who criticizes him for saying crazy ridiculous shit are just falling for the greatest joke in American political history! The entire government is a fucking joke, if you don't get that yet, I don't think anyone can help you.

You're still showing the fatass orange pile of criminal shit. Need to pull the immature cover over a bit more.

Nigga you forget where you are? Fuck outta here

This has always been the state of our government, Trump is just opening the curtain to the world.



>4 years of a growing economy
"growing" meaning? What exactly has changed?
>record unemployment
once again, fabricated nonsense. unemployment remains almost exactly the same as it has been for a decade.
>wages starting to grow
No, no they are not.
>no new wars
Because "war" isn't fought with soldiers lining up across from each other any more. there are still plenty of "war like" things happening across the globe in America's name.
>wall being built
not even close to finished. horrible design that will require constant maintenance for the rest of our lifetimes.

>Things are going well.
Name something.

>Be happy.
Be less retarded.

says the whining snowflake republicunt

Someone is having a rough day. Did they ever figure out who won in Iowa? Not that it matters. Such a transparent and competent caucus that was. Kek

Attached: 1569944223162.jpg (500x375, 26K)

Oh shit

>Related articles

Can we have dubs back? Please?

I bet they still ate the fucking curry.

Trump is butt buddies with our greatest ally. I don't trust anybody who willingly works with Ikey mo.

>no war
Just war crimes, right?
It also helps that Trump the Enemy likes cozying up to every vile dictator and despot in the world and takes direct orders from the Kremlin.

Obvious b8 is obvious.

Attached: 1580230609024.jpg (888x1024, 237K)

>btfo CNN employee sad he didn't get to go to prom

cool arrogance bro. must be fulfilling for you to ask what size fry and drink they want with their combo for a living.

Yes. Hers was just fine for someone sitting that close to a fully-revved LieMaster 6000 spewing bullshit.

Attached: 1580545732624.jpg (684x1024, 99K)

You see, Orange Man Bad, and thus mass-murdering war criminals who drove the country into a ditch like George W fucking Bush are now Principled Leaders From A Better Time

i shred papers all the time. im mature, level-headed and professional. i wanna know what else you think is absurd.

You're funny. Retarded, but funny (kind of).

kind of ironic that this place is dishing out the whole "Pelosi is immature" thing and when it gets turned on cheeto man it's suddenly a matter of "LOL UR A FAGGOT LIBTARD SUCK MY WIENER" and when the hypocrisy is pointed out you all simply go "HURRRRR DIS IS Cred Forums HURRRR"

>orange man bad
That's not an argument, fucktard.

Trump IS the worst president in US history and in many ways he's the enemy of its people and its values. He's also a massive CRIMINAL.

His was just fine as well considering he had to sit that close to a criminal instigator and traitor to this country.

>"growing" meaning? What exactly has changed?
It's growing. What part of the word growing are you having trouble with?
>once again, fabricated nonsense. unemployment remains almost exactly the same as it has been for a decade.
According to whom? More people are working now than ever before.
>No, no they are not.
According to whom.
>Because "war" isn't fought with soldiers lining up across from each other any more. there are still plenty of "war like" things happening across the globe in America's name.
Is he not doing enough drone strikes for you? Obama did a hell of a lot more.
>not even close to finished. horrible design that will require constant maintenance for the rest of our lifetimes.
It will be finished in the middle of his next term. He also asked to border agents which design they wanted. This is what they approved.

>Name something.
I named several off the top of my head. And you disproved none of them.

>Be less retarded.
Be less triggered. You must be a sad rejected little loner. I'm so sorry for you. You're salty tears are delicious tho.

Attached: 1571287653610.jpg (574x511, 53K)

But then you miss all the impotent seething anger. It's like watching a commie being forced to drink sips from a cup of freedom.

Attached: 1480412327715.jpg (413x395, 21K)

also, ur mom

Attached: 6c7911377-tdy-130617-leo-toasts-1.nbcnews-ux-2880-1000.jpg (1280x960, 74K)

Because he said mean thing on the social medias?

Attached: 42874.png (399x106, 14K)

Wow. Someone is mad. Dems did have a bad day. Kek.

Attached: 1576389147320.jpg (498x430, 55K)

Failure to recognize viable evidence is not a lack thereof. The republicans voted to shut out the evidence and witnesses. You have no place to claim there's no proof. It's out there- but it's being covered up. You cannot deny this.

You’re wrong about all of this. Check any centrist source.

>Trump IS the worst president in US history

holy fuck. leaving aside Buchanan as the undeniable worst President, because he let the country get split apart into a civil war that killed 3% of the population (9 million people today), so he'll never get topped, just two presidents ago we had


>presided over the worst terrorist attack in US history, in which thousands were killed, turns out later they had so much warning that they fired the guy, Clarke, who wouldn't shut up with the warnings
>Bush' immediate response was that was the PATRIOT act, which turned us into a surveillance state
>and also to make TORTURE the official policy of the United States government
>and then he invaded Iraq, and if you listen to HIS version of events where he totally didn't lie about everything, BY MISTAKE -- 1 million dead Iraqis, thousands of dead American soldiers, tens of thousands wounded, many of them disabled for ever. By mistake.
>then he drowned the city of New Orleans and kept help from arriving while rats ate corpses in the street
>and finished it up by cratering the global economy in his last couple months

You have to be peak delusion to think that Trump is anywhere the top 5. Actually, the economy's doing well, we're talking with ancient enemies for the first time, unemployment's low, and the inner cities aren't on fire any more. I'll take that.

Looked like an 80 year old spoiled child throwing a tantrum. My 3 year old cousin tears up paper & throws it when she doesn't get her way, too. It finally dawned on Pelosi this is her final run as Speaker. She's out when the Republicans take the House in November. So her sperg out temper tantrum was expected.

That was all Schiff's retarded ass jumping the gun and springing impeachment about 4 months earlier than Pelosi wanted to. When it would've worked.

I'd take dubs over trump in a heartbeat

Attached: gwb-cc1.jpg (600x618, 104K)

Viable evidence with such concrete testimony like "he mustve been thinking......" "we could conclude his thoughts were...." and my favorite "no, this is what i assume he meant"

>The economy is doing well
For the rich, sure. For the poor people, it's getting worse. All of my friends and family are working 40-50 hours a week and cannot afford medicine they need to live, like blood pressure medication and insulin.

Trump refused to shake her hand and kept laughing at her, so she threw a massive temper tantrum during the State of the union Address, kept shaking her head and crying, wiping tears away. When he looked at her and laughed at the end of the speech, she punched the desk & ripped up her copy of the speech, started sobbing.

So, what you're saying is because schiff jumped the gun, then it's okay?

Fuck dude, I have to be awake in 5 hours for work but I just can't tear myself away from this shit! Watching the libs meltdown is like watching a brain hemorrhage in slo-mo in one of those cut scenes from House M.D. But it's like an episode you remember seeing before so you already know what caused the hemorrhage... It was Trump!

Want a bunch more soldiers killed, Abu Ghraibs, government officials on CNN defending torture while everyone on the panel nods solemnly, and then everyone loses their job at the end?

You've lost your mind.

Yeesh, no wonder everyone in the U.S. hates Pelosi. What a psycho. And her approval in her home district is barely above 20%.

>The republicans voted to shut out the evidence and witnesses
It was the houses job to get all the evidence and witnesses before they voted to impeach. This isn't hard faggot. All they had to do was wait to bring a proper case and they didn't.

Attached: 1575899999964.jpg (492x641, 72K)

Your friends should get new jobs. Now's the time to

Attached: wages lol.png (1252x1554, 892K)

Im not rich and the last 3 years ive been getting and extra 2 to 3 thousand due to his admins reforms. Easily pays for my health bills and even the crazy hospital stay of my kid.

blood pressure medicine costs maybe $10 for a 3 month supply, it's not going to break the budget even of someone making minimum wage
stop making things up you know nothing about


Sounds like all your friends and family are failures that make consistent and repeated bad choices in life.

I'm not referring to prior witnesses, I'm referring to john bolton and lev parnas, individuals who weren't allowed to testify who had pertinent information and evidence directly related to the trial.

>I have to be awake in 5 hours for work but I just can't tear myself away from this shit!
It's fucking great. I pulled off something similar when Trump won. The salt is flowing today and I love it.

Attached: 1575927951188.jpg (528x543, 31K)

>recent election showed republicans losing seats again
>we'll get a comeback this time guys i swear! fox news told me!

I heard alcoholics like nancy get extemely irritable if they havent drunk anything in a while.

Sure, let's all go down to the job store and get jobs, easy as pie. It must be great to be so fortunate to think the way you do.

Dubya > trump

No, what I'm saying is Pelosi had a plan, which would've worked. And then Schiff got this "whistleblower" stuff and ran out in front of the cameras, and then ran an incompetent clown show that managed to come up with two articles of indictment that weren't fucking crimes. Because URGENT, CRIME IN PROGRESS, THE FACTS ARE INDISPUTABLE

And then they sat on the articles for a month. And in that month some stuff turned up that, if they had been still waiting and amassing evidence like Pelosi wanted to, they could've used.

Instead, they had to go to the Senate, controlled by the opposition party that they had let call a grand total of 0 witnesses, and demand that they be able to add more new stuff to the 24,000 documents and 100+ hours of witness testimony that they delivered along with the articles of impeachement.

And, exactly as everyone expected, the Senate laughed at them.

Impeachment should've started in about two months. That was the original plan. This one guy Schiff thought he'd be the hero, so he jumped in front of the camera and let Trump get away with everything.

It's maddening.

What a mature way to think about people in a hard situation

Even in the best of times, the economy isn't very good for the lazy

I wish you best in overcoming your condition

your complaint is you can't be bothered to apply for a job?

>Low wage industries

Retard alert

yes, having to spend $40/year on meds. terrible. you're suffering so much. why won't the government make everything free, so you don't have to apply for jobs or anything stressful like that?

Someone once told me that beggars are choosers, because their choices made them beggars. It's worth thinking about.

Trump is on the ballot. This will be similar to Obama in 2012 and you know it.

I dunno, i have not watched it either but im betting that guy is right as rain

Russians have no souls

If you can deny that the House engaged in the very same behavior and tactics, then others are at the same liberty to deny your assertions against the Senate.

For the first time since the Bush years, wage growth for the poorest is actually outpacing middle and high. It's legit encouraging news and I hope it keeps up

Fake news

Did he stick his tongue out?

Obama did a fantastic job his first term and DESERVED to stay the Commander in Chief.

Trump has been the WORST, DEAD LAST, imbecilic, syphillitic, adversarial, narcissistic, pathologically lying, worthless criminal enemy in US history.

Bingo. Especially after the Democrats failed to flip both chambers of Congress in 2018, which has been the mid-term pattern since 1914. The current polls showing an impending GOP super majority after November 3'rd and Pelosi's 21% approval in her home district - she's not going to be speaker again.

Yes. is noted for it's fake news. Kek.

Trump is the orange clown, but your pathetic propaganda attempt is noted, faggot.

'I dunno' - The mating call of the Trumptard

It's literally real news



Yeah, looks like Nancy's not handling the final months of her last term as Speaker very well. The CNN flash poll finding over 90% of those polled disapproved of her actions spoke volumes since the last remnants of CNN's small audience are all far left extremist Democrat sycophants.


The GOP has sealed its fate once and for all. They are enemies of this nation and the rule of law.

Yes, it is VERY mature. It faces the hard truth of the situation and lays the responsibility of their own lives upon them where it belonged the entire time. They are not fucking toddlers to be coddled when they scrape their knee on the playground. They are adults and sometimes people need to be told that they done fucked up so that MAYBE they won't fuck up again.

It's got nothing to do with Trump though.

Fake news

Are you nuts? It was Schiff's retardation that let Trump walk. If they'd done what Pelosi ordered, this would still be the evidence-gathering phase.

>it's over!

Obama could have lost 2012, if the Republicans had a reasonable candidate. Romney was close to the worst of all possible choices. Red Team's major push was to repeal the ACA, which was completely undercut because it was based on Romney's plan. Slow recovery from the recession was blamed on the finance industry and outsourcing, and he's mostly known for buying up companies, shredding them, and sending the jobs overseas. On top of that, he's a smug, entitled rich white boy completely out of touch with anyone. And despite that, he only lost by 5 million votes.

>Trump is doing a fantastic job his first term and DESERVED to stay the Commander in Chief.

>Obama was the WORST, DEAD LAST, imbecilic, syphillitic, adversarial, narcissistic, pathologically lying, worthless criminal enemy in US history.

Fixed it for you. BTW, Trump's approval according to Gallup is higher than Obama's was at the same time in his presidency. Have a wonderful night.

Attached: 1570923130798.gif (200x200, 752K)

The GOP now leading Democrats by 11 points in 2020 preference isn't surprising to anyone. The democrats truly are traitorous scum and the enemies of the nation.

lol ok

>the economy's fine for the rich, not the poor!
actually wages are growing faster for the poor than any other group since Trump's election
>no they're not!
yes they are (source)
>well that's got nothing to do with trump

At least you can feel better that, in fact, wages are rising for the poorest Americans at the fastest rate in decades. That is undeniable good news for anyone of any party who's not a horrible asshole.

Ass-uming i even support Trump

she doesnt need to though, american politics are already a circus why does she need to add more fuel to the flame?

Amen to that!

>can't cope

>Trump is the orange clown, but your pathetic propaganda attempt is noted, faggot.
Someone needs a timeout and a civics lesson.

Attached: 1575629706189.jpg (1000x500, 53K)


Because she's one of the circus monkeys who voluntarily set herself on and started to dance, to continue to abuse your mixed metaphor.

She likely got handed a fake speech that made her look like an idiot on live TV, just a few days after her retard employee Schiff, seeking the spotlight, totally ruined any chance of impeaching Trump.

its politics, any little thing u do could be the next headline.

>herself on fire

Exactly right. No denying that shit after tonight.

fake and gay.
Is that really the best you've got, retard? Trump is ACTUALLY a criminal and a moron and a pathological liar. That's proven every single tine he opens his fat mouth.

Except for Trump, where every last little thing he does is the next headline.

This. The violent left wing Democrat militants are trash.

mmmm yummy

You're right, tearing up the speech is proof she sold American secrets to China and Russia!

>wall being built

Attached: A474013D-6786-4F37-8FEB-746676673B9F.jpg (1242x1197, 115K)

I'm not that other user, but...
This is why the left is losing

What was fake and gay about it? You can look it up yourself my triggered friend.

Attached: 1576429139600.jpg (674x850, 162K)

Fucking lol
Please stop faggotting this hard! I need to get some sleep already but I just don't want to miss a minute of this beautiful meltdown

Damn true, I was afraid the world would stop by his hand, but I'll be damned if it didn't, and instead, everything's been doing pretty well

All that classic rightwing projection!
We aren't the ones with a bodycount, fucker.
We aren't the armed losers demonstrating in government buildings.
Trumpanzees are literally the trash (pic related)

It's a sheet metal fence and a weak-ass one at that.

A big chunk of it blew down in a light breeze last week.

>(pic related)
You showed them.

Oh wait.

It got scrubbed. Shit happens.

Attached: trump_rally_social.jpg (992x647, 150K)

Is that the one with the open sluice gates or the one that existed before Trump took office and was receiving scheduled maintenance?

Oh, you were watching Trump's whinefest?

>It's a sheet metal fence and a weak-ass one at that.
Are you serious? Everyone knows what the wall looks like, except you. You can't even retard right.

Attached: dsadasadada.jpg (760x507, 71K)