Weed + Amphetamine + Fapping

Weed + Amphetamine + Fapping.

Name a better combo.

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Comfy Chair + Mint Gum + Cold Water

Weed + Booze + Fapping

fight me

A loving relationship + a gratifying job + financial stability

Cocaine+ gapping

Every time I do it alone I end up like writting erotic literature for pages and pages in "untitled" word documents. Like I get fucking out there, but man the fapping is fucking fire.

And yeah, I live with my girlfriend. Face it lads, sometimes it's just better to fap

Weed-Dwarf Fortress-more Weed

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Your mom + my cock

>sometimes it's just better to fap
Ie; all the time.
However, I do like to can in my girlfriends tits...I specifically call her through to the bedroom for the finale

>name a better combo

having the girl in the blue shirt in your picture jack my cock with her titties instead

Dick + pussy

but on the subject of amphetamines,ive been takin sudafed for the past week and been fucked up(in my defense,im not a meth addict.the dr recommended it because i have fluid in my ear)

Weed + methamphetamine + lolicon + fapping.

I do both dawgs

Then the elephants die

Weed + meth+ fap+ rimjob

Weed wacking + visiting an amptheater + fapping

Meth + crack + jankum + Chinese gutter oil + paint remover + church


Cigarettes are disgusting man. don't come to my church smelling like smoke

>but on the subject of amphetamines
I don't get the connection. They do two very different things bro

First thing in the morning + coffee + cigarette.

>do this
>stummy feeling sickly

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