Who wants the full set of my wife?

Who wants the full set of my wife?
400 photos and video.

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Post em in vola

vola r 15u4qnu6m

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Fuck I didn't want to post it yet. How do I delete thjs??

How do I delete this thread??

Unless she consented (which i doubt) to this, then you are a total piece of human trash for sharing photos of her like this. How dare you.

I'll delete it just tell me how

What's her name?

Mr. Andrews, what are you even doing on Cred Forums?

Click the check mark next to the post and hit delete on the bottom right

Fuck how do I get rid of this!!!

You can't, don't worry, no one will remember anyways.

There is no checkmark!

Yes there is. next to where it says Anonymous

I found the delete under the three dots. I clicked it and it said something went wrong

Please! That's the wrong link. Delete it!!

It keeps sayings "something went wrong"

How can I fix it!


Oh I know her. Wow!!! Thanks user!

Go ahead and save that....

Save what??? How do I delete??

ITT: Larping.

What's her name

Nice!! Thank you!

Not bad, needs more cumshots

Very beautiful

She’s starting to get a little gut.....is she a military wife by chance? Lower ranking e-fuzzy?

Thanks for what?

Shes going to be posted everywhere by tomorrow

Just stop posting in it. Every time you do it bumps you to the top of the catalog.
Just let it die.
You fucked up. Now deal with the consequences


wait wheres the vid? not in the vola

The name Maddy Hoffman


No guys. Please just stop

Anyone confirm?


Post photos?

She looks a lot like my teacher wtf

Can you confirm?

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Wonder if she knows

I want this to be real

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drop the name

>us 02/05/20(Wed)00:28:50 No.820009621▶
>File: 1509015
You look like the most pathetic man alive

Shes been posted before. But not to this magnitude. Just dropping a picture I had saved.

Fuck man why would you do this... enjoy jail time

Why is this in the folder?

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I know the lady on the far left... Peeking her head in the picture

Do you know maddy

So who's the handicapped one? Is it u OP? Cause u are driving a van with a wheelchair ramp

I didn't see that

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No..... But I wish I did

Nice ass

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this shit is from 2017 ...

Got a more recent one ?

i meant the expose, i am looking for it now.

Video pls

Hey do you have a kik?
Feel like talking?

Tell us more about her, seems nice.