Hey Cred Forums, I'm a 20 yrs old Incel...

Hey Cred Forums, I'm a 20 yrs old Incel, can you give me tips on how to find a girlfriend or at least lose my virginity asap?

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Go on tindr and find a hoe or use ur incel nature as a way to joke with girls who can take that kind of joking. Make her laugh and you'll get a girl

theres your problem

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>with girls who can take that kind of joking
And where do I find such girls?

One big tip: You don't 'find' them.
You attract them.
That means you have to work on yourself, first.
Unless you're a rapist of course.

Why is that a problem?

cuz shit that actually makes girls want you takes time

>working out, getting fit
>solidifying a "style" that adds value to you
>going on dates and failing while working out the kinks in your game

these things are not asap things, these are long term. put your head down, do the necessary work - you gotta make yourself attractive, theres no trick to make the system think youre worth more than you are

> 20 yrs old Incel
> lose my virginity asap

Step 1: gather cash
Step 2: go to SkipTheGames .com and plug in your city and find yourself someone to your fancy
Step 3: make contact with said person off that website
Step 4: ?????
Step 5: not virgin

INB4 - paid some trap and get dom by said trap... still virgin and now gay too

lower your standards

If you're 20 and aren't hot, ripped, or rich, you'll have to settle. Just go on tinder n find a practice-pig.

Well, if you are okay with the prostitution route, do not go to Nevada. The prices there are bullshit.

But I don't even get dates

Play the numbers give up all your standards

Girls on tinder all fuck the same few model-type guys in a given area if they're attractive. Polyamory is the new norm.

Are you fucking fat?

I lost my virginity after I read poetry at my school. If you're in college I bet theres something like that htere. Make a decent poem and maybe it'll work lmao. Just make sure you're not a troglodyte when you deliver it

My standards are absolute 0 already

Fast: Hookers
Slow: Work on your self, learn game, then go talk to girls.

>Well, if you are okay with the prostitution route
Nah I'm not

No I'm lightly underweight

>if they're attractive
She does not need to be attractive

Im going to assume you are not fit, wear clothes like a blind child and are a cringe fest to be on a date with.

this is why you dont get dates. you need to fix that shit. fix the first two to at least get there. go on dates, ghost em after. who cares if theyre uggos, just ghost em and keep meeting new people. theyll become more attractive as you level up your chat/social and fitness games.

You said ASAP, with no game you gonna have to pay

post pic, with your every day wear, if you are brave show face too

I would be happy to have any girlfriend, she doesn't need to be attractive.

the four 0s of the apocalypse. the very lowest of quads.

but yeah if you pay then his is a no brainer. no other way is at all the "s" part of asap

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Okay fortet the ASAP thing

Read: "The Rational Male" by Rollo Tomassi,
he has a blog and a book, if you are short on
cash his blog has all you need to understand
why you suck, how to improve your situation
however is a more personal matter, you need to
evaluate your strengths, your weaknesses, find
a passion or a drive to do something, you also
need to understand women are different than
you, and that women can only be a complement
to your life, if you try to make them your focus
you will repel them, you need to be your own
mental point of origin. Best of Luck man.

Normal hoodies and black or blue jeans.
My face is not the best.

>learn game, then go talk to girls

you can't learn game without talking to girls and failing 100 times

damn thats a clean ass number

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> Normal hoodies and black or blue jeans.
> 20 years old
Pic related

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> failing 100 times
ya so? get the fuck started.

heres how to start:

go on a date with a girl. ANY girl. get coffee. set a timer for min 45min, max 90. have a ready excuse (meeting mom to make dinner, drug test for work and place closes at X:XX, whatever) just see what happens, try to make convo and then gtfo.

fall back, assess, see if you want to try another meeting. or try another girl. but thats how you get experience

Eat better, lift, there's a shit load of resources in the net, Scooby's channel in youtube can help you get started lifting, his info is free.


And why should I leave the date I already have?

Get off Cred Forums and talk to girls you weeb

Learn the principles of game duffus, then try to apply them, fail a million times, then be successful to the degree you are able.

Nah I need to go to sleep now, college starts in a couple of hours

What he said

where abouts are you OP?

> why should I leave the date I already have
what? you said you dont have any dates.

you dont literally leave one date in mid-date to go to another. i mean if you keep "talking" to a particular person, or if you cut contact and move on

Austria, Europe

>not rippetoe

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That was the answer to this comment:

>heres how to start:

>go on a date with a girl. ANY girl. get coffee. set a timer for min 45min, max 90. have a ready excuse (meeting mom to make dinner, drug test for work and place closes at X:XX, whatever) just see what happens, try to make convo and then gtfo.

ahh, wouldve offered my gf if it was australia lol

you guys are retarded, I'm not op and I wasn't complaining. I was just pointing out that it is key to learn game, but you can't learn without failing. op will have to fail a bunch and it will be disheartening, but everybody trying to sell you a course or book is bullshitting you. you have to get out there. you have to.

plus there are no "principles of game", it's different for every person depending on your personality and sense of humor. the "principles" extend only as far as normal social rules like "don't make jokes about raping babies"

>not lack of comprehension
oooh. oh, youre just a dumb person.

well. eh... yeah. youre in a bit of a pickle huh. not sure what to tell you. maybe an escort is the best way to go

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woah woah let me be very clear, I do -not- mean "game" like fuckin Myster-E or some shit. that trash mighta worked for like 3 weeks in 2002.

when I mean game I mean, ability to make her laugh or ask question... basically be a good, worthwhile coffee date. it takes practice to be entertaining without being 'too much' or running out of steam

Focus on your own shit, don't make getting laid a priority. Girls will smell that on you from a mile away and head for the hills.

Women look for stability: emotional, physical or financial.

Girls look for potential. You're in the potential zone, my friend.

Learn to talk to them. And no, that doesn't mean delivering pick up lines. A line only works if you can demonstrably show you've got the follow-up skillset for long-form talk over dinner later.

If you're 20 and in school, start conversation with anything with a pussy when it's the right opportunity. After class asking if they got the material from the lecture, whatever. Get those sim points up.

Extracurricular activities are also a good place to get yourself out there. Theater workshops, hobby meetups, etc. Show them you're into something other than getting your dick wet and let them express interest in the thing as well. Show potential. If you really hit it off doing the thing together, bring up other things you're interested in that they might like. If they show interest, invite them to do the other thing and exchange contact info.

Send her a normie meme related to the thing you both like to remind her you got her digits. Keep your reply times a little long and don't overthink your messages. Make her laugh.

Do the second thing together. Laugh at dumb shit together. Humor is your best weapon if you're a 6 or below. Then ask her out.

>You like sushi? Maybe a movie or something after?

If she says no, go back to step 1.

If the date goes well, plan a second one before you part ways for the night. Wait a few days then hit her up.

If the date goes REALLY well and she invites you in when you drop her off, don't blow it.


You'll find one, don't sweat it. And for fuck's sake, don't assume just because you got a date you're gonna get some. Relax. If it doesn't happen after your date then let it just be a skill boost and move on.

Fucking check em guys!

How the fuck are you virgin at 20 living in America?

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>living in America
I ain't

Low self image, likely.

Never says no easier clean up

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Find an escort

You watched too much porn and have a weird view on what romance is.

Find a GFE and get the performance anxiety out of your system.

Read some books and work out.

And in no time you’ll attract some girls and then you can find a gf or be a player wtffymfbb

Virginity can be taken by anyone, a girlfriend that is worth it will come with being a worthy man. You need guidance on being man? Look online and in a book, look to the Bible, whatever gets you motivated to be a good person with stability in life

Whatever The Fuck Floats Your Mother Fucking Boat Bro

quit putting the pussy on a pedestal

I don't

Absolutely this

Lady here
Make us laugh, do the dishes once every two weeks at least, and then look busy sometimes. Don't smell or dress too homeless looking, don't fucking rush us in the grocery store, put in your fair share, pick up your pop cans.
Pick up one hobby. And then like a little side hobby.
And have books. Stash em in your bookcase.
[That one was a personal request]
But if you don't read and are trying to pick up girls, having a variety of hobbies and interests and keeping all the weird porn a fucking awaaaaay. Like locked up on a flash drive in your garage....she doesnt ever want to see your weird shit or the panties you've bought or stolen
This is life, it's a picture you paint. You decide who you are. You decide how interesting and confident you are first and then hopefully you at least get to fuck and fight for a year like the rest of us.
I'm not going to say you aren't worth females time, just as you are. I am saying you are responsible for your own happiness. Would you hang out and want to maybe suck your dick if you paid for your share and the tip? Would you think you were interesting to ask about and asked good questions? Do you think you are funny?

if you are a virgin you do and you dont know it. thats why its so crucial to you . once you have the pussy its value will degrade in your perception greatly

>pop cans
Yankee detected

>This is life, it's a picture you paint.
Not OP but this is why I'm single, btw.

You can't just have the colors already like in a country that's sane. You have to pick some and make a person up and then be them.
Fuck you.

Turn 21. Find a girl at a bar. Get here drunk. Take her home. Fuck her.

Drinking age is 16 where I live.

>One big tip:
become >a rapist

Depending on the type of person you are, finding someone who actually matters is more important than losing your virginity. I learned that the hard way. If you are an average guy and not an asshole, better concentrate on finding a GF. And watch out for STDs.

So try to improve yourself and get out a lot. If you meet enough people, one of them will now someone who wants to get with you. Get good at something, it helps if you can talk about interesting stuff, make sure you are always clean and well groomed,

post on reddit on those dating what ever those sub names are like lonelydating or some retarded shit most of the girls i met through there are super fken weird like incel lvl also lonely af or dm them when they post and hopefully they reply bk 50/50 they do. As for the getting laid part unless a girl from there lives close and is dtf then cool but generally i got lucky through tinder or some chatting app on phone like yubo and only messaged girls from my area and chilled for a bit then fucked also got super lucky through discord met a girl that ironically lived in my city and was down to hang out and we smashed twice before she told me she was 17 and i was 24 at the time so we stopped. Not my fault though this girl came over at like 3am