How long did it take to get your tax return ? It's been 3 weeks , and I'm still waiting...

How long did it take to get your tax return ? It's been 3 weeks , and I'm still waiting . Pick is what I think of are government.

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Wtf are you talking about? You're not even allowed to file your taxes until January 31st.

Of course when you consider it ARE government...

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lol,were suppose to believe that op pays taxes.sorry kiddo,but people who live in their mom's basement dont pay taxes

> are



Can someone briefly explain to a non burgerfag how taxes work in the US . From what I understand from the Simpson and others, you are supposed to keep a receipt of everything you buy during the year and then send it to the IRS and then what happens, what is tax return?

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They are holding back any refunds on tax returns claiming either additional child or earned income tax credits aka the thungs that result in poorfags getting $10k cash to start the year and keep the masses content with the state of dead end working life in America.
>tldr you'llget your $10k at the end of the month

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worry about your own shit country,retard


You are describing the process for the rich ($500k+ a year). They are allowed to write off charitable contributions, property taxes, business expenses, education expenses, medical costs, etc to reduce their tax liability. Vast majority if people fall under $60k a year and don't benefit from any deductions since their taxable is so low to begin with. Also people with low incomes and lots of kids actually get a tax 'refund' usually around $10k as a poverty preventing measure. Your Chavs would be the equivalent.

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Tax refund? That means you overpaid, you dope. Are you proud of the fact you made an interest-free loan the IRS?

>or the rich ($500k+ a year). They are allowed to write off charitable contributions, property taxes, business expenses, education expenses, medical costs, etc to reduce their tax liability.
I made $50K last year and I'm deducting literally all of these things you fucking idiot.

Yes I am

What kinda drugs are you on? I filed as soon as I got my W2 and got Fed and state in my bank account a week ago.

It depends. If your just a regular 9-5 wagecuck with no side income coming in then your company already records this shit for you and you just take info from your w2s and put it into your tax form and boom, you can get a couple a grand back if your boss didnt screw you over, you can deduct your tax burden(aka get more money) if you have kids,own a home, fuck dogs,etc. Things only get complicated if you are a small buisness owner or a contract worker who just does shit on the fly, thats when you have keep track of reciepts and invoices from sales/odd jobs. For instance lets say im a plumber and you pay me $1000 to degrease the cum from your shower drain, i would have to write up an invoice saying you paid me $1000 for the job and the manually set aside a percentage of that $1000 for what i think my tax burden will look like that year and i can deduct from said burden shit like gas for traveling to your rape dungeon, tool rentals etc. Thats where reciepts comes in.

Better to overpay than owe retard

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>imagine being a degenerate single making less than $100k
Just take the standard deduction, buy a rope, and neck yourself faggot.

If you're "proud" of giving the IRS more money than you are required to, why are you demanding they give some of it back? Why are you angry they haven't yet?

Edgy basement dweller is edgy.

If you knew anything about a "budget", you'd owe very little or have a very small refund.

You get taxed on a percentage of your income. All the receipts and stuff is to try to lower your "income," e.g. charitable donations, mortgage interest.

The government tries to incentivize people to do things by letting them count those things as "itemized deductibles" off of their income.

In addition, everyone has the option to take a "flat deductible" if you don't feel like doing the math. (It's higher then itemized for low/middle class so you don't feel gypped taking it).

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Fuck you for being more clear and consise than me, asshole

>gives the government more money than he needs to, gets pissed off because they won't give part of back RIGHT NOW, calls someone who knows how to make a sane household budget "stupid".
>Cred Forums logic

Well considering you couldn't even file until last week, I'm going to have to say you're full of shit. Be patient, your sorry ass little $300 return will be there soon enough so you can blow it all on an ounce.

this and I still ended up paying a whopping $2 to the feds. could've been worse I guess.

Both of you fags are retarded. Adjust your w4 dependents multiple times with your employer. Doing your taxes right you should owe the government a little bit or get a very little return back. Bigger returns mean you are paying more in taxes on your check and storing this so called government bank account where you earn zero interest on your money that they take from you. Keep more of your money out of each check. Use the IRS tax calculator each quarter of the fiscal year.

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Your the retard for assuming i care about (((zerointerest))). It makes no difference to me whether i keep the money or get it back in a lump sum nsxt year, either way im blowing it on coke and hookers and theres not a damn thing you can do to stop me you stupid cunt

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haven't done my taxes yet
the company I work for switched over to new payroll software in December, and they only got our W2's out to us about a week ago