Why are mods get so butthurt over anything that involved underage teens even if it's 100% legal and not breaking any...

Why are mods get so butthurt over anything that involved underage teens even if it's 100% legal and not breaking any laws?

It seems As though the mods on Cred Forums must either be feminists, sjws or just butthurt faggots because they can literally ban you for just mentioning young girls.

Why are they like this Cred Forums? Also are there ways to report mods?

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holy trips of underageporn

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nah but ima get ya ass reported and banned for talkin bout my bros like that cuz. we mod gang on this side foo

nah fam, legal or we report only. Take yo damn degeneracy somewhere. Go get help.

they must have small penises

holy shit double trips of illegal porn. Thank you Cred Forumsesus

Wheres all the cp at?

Mods are just not taking chances.

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I heard it's on \P\

It's weird...
You get b& for posting a completely normal picture of a pre teen Instagram model because it's "unacceptable" and every one goes ape shit. However you can post a video of a man stuffing a dead rat up his ass and nobody bats an eye lid.
Just saying...

you just dont fuck with kids bro. they shouldnt be represented by any medium on this site.
especially Cred Forums

>Why are mods get so butthurt over anything that involved underage teens
Because there are forces that are looking for reasons to shut our beloved 4chun down. The easiest way would be to convince service providers that they are at risk because they can show that the chan carries "grey area" pr0nz.
The fewer reasons we give them the less likely that we'll all end up on a List.

You're a faggot for "falling in love" with 12 year olds. What do you two have in common? Playing with dolls and collecting Frank Anne stickers?

> In the begin...
> especially big during the 05 to 07 years

Cred Forums was full of cp and the mods can be held responsible for the site. They dont want the fbi on them. And pushing anyone out the gets close to that helps stay clear

Because you're a fucking degenerate who hides behind legal loop holes to jerk off to kids. Mods need to crack down more on the loli shit too

I'd argue cp was a great deterrent against all the lower than shit tier posters with the same 8 threads over and over again. Cred Forums was never good but atleast it had an identity and not just a slightly more edgy version of everywhere else on the internet

Double trips checked
go back to facebook
Either everything is okay or nothing is
images don't cause harm and games don't cause violence fool

Kek go back to l3ddit u fucking autistic sjw moralfag

All you need

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On the timeline im an oldfag... Just telling how it is and was. In someway it got better and others it got worse... The cp and dumb fucks made Anonymous hack group look like bad people even look like terrorists... Though in truth the is most of them were trying to make a better place. Hell Cred Forums has solved crimes in the past... The football team that raped a girl in a small town, burger king foot lettuce... to name some. Most toughtful and powerful memes started here even before memes were a thing. Cred Forums has put spot lights on people made them famous or made them want to die... Cred Forums makes things cool before the world knows they are

... Cred Forums is powerful

discord gg/Jsstjn

for premium content, just be sure to go to the general forum

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What's discord

English, white chocolate, does you speak it?