> My Asian GF has a ridiculous booty for an asian girl

>> My Asian GF has a ridiculous booty for an asian girl

I love when she shows it off, it's hot watching it grab people's attention and letting me have some action at the end of the day.

Not sure if anyone else is like I am but if you are, what are some fun things my girl and I can do?

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Let her dress up like a slut and hang out around your friend. Have her serve them drinks

any pics?

I would like this, the biggest issue is that i'm worried making my friends uncomfortable.

I'll post some once it get a few good answers

spread her ass

Do a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle together.

Show is her ass in every day clothes

That's a white girls ass tho

you sick fuck, what the hell is wrong with you?

Tight fitting clothes/ dress is best

Love them, where can she wear it to?

Tits or gtfo u dumb faggot

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Share bowl of bat soup

Take up birdwatching! It's a great way to learn about nature and spend time outdoors.

Take her to a crowded night club. Watch her from afar.

THought about doing this but isn't it a little unsafe for a girl to go to a bar alone?

Join some nerdy meetups, D&D, board games, whatever. Male dominated things. Bring her along with you and dress make her wear something that shows off her ass. "Subtly" bend over in front of the other guys, let them have a good good view of her ass. See how far you she can push it while pretending everything is normal.

Naturally, they'll be too beta to make a move, and you can fuck her later while they just jack off to the memory.

Eat your cum out of her ass bitch

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Now you have to do it OP

maybe at some dumb ass nigger bar

It's not common that you find an user as wise as this one. You should take this sage advice OP

It's fine. You'll be there if anything goes wrong.

and with the quads

Monitoring this thread because same
Pic related, gf

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The cheesy smell of unmitigated omega male body odor will really get both of you in the mood to be celibate. Then I suggest you binge watch golden girls and eat fluffernutter sandwiches.


I know her lmao

OP won't deliver

Here's her asian ass, keep going guys love the ideas

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OP won't deliver

Show us her slanted eyes or yer lying/she’s Irish