How btfo will liberals be when Trump wins tomorrow?

How btfo will liberals be when Trump wins tomorrow?

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Win what?

The special Olympics

They are already btfo from him winning tonight.

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We already knew that Moscow Mitch would acquit him. He's still impeached though, so suck on that.

> He's still impeached though
Which means literally nothing.

his legacy in the history books will be as the guy that repeated all the mistakes GWB did and caused an even bigger economic bubble and recession as well as getting himself impeached and making a laughing stock of the republican party

he will get four more years for sure because americans are stupid

You people are fucking delusional.
Do you really think just being impeached defines your whole legacy? Out of the previous three thats only the case for Nixon, and he didnt even go to trial.
Clinton isnt remembered for being impeached, neither will Trump. If anything, I'd be willing to bet that the most historically important stand out moment of his time was the retarded shit he said about the Virginia Nazi protests with those tiki torch fedora tippers screaming about da jooz.
I dont like Trump but my fucking god this whole
bullshit is even more embarrasing than pretending there was anything important in the Mueller Report.

>the retarded shit he said about the Virginia Nazi protest
His saying "they should be condemned totally" was "retarded"? Shouldn't you be on Cred Forums?

He's a walking meme. His library will be a McDonald's dumpster. And yes, for Trump he will forever be known as being so corrupt that he got impeached.

Nah. Not after they aqquit him

The senate straight up said there wouldn't be a fair trial, they were just going to acquit him regardless. That's not justice. This whole thing has been a dog and pony show, but at least the House came correct. The Senate is a joke, and the only reason you'd disagree is "muh team" and "muh Trump."

you and I both know that the biggest moment of that entire debacle was hands down the "both sides are bad" argument he made.
Stop being an idiot.
you're retarded for thinking this process was fair in the first place. Democrats were talking about impeaching Trump before he was even fucking sworn in.
Idiots like you who think introducing even a miniscule amount of nuance to this discussion is equivalent to being a MAGA hat wearing cross burner are the reason people like Trump can so easily dismiss virtually all criticism as fake news, and have the entire social right eat that shit up. You make it too easy.

You know that isn't what we're talking about and you know he negated that statement with his own words.
"They should be condemned totally"
"Except there were some fine people on both sides."
He defended a crowd of white supremacists, claimed they weren't all white supremacists (if they weren't why would they stick with a crowd chanting literal Nazi slogans?), and laid the blame on the 'alt left' calling the left violent. The left want the side that murdered and gravely injured members of the other group by driving a car into a crowd of them.

I don't recall ever saying the process was "fair" at any point, so you can stow that right away. What I did say was that the House came correct with legitimate allegations and the Senate said, "lol nope" because they're a bunch of spineless, partisan wieners with no integrity. Do I believe democrats were gunning for him from the start? Abso-fucking-lutely but the fact is in that process of gunning for him, they finally got something on him that constituted and impeachable offense.

>you're retarded for thinking this process was fair in the first place. Democrats were talking about impeaching Trump before he was even fucking sworn in.
That's not correct, just a bullshit meme. In 2016, democrats were talking about tightening up rules for impeachable offences. No democrat lawmaker called for his impeachment before he was president.

Please. Everyone can recognize that, like trump said, he could shoot someone on broad daylight and suffer no repercussions. The Republican party are cucks.

Nothing wrong with white supremacists and nazis, you should be more tolerant.

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>Nothing wrong with violent ideologies purely fuelled by dislike of all things 'other'.
Fuck off brainlet.

>being intolerant of intolerance is intolerant
is life hard being a fucking retard


Wow so tolerant. Very inclusive.

If you want to kill people for being different, you don't get to be included troglodyte.

So progressive and inclusive. Very tolerant. Hitler did nothing wrong you just have a different opinion.

>murdering people for being a different race isn't wrong
and this is why you're not allowed to be part of the conversation retard

>Tolerate my intolerance or that makes you intolerant!

Stop replying to the faux Nazi troll guys. He just wants (you)s.

He didn't believe Jews were people. You're just denying his lived experience, bigot. You are intolerant and hypocritical.

You’re feeding the troll. Who’s the retard here?

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No one cares but you faggot!

>implying he doesn't believe this bullshit
trolling implies a belief held only to piss people off

And yet here you are taking the bait.

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You are the tard here tbh. You must have forgot this isn't reddit.

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>constituded an impeachable offense
in your opinion. The constituion is very vague on these matters. An impeachable offense is whatever the majority party in the senate says it is, and they said this wasnt. Were they goin to from the start? Yes. Were the democrats looking for literally anything, and i mean LITEARLLY anything to impeach trump on? Also yes.
If the democrats in congress truly believed their case was legitimate enough to be ruled on by the senate they would not be crying about a lack of bombshell witnesses hurled in at the 11th hour. If they truly believed the senate wasnt going to properly hold a trial they would not have sent the articles. Remember, Pelosi held off on sending them for like two weeks until she was personally assured republicans would at least attempt to engage with it.
I mean for fucks sake dude, every time Adam Schiff stared into the camera like a schizo and spoke to the senate he was STILL harping on the fucking mueller report. Democrats dont give a shit about the impeachment because its just as much of a sham on their side as it is on the republicans. its just another oppurtunity to grandstand ahead of an election in exactly the same way the Kavanaugh hearings were.
And just like the Kavanaugh hearings, it will backfire. Every democrat in a red state that voted against Kavanaugh lost their election in a midterm that was supposed to be a blue wave. The two big "stars" of the hearings, Corey Booker and Kamala Harris, had to drop out of the primary race before the first fucking state voted.
Impeachment will end the same way, democrats are lucky that the republicans didnt want to stretch this bullshit out, because doing so only makes the democratic leadership more incompetent looking.

What dumb looking fag he was!

Kansas City, Kansas.

Kansas city is in Kansas though. He was technically correct.

not if the DNC plays fair and Bernie wins.
He can actually pull working class whites away from the Trump base. The people who voted for Obama who turned to Trump can be easily won back and Bernie is the only candidate who will even try.
Considering how razor thin the margins were in the key states that Trump won, a candidate like Bernie is a serious threat. Even Tucker Carlson isnt so sure that Trump beats Bernie.

The outcome was decided from the start. There was no winning, his guilt was so unequivocally demonstrated his own defense argued that he did everything and it doesn't matter.

If Bernie doesn't win primary I'm voting Trump. Vote blue no matter who is horse ahit.

lil ass bitches need 2 go outside lmao know what im sayaing

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That's not how it works. Burden of proof is on the accuser and they had jack shit.

All facts not one opinion

Except, you know, evidence and the moron in questions own admission of guilt.

your MAGA is showing, guy who "doesn't like Trump"

Idk what's happening but all my POC friends like Trump all of the sudden.

He's going to win again isn't he?

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The thing is, impeachment doesnt really work on a guitly or not guilty basis.
Trump certainly did the things the democrats accused him of, republicans just dont think its a big deal, and frankly its just not. An investigation into a candidate that came in fourth place in a state full of old white people, his only base, would not substantially affect the 2020 election and fucking everybody knows that.
Its just like the Clinton trial. Nobody was denying that Clinton lied about a bunch of shit, particularly the Monica Lewinsky stuff. But democats didnt think it was a big deal, because it wasnt, and so he wasnt removed.
Its not about if an act can be proved or not, its about arguing how serious the act was.
If Trump should be impeached for anything it should be trying to start a fucking war without even consulting the body of government that the constitution grants that power to.

He's right though.

Except, you know, evidence. Oh and the retard himself straight up admitted his guilt.

He isn't but keep sucking down that koolaid that you call "liberal tears.'

I agree. Democratic leadership is so hopelessly retarded that the only real choices are the people they like the least, Bernie and Trump.
When you grow up you'll understand how to have a moderatley nuanced discussion. What im talking about here is only controversial if you get all your knews from the first post in a twitter thread. You do know that you have to be 18 to post here right?

Everything he did was illegal on a massive scale. Blackmailing a foreign government into investigating a political rival is a big fucking deal. The GOP want to consolidate power to old rich white dudes. Your dumb ass will wind up sucking dick for a moldy bowl of mac n cheese because "librul tears tasted so good."
Trump loves morons like you.

The name calling and attempts to belittle are all the more indicative of your stance, and your bias. Your attempts to appear even remotely neutral are completely unmasked by your insistence on falling back on emotional arguments discrediting da ebul libruls.

He is, you're just too biased to see it. I'm not a big fan of either party or Trump, but he's winning right now and Dems are only helping him at this point.

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It doesn’t really matter as long as
you get up to work every day I
don’t see a problem. Doesn’t matter
if the president was Bush, Obama
or this guy, I always had food
on the table and some time for
myself that’s all that matters.

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Everything you said was utter bullshit. You're not having a discussion, you're only saying that you are right and anyone who disagrees is a "librul snowflake".

Indians are just Asian niggers
Prove me wrong.

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Street shitters

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I'm moving to India if Trump Wins

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Mad forever

Native Indians are niggers

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He's objectively right and you're objectively retarded.

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>Trump wins tomorrow?
nothing to win son

maybe you mean the joke trial?

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>#foreverButthurt because justice wasn't on their side
>but m-m-muh feelings
fuck your feelings

Republicans did the right thing. Impeachment was a joke and everyone knows it, that's why his approval is climbing.

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Dubs of truth.

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win or lose, history will ruin this guy


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winners write history, when he wins another 4 years this will all be forgotten

They'll hand Trump the election. When you shoot at the king you don't dare miss. But hey, Pelosi didn't even originally want to pursue impeachment, the retarded ass "Squad" and largely Californian lawmakers are to blame for this huge mistake. Y'all ready to rethink some of this ultra-radical shit yet?

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>that's why his approval is climbing.

To below where it was in December.Trump has fluctuated in the low 40s for most of his term, if you read into a 1% move you're a moron.

More dubs of truth

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>Y'all ready to rethink some of this ultra-radical shit yet?
Fuck no. Next we need to ban all speech deemed inappropriate, put all who disagree in jail, and then balance the jail system by putting them to death. Especially the jews they need to die

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This SOTU was the final nail in the coffin for Democrats. Trump killed it and made them look horrible. I didn't vote for him before but he's got my vote now. He really is making America great again.

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>He's still impeached though
In the fourth attempt. With a sham of an investigation that called only Dem witnesses. Voted for by only Dems, snd not even all of them. Causing the defection of a congressman from Dem to Rep. And providing proof for only two articles. Neither of which meets the standards for impeachable offenses.

So yeah, he was impeached. But it is meaningless, and has only guaranteed his reelection.

>inb4 Hur dur stoopid Trump supporter
I'm a former Dem, center left liberal. I'd vote Yang, but not a chance on any of the others. I'll vote Trump if it's Warren or Bernie.

Trump is prepared

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Same, if Yang doesn't get it I'm sitting out. No way I vote for any of these other dems. Might vote Trump just to send a message.

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It was a good speech, just very hard to understand.

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....and all lies

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>name a politician who DOESNT lie

"The unemployment rate is the lowest in over half a century. And very incredibly, the average unemployment rate under my administration is lower than any administration in the history of our country."

Facts. Even the msm confirms this as true.

Win the battle against evil.

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How's Biden meet all the anime girls?

>team with more dems voted against trump
who could have ever seen that coming. If anyone needs investigation for abuse of power its these accusing lunatics

thanks Obama

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He sucks, nobody is voting for that old white privileged racist

Goid job using stats that only sound good out of context.

All I pointed out was a a fact that Trump stated during the speech, because user claimed it was "all lies". Good job building straw men while being such a retard. Was it hard to do with your pants on your head?

>the truth hurts mah little bum bum

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Back to ledit

what she meant by this?

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She has to be forced to like dick as the customs require

Trump's going to finally an hero?

>what he meant by this?

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we should only be so lucky. Fatty's not going anywhere until he strokes out or chokes on a chicken bone.

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He will be remembered as the first US President ever to go to prison after leaving office. Hundreds of federal prosecutors have already said they would indict him on existing evidence.

>Obama inherited Bush’s terrible economy!
>Obama run great economy

Which is it?

are you stupid? Obama fixed the mess Bush left him you fucking mong

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>Everything he did was illegal on a massive scale. Blackmailing

stopped there because this is how all u lefties think and try to argue. u think if u say something over and over enough times or if you believe something RLY RLY hard it becomes reality.

he didn't blackmail shit; the entire transcript of the call is online

i bet i would beat your fucking ass irl with one hand tied behind my back. you and your kind are such pussy ass treasonous cunts

>pic related, is you you dumb faggot fuck tard

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>not living the NEET life like 90% of the liberals on this board

wagecuck, contribute to society more and enjoy life with a sense of pride and accomplishment you fucking breeder

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Are you kidding me? Trump lied his ass off at full steam for over an hour and then Nancy Pelosi won the whole night in 3 seconds by tearing his retard speech up.


No witnesses means no actual trial.
No actual trial means no acquittal.
Th whole thing was nothing but a sham. No one won, but the Republican assholes and enemies of this country LOST big time.

He's still impeached (and likely will be again) and there can be no acquittal if there is no actual trial.


Still not a thing, retard.

Republicans proved themselves to be enemies of the state and traitors to the Rule of Law. They will pay DEARLY for that, as you'll soon see.

>sham impeachment
You're funny. It's the GOP who are the sham. They are in FULL dereliction of their duty and violation of their oaths to be impartial jurors. FUCK THEM.

It's the final nail in their coffin. Time to END the entire party of worthless trash and criminals.

16,200 lies by Trump confirmed and counting. Probably about 50 higher now after his retardspeech.

95% Obama, 5% Trump and that's being generous.

you know what else is the lowest in history? The tax rate that billionaires pay. It's lower than what the middle class pay now. That's devastating to the economic stability and the deficit.


t. Someone who wasnt alive during Obama’s presidency


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Holy SHIT are you STUPID. Like, REEEEEAAALLY stupid.

but that's wrong. HE almost certainly won't be removed from office, but he's been impeached and that can't be undone.

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Fuck as a non-american this is what's most hilarious about your shitty country

Keep being like this pls

They are the Kansas city Chiefs. Not the Missouri Chiefs.

He meant to say kansas city.

no you already won that

your delusional

>He defended a crowd of white supremacists

your debunked kiddo

google Clinton body count
Democrats literally get away with murder

and Bush fixed the mess Bill Clinton left him you fucking mong

I don't know about liberals specifically, i think most of the sane liberals and lefties probably didn't give a fuck or if they did they're not going on fucking tantrums about it. But I do know that the author of many books would be fucking pissed to find out their books were fucking pointless at the end of day.

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I was center left too. The impeachment was probably the biggest mistake the Dems made in US political history, and the worse thing is how far they lowered the bar for impeachment. But all these lunatics have to show for it is "4ever impeach'd. his le-guh-see ruin'd!!1" like it's some delusional declaration of victory.

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The only reason you think the senate is a joke is that they are not taking a giant shit on the American people and their duly elected president like the socialist-dominated house did. Pull your damn head out of your ass. He won the election, he's going to win reelection, and while you're at it, try to see past "muh narrative" you get from the blue checkmarks every day.

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what side of the photo is the president on? hard to tell.

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>abloo abloo muh feelings
cool 5 hour late reply mong

wins what? the biggest retard award?
he already has that

I think he has a lifetime achievement award for that

>Democrats were talking about impeaching Trump before he was even fucking sworn in
Because he's obviously a piece of shit that would violate our office.
Then he did, multiple times.

>An impeachable offense is whatever the majority party in the senate says it is
Then there's no law or need for impeachment in the first place.
You didn't read the Mueller report or pay attention at all to Trump's dealings during the election.
It's all a big soap opera to you, and Trump knows you will clap at any shitty script he pulls out of his ass.

>How btfo will liberals be
zero. everyone and their cat knew the republicans will forget their oaths and blindly support one of their own. business as usual.

Dems mad.

You see pelosi and her old pursed butthole of a mouth? The salty dems refusing to clap?

Ive seen 8 year olds with better sportmandhips than these cunts and they are 90% of the reason why trump 2020 is in our sights. All that nigga has to do is tweet words that arent even real while hes taking a shit and he gets MSM practically frothing to pick apart his feces to find meaning in it. All the while he passes legislationnl to help America.

Be salty hoes, and get ready to suck on that lemon for the next 4 years. Lol!

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are republicans even upset that they're stuck at 2% gdp growth, even though they promised 4% with the tax cuts?

If anyone wanted to see a classic Russian bot post, this is it boys.

Mommy is not going to be around forever.
Time to get a jobby job

>partisan aquital for a partisan impeachment
Quit being disruptive brats

>corrupt House uses a partisan impeachment vote in an attempt to push the other party out of power

>Russian bot
It’s 2020 and you still believe that?

>house has one-sided vote to impeach
>Senate is upfront about blocking this political theatre
The whole impeachment over maybe asking Russian intelligence to dig up dirt on a political opponent (which they found) is a fucking dog and pony show. Why should it be taken with any kind of seriousness?

On a vote where 100% of each political party voted for their own side and the Dems happened to be bigger that year. Woooooowwww. Spectacular job, flakes.

Every American kid learned about the separation of power. What we have learned today is that the executive rules all and the very tyranny of king and country that you tried to escape from as Americans is a paranoid schizophrenic delusion.

There is no seperation of powers, the executive rules as equally as ruthlessly as a king and the American Empire is equally as corrupted as the British Empire.

Suck on that one Republitards.

Seriously, what was the charge?
"Obstruction of justice" of the muller investigation, which found that in the worst case scenario, there was an attempt to get dirt on a political rival that didn't go through. Not leaking secrets or people's information, not selling drugs or weapons, not any kind of violent or sexual crime, no theft or embezzlement, not so much as yelling "fire" in public. He's impeached for obstructing an investigation into him using foreign intelligence to get dirt on his opponent, which surprise surprise, they found. Even being a shit choice for the job, he's essentially impeached for showing how bad other side is, and is the reason he was elected. 2016 had the worst voter turnout ever, the "muh 3 million more votes" arguement is retarded as it ignores this. Honestly just dissolve both Rep/Dem official parties entirely, no one deserves any office while running under the support of the two platforms.

Anyone else voting for trump just to piss people off?

you could have just typed, "I have no understanding of the government or current events."

I have more understanding of the government and current events than you will ever have with that attitude.

Well done.

Considering Pelosi spent all SOTU speech mumbling to herself, shaking her head & crying at times - then ripped up papers and screamed in rage.....I'm guessing were gonna see a massive psychological meltdown from the last remaining Democrat loyalists.

>being so corrupt
If he's so corrupt he must have lots of high crimes and misdemeanors. Why did the Democrats conjure up these ridiculous contrived articles of impeachment?

Since you're still seething and you're going to screech for another 5 years maybe you should kill yourself then Donald Trump can't hurt you.

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This. Democrats know they're doomed in the November general election, so they have nothing else left to lose. Expect a non-stop tantrum of riots and typical far left wing extremist Democrat violence between now and the moment Repubs win the inevitable 2020 landslide.

The never ending salt pouring from leftist tears is gonna be delicious.

Did those anons words really hurt you? Do you really need to argue over a couple of percentage points, are you that fragile?

Attached: trumpisntpresident.gif (500x536, 183K)

I wish I knew how to get the left out of my party. Dems are fucked as long as those parasites are there. The irony is my party is reponsible for a lot of the hardcore racism of the past.

...I think Im turning Republican. Help.

>He's impeached for obstructing an investigation into him using foreign intelligence to get dirt on his opponent, which surprise surprise, they found.
No, they didn't. There remains no evidence that Joe Biden abused his power because what he did he did at the behest of the government as a whole, and there remains no evidence his son benefited from it in any way because the person he got removed wasn't investigating Burisma when Biden pressured them to remove him, and Hunter wasn't working there when he was.

>Libcuck fantasies

5 more years of your liberal tears.
Keep them flowing baizuo they taste great

Attached: gbp.jpg (232x217, 12K)

>Having this point of view

Your mommy isn't going to be there to deliver your tendies forever.

You listed a bunch of high crimes and misdemeanors why aren't they the articles of impeachment?


He's going to win the Republican nomination...that's a given. Other republican senators and house members, even after acknowledging he's a piece of shit, have stated they will vote for him anyways. They're too afraid to lose their precious power going against him.

>2 Trillion deficit
I mean, except for the part where that's blatantly a lie. It's closer to 1 trillion. Not that Other 98% knows how to tell the truth.

He'll be re-elected with very little difficulty. The Democrats stepping on their own limp castrated dicks constantly has guaranteed that much. The question now is how severe will the Dems election loss be.

Supreme court could easily vote that the impeachment is completely nullified due to the extreme partisanship. Which would be easy to do in his second term once he's gotten two more picks.

>black people are tired of being patronized by the left that portrays them as nothing but victims
no shit

rip the DNC then lol

If conservatards were smart they'd remove him from office and have Pence as pres. But that'd require them having both brains and balls. McConnell doesn't have either

and nearly all them are essentially "he fumbled our investigation into him and won't cooperate". All of them are possible charges derived from the investigation, not what is actually being investigated. It's like if a cop asks to go inside your home without a warrant because they thought they heard screaming (easily just a loud tv), you refuse, and then they arrest you for obstruction of justice. That's why nobody is taking it seriously.

Well with Buttiegieg leading in the Iowa caucus there could be a real challenger in the presidential election. He's not from Washington's establishment and a veteran, so he could win over moderate rebuplicans while not alienating Dem voters. The last election was quite close even with an unlikeable cunt like Hillary as candidate. People chose the retard over the psycho last time, this time around there could be a better option.

He's also gay, and we've already had one gay president. It didn't work well.


Yeah they shot JFK, fucking fags

Obama and his husband, Michael. Who the fuck did you think I was talking about?

I mean, have you had a look at JFK's travelogues from when he was senator visiting Europe? Perhaps it was for the better.
He was quite the literal Hitler fan boy, having a lot to say about Hitler and Germany, tho tbh JFK would have been not anything like Hitler, the things he's a flamboyant faggot over aren't related to the death of people or world domination.

Moscow Mitch made sure he would be acquitted. I hope everyone remembers the bullshit they pulled during the trial and votes EVERY republican OUT!!

Maxine Watters before the inauguration said they should file impeachment charges against him for the Russian collusion. Which turned out to have never happened.

Hoover was the only president who dated a man while he was president

Mueller said it was DOJ policy to not indict a sitting president

isn’t he paying Ukraine like a half billion to arrest the other presidential candidates?

Can't win without cheating/raftucking/rigging... basically he's the king of niggers.

He also said there was no evidence of collusion.
Russia made the tactical mistake of thinking Trump would be better for them. Then Trump turned around and gave Ukraine anti-tank rockets and slapped sanctions on Russia. Sounds like a real Putin's man to me. Lol

LMAO so was Clinton and people still credit him with removing Milosevic and fixing the scandals in the Balkans.

#InTheBag2020 that's what

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Truth right here. Even a lot Republicans agree that the Senate fucked up. As an independent, I disagreed with a lot of right wing views, but at least they used to be respectable. Now they're basically the New England Patriots of government. Win by cheating, get caught cheating, blame the rest of the world for hating you because you win so much. Delusion at its finest.



It's going to be hilarious. I can't wait.

Like poop in a bag...sure

Probably not at all because the media won't even mention it. They'll just expect you to forget it even happened

But Clinton was the best President ever

And puts all the retarded Trump thumpers on here back in the holes they came from


Doesn’t work that way

Hope you get the corona virus while sucking them up

Conservatives are...regardless of party

Dude couldn’t even win a landslide against hillary

Exaggerate much?

Everyone voting for Trump is...

Cool analogy, still treason

You are not even remotely informed. That is evident from your first statement about obstruction... truth be told, it will be all over the media because contrary to popular Trumpster opinion they actually do report the news

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>Spouting bullshit that hasnt happened and cant be proven
Does anyone in your life take you seriously? Because no one on the internet does.

Trump fucked up Net neutrality and you cocksuckers want to vete him again. Congrats schooshooters, you played yourselves.
*claps*GUD JAAB GUD JAAB *claps*

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I'm just tired of the man. I'm tired of his stupid tweets, I'm tired of his cheap theatrics, I'm tired of hearing about whatever ridiculous thing he's done on a daily basis. What I wouldn't give for just a week without one story about Trump.

Yes but how much of this is because of him and how much of this is because of democrats and media needing to beat the anti-Trump drums night and day? It doesn't help that every minor gaff that wouldn't be considered news for previous presidents becomes 2 days of headlines for Trump.

Turn off the TV Nigger

You seem stupid to me...

No, she did not.

Trump's an attention whore. He needs attention 24/7. He made sure he was in the news long before he became president.

As a German I like how devided your country is at the moment. Karl, prepare the Flammenwerfer!